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Short Description

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Movie: A Fantastic Woman (2018)
Director: Sebastián Lelio
Date of Release: 2 February 2018 (USA)
Duration: 1h 40min
IMDB Rating: 7.3
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About A Fantastic Woman (2018)

Hello movie lovers! Please watch the Chilean drama flick “A Fantastic Women” completely ad free!
2017 Chilean drama “A Fantastic Women” is being directed by Sebastián Lelio. It is the movie that is not only was been selected to compete for the “Golden bear” in the main competition segment the 67th Berlin International Film Festival but also won Best Foreign Language Film award at the 90th Academy Awards. The film was initially released on September 7, 2017. You can watch A Fantastic Women (2018) absolutely ads free, move to the section below to watch the movie.
Daniela Vega, Francisco Reyes and Aline K?ppenheim starrer this flick has got 94% Rotten Tomatoes but the popular newspaper “The Guardian” rates the flick 5 out of 5. This Sebastián Lelio and Gonzalo Maza written movie is being Produced by Juan de Dios and Pablo Larraín.
Let’s have a story synopsis before watching the journey of “A Fantastic Women”!

Little Clues about A Fantastic Women (2018)

Dear viewers would you like to have some story idea about the film A Fantastic Women (2018) before watching the movie ? This section is only for them who like to read before watching. If you don’t you can skip this section.
In Santiago, Chile, Marina, a young transgender singer & waitress, is leading a happy life with her older aged boyfriend Orlando. Very recently Marina is moved with him. But there is a proverb, “The night comes after the day”. The night, Orlando took Marina to the dinner date, Orlando woke up in a bemusement and complains to Marina, he is felling uneasy. Marina gets all set to take him to the hospital but Orlando slip-ups down from the aeronautical of the stairs. After reaching somehow to the hospital, doctor declare Orlando is expired of a brain aneurysm. As soon as she runs from the hospital after hearing the fact, she is being elite up and drive to the hospital by the police. They then asked to her a clarification about sudden disappearance from the hospital. You are here to watch A Fantastic Women (2018), no registration required, absolutely free.

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In the situation, Marina seeks Gabo, to get her out of the situation, who is Orlando’s brother. Then, Marina is being saved by him, by helping her convincing her innocence to the Police officers.
After being contacted by Orlando’s ex-wife, Sonia, Marina met her, in order to bead off Orlando’s vehicle. Here Sonia confesses to Marina about her transphobic approach towards Marina. Soon after that, Orlando’s son Bruno started live in at the apartment, insists to keep Diabla, the Pet, that Orlando handover to Marina, when he was alive, in order to throw out her from house. Tired of reading ? You can move to the movie section to watch the film A Fantastic Women (2018) absolutely ads free!

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At Marina’s workplace, a detective named Antonia meets Marina, who unveils that, she is the whole kit and caboodle in solving misconducts like sexual assault and was worried about the contusions that Orlando was suffering during he was falling from the stair, which makes Marina, a suspect of Orlando’s death. In the situation, what should be the Marina’s next step? How she will get herself prof innocent? will Bruno be able to oust her from the residence Marina is living?
Find the answers, while enjoying the Academy Awards wining drama “A Fantastic Women” absolutely ad free! You can read more about the film A Fantastic Women (2018) on IMDB. Don’t forget to share and comment after watching A Fantastic Women (2018).

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  1. Steven Garcia says:

    I saw some thing like this one couple of weeks ago but I can see little variation between A Fantastic Woman (2018) and that one.

  2. Douglas Phillips says:

    In my opinion one of the worse of Sebastián Lelio, started watching A Fantastic Woman (2018) and fallen asleep after about half an hour.

  3. Samuel Bailey says:

    Well, certainly something to amuse about for some 1h 40min with A Fantastic Woman (2018) .

  4. Lee Freeman says:

    Finally got to see the movie after registering although it is free but a bit annoying, isn’t it?

  5. Donna Thompson says:

    Thanks for sharing the film !

  6. Deborah Walker says:

    Thanks for sharing A Fantastic Woman (2018) in 1080P HD.

  7. Ann Evans says:

    Everything is perfect accept registration!

  8. Alice Stewart says:

    I recommend the movie to Drama fans, a real 1h 40min entertainment.

  9. Julie Sanchez says:

    Took 6 minutes to register and took 1h 40min to complete the film.

  10. Ethel Webb says:

    A Fantastic Woman (2018) is a kind of unalike of Sebastián Lelio’s previous Drama films. Again I like it.

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