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Movie: Adventure Force 5 (2019)
Director: Michael Younesi
Date of Release: 19 Dec 2019
Duration: 82
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10
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About Adventure Force 5 (2019)

When their quiet beach town is invaded by a mysterious threat, five kids – a gamer, comic book geek, inventor, skater and martial artist – must band together and use an arsenal of homemade gadgets to fight back.

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At last, a really good film aimed at children, but still suitable for adults of any age…

My rating is 8 to 9 , out of 10 compared with all films. Five outcasts/kids whose parents “don't understand them” band together after the grown-ups leave without notice. The movie has a lot of great graphics, and has a vivid descriptive imagination to it, which keeps you interested in the movie. And that's putting it lightly. Not even the big water gun based blaster, that takes the spot of the main weapon that everyone rallies behind, is really based on any of the actual products. At the end the kids broke the spell and there lives became normal again. This movie is one of those movies that you put on the tv when you meet up with friends and you just wanna watch something fun and family friendly. Wal-Mart/Great Value products are present in the film (Toys in a gas station and a bag of chips in one scene), but doesn't feel like forced advertising. I didn't expect much from this movie to begin with, but come on. All in all, a great family film to get into on a Saturday night What a surprise & relief! A dash of The Avengers, a dash of Sky High, a dash of Babe, and a dash of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, this film is a fun movie for kids and their families. We loved it. They were playing after and imagining themselves in the movie! Instead this is imaginative, really well made entertainment with a good heart , sense of humor & serious/important intent… The director has previously been involved in some excellent documentaries, let's hope he continues making intelligent cinema like this.

The only negative points- for those who are really fussy- There are a couple of 'No Way' moments that are still reasonable within the films slightly stretched 'logic', and some of the characters don't have the time to be more fully realised, yet these are very minor quibbles for a film that's so enjoyable & manages to impart very serious questions regarding the effect of modern technology on susceptible minds / modern Humanity. Robert Rodriguez' Spy Kids franchise had more plot than this garbage sandwich. The story is a different take on the 'Conceit of Scientific Progress' & has great resonance for todays youth … I love Jamie-Lynn Sigler in it! One of them just happens to be a tech wiz, and has created a slew of gadgets and weapons for whatever reason, which become instrumental in fighting the Terra-Borgs. There is a chance for a sequel to redeem the first movie. This film is great. This is a GREAT family friendly, sci-fi action movie and overall, a crowd pleaser. It really spurred my 5 and 4 year olds imagination with the creative story line and clever visuals! It was based on a game, and I love playing video games and seeing movies based off of video games, so this movie is definitely a must see. What I really loved about this movie is the older brother-young brother relationship. The plot was essentially this: Big tech company fires edgy dude, who steals his research into aliens or whatever the “Terra-Borgs” (as they are called later on in the film) are, and proceeds to test them on an unwitting community. I really enjoyed watching this with my daughters! Would I recommend this movie: NO Will I watch it again: NO Will I watch the possible sequel: Maybe.

Note- watch all of the film including the credits until the very end… & adults. She plays a mama that all the mama's can relate to. and without resorting to any swearing or sexualizing the cast (no lascivious clothing, the now standard Hollywood open pouty mouthed looks of submission / unnecessary lipstick on young girls, compulsive romance between main characters etc). Incredible & unexpected- I'd given up on any decent, well made films for children being possible in the modern age… It does look as if one scene was cut. All the irritating elements of 'young modern film makers are absent from this – ie: out of focus-shaky cam-strobe edited- brain bludgeoning soundtrack/effects levels & contrived dialogue… Everything about it is brilliantly done, from considerate direction & production values to the acting & soundtrack, There isn't a boring moment in its brief running time – a sequel should be mandatory… Maybe that's why it's been ignored by the critics? The characters are likable and bring a good charm to the movie Ok, this movie was bad. I love the girl character Olivia and her strong personality, I'm all about showing my daughters strong, powerful, independent female role models and this was just a perfect display of that. My 5 year old wants to watch it over and over. Effectively this film explores the modern Myths of the tele-visual age with style & insight. Seriously, if this film was supposed to be family-friendly, why is one of the main gadgets named with profanity in it. & 10/10 for a children's (genre) film. A perfect family movie and a nice break from all the cartoons they watch that I can't get into. The movie was very entertaining, thrilling and cute, shot in a stunning beach town background which was an appealing view. This film is definitely a movie that any one of any age could watch and enjoy it , I enjoyed it and would be watching it again.

I can't stand review that just regurgitate the plot, so without giving anything away I urge anyone interested in Science/Speculative Fiction to check this film out. In my opinion, I give this movie a rating of 10, because the movie was a great movie. I have a 5-year old sister who could see through it like its nothing (keep in mind though, this kid has seen “Bumblebee” and “Pacific Rim” multiple times) The “Adventure Force” line of products are barely present in the movie as gadgets, with only one of the actual “blasters” being based on the actual dart blasters, and is dubbed the “A$$ Zapper” early on in the movie. Clean up some of the dialogue, make some weapons based on the actual blaster line, and you may have something worth watching…. It may have been even better if it was 10-15 minutes longer! It also pays homage to cinema classics from Asia (Ultrman/ Inframan ! The effects are forced, and it shows. The plot to this movie is simple but at the same time intriguing,talking about a group of friends who need to save the world by doing what they do best-play video games. Maybe I'm a bit biased because I have a younger brother, but knowing that I would do anything for my younger brother, and seeing that mentality portrayed on this screen (especially with an anti-bully concept in the beginning) shows me that films like that exist for more than entertainment value — and in the familial sense where the kids just want their mom — they are here to educate, and this film does a great job of blending both entertainment and education for a wild, fun ride. Adventure Force 5 was a film that was very interesting from the beginning to the end, it kept me entertained throughout the whole film. Adventure Force 5 is a fun, cute, often charming, and sometimes even an endearingly funny movie. The characters are really likable and the plot is definitely captivating. & numerous quotable lines. In this movie Jack and Joey were brothers who had played the game the chronicles, and Jack knew what was happening and what was going on. But, once again, billed towards kids. ) & Manga . The film was based on 5 kids who all had a special part in the film, in which there mission was based on a Japanese game called the chronicles. All the actors were really like-able and very cute.

This film is harder hitting than nearly all the recent junk I've watched/reviewed. We loved watching the big brother and little brother bond and relationship, so cute and endearing with a great message for my daughters as well. You may be prohibited to watch such movie streaming service from your area don’t you got us you can watch from our site even better HD quality no buffering super fast server and no ads while you watching . So why are you waiting for watch and enjoy Action.If you have watched , you can read or write the film review on on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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