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Movie: Tremors 5: Bloodlines (2015)
Genre: , ,
Director: Don Michael Paul
Date of Release: 06 Oct 2015
Duration: 99
IMDB Rating: 5.3/10
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About Tremors 5: Bloodlines (2015)

The giant, man-eating Graboids are back and even deadlier than before, terrorizing the inhabitants of a South African wildlife reserve as they attack from below-and above.

I thought it was too good to be true, maybe a hoax or joke article. Tremors 5 is definitely a fun movie, but I think it’s in a different camp that the other films. If you don’t have a flame up your bottom (teaser) you’ll enjoy this film. The script is improved and the creatures in this movie seems vastly better. And the addition of Jamie Kennedy was spot on. Like in 2, they are hired to go to a far off place to fight monsters. Gummer drinks pee, a character wets his pants, a girl mentions having to pee, a dude pees on a rock, a guy dies while peeing, and a lion pees on Gummer’s face. As always, I liked Burt, he is fun to watch, and it’s nice that Burt has a son who wants to follow in his footsteps and work with him (even if I didn’t find the son appealing or likable). Although the monsters were uninteresting due to lack of personality, bad CGI, and the emphasis on the A-blasters, the idea of latest evolution of the Graboid as smaller and faster is good. For the die hard fans, sure, it will work alright, I’m quite happy I got to see yet another part, but for the rest, it will be just a movie. All in all, the flick looks bad ass, and fans are going to be pleasantly surprised by that! With that said, the design of the new creatures really aren’t that bad and when you consider the budget and the fact that CGI was used you really got to give them credit for at least looking good. The spins on the now-familiar premise are what make the difference, as the setting is changed from North America to South Africa. Kudos. Nonsense. The good thing about it was it made me want to watch Tremors 1, 2, 3 and 4 back to back and I appreciated them all the more. Where has the worm time gone? Still, to get to the point, the movie is fairly enjoyable to watch. This also happens to be the second film this year after Jurassic World which took me back to my childhood when I used to love these monster movies but surprisingly I felt this was better than Jurassic World considering the fact that it was probably made on one tenth of Jurassic World’s budget, no theatrical release and above all I had no expectation from this film and watched it just for fun, turns out it’s more than just fun. I really hope this one does well because I am super-down for more, and possibly comics too. The creatures themselves are not a patch on those featured in the previous films. The special effects and the attack scenes aren’t that bad for a direct to video movie, but it’s the material surrounding them that’s weak. I’ve been awaiting a 5th film for years, and I figured it wouldn’t happen… Gross, of course, has done a fine job of embracing the importance of this role to his career. The story this time moves to South Africa where Burt Gummer is back hunting down Graboids with the help of his unknown Son. And with no character development, you don’t have much reason to care if these people live or die. As they attack above and in below. Their comments on this spoke of a severely decreased budget. I liked how they added a few ideas , like the snakes things come out and on there own and detected from the monsters I found some parts really funny and there were some decent bloody moments 7 out of 10 (My 1000 review ) I dug this freak-show! I wait for other users to comment on it, maybe it is just me. First, the monster designs are completely different, and for zero purpose. You watch it for some cheesy jokes, over the top action, and Burt Gummer.

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Great effort and Well done! Sure enough, it’s real, and so is my excitement. Gross is, at best, a poor man’s Bruce Campbell: Filled with one-liners and lame jokes but none of the charm, watching him flounder on screen as though the filmmakers couldn’t get enough of him is irritating and confounding. Beyond the awesome use of previous movies production materials like animatics and design sketches as part of Burt’s Survival video explaining the life cycle of the monsters at the opening of the movie, I saw nothing on screen that spoke to less money spent. The same cannot be said for Tremors 5, which has remarkably little in the way of thrills and suspense. Gross has no problem getting back into his Gummer character and it was fun seeing him return to the series. Tremors 5 felt like a film made by fans of the franchise, who couldn’t bring anything new, funny, scary or inventive to the table. Tremors 5: Bloodlines is better than Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (which was horrible), but worse than the first three Tremors movies (Tremors, Aftershocks, and Back to Perfection). I so wanted to like this film, but sadly there are few things I liked about it and a lot of things I disliked. This one was pretty good! If so, maybe they should explore that and stay away from the Tremors franchise. He’s about as irritating as you’d think: memes, pop culture references, shouting and overreacting about everything, completely stupid and makes situations worse, extremely annoying and pointless. To be frank Tremors didn’t need a sequel let alone 4 of them. I thought Tremors 3 had a poor script, poor character chemistry, and the poor CGI played a big part in ruining it. Well written with an occasional LOL thrown in. For me the only part which felt like a real Tremors moment was when Burt was being dragged along in a cage by his new partner in monster hunting. Not only the graboids have a complicated life cycle that involves a flying version that uses igneous farts to propel themselves, but the movie is now located in South Africa and filled with clich├ęs of how Americans see the place. This was probably a cost cutting move, and doesn’t damage the experience too much. Buddy comedies are disgusting to begin with and this is certainly no exception. Do the writers have a urine fetish? There’s attempts at humor throughout that just don’t work too well and the twist that happens to a couple of the characters towards the end is just downright silly and goes nowhere. Like Tremors 2, 3 and the series, Burt (in 2 it was Earl) teams up with a man-child who Burt (or Earl) finds annoying. This sloppiness also extends to the script – there are some sections that feel they were more or less made up right on the spot, and there are a number of plot turns that you’ll be able to predict before they actually happen. This is what has kept the Tremors franchise alive and well for three decades now and the result shows with the sequel. The lovable and charismatic side characters have always been a trait of the sequels until now, where everyone is bland and boring. If you are fan of the Tremors franchise then you cannot afford to miss this one which might surprise you as well. “Tremors 5: Bloodlines” did what I personally didn’t think possible: It completely reignited my interest in the franchise, and has finally produced a creature-feature/horror-comedy worthy to be called a successor of the original 1990 classic. almost as good as the original” and after just 30 seconds of watching the film I could tell you that those claims are very misguided. Will give no spoilers but it does all gel and am happy to have seen it. Tremors 5 continues that lineage superbly.. The character of Den Bravers was the Crocodile Dundee of South Africa. There is an unnecessary plot twist along the way, done to ensure an ongoing partnership between our two main heroes. However, with “Tremors 5”, it seems that Universal Pictures has gone to the well once too often.

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How did fans like this movie again? The creatures are always fun to watch; they are well designed although the CGI effects can be predictably ropey at times. The next three sequels were extremely hit and miss and there’s no question that they couldn’t match the original’s charm or energy. You don’t watch it for amazing acting or ground breaking special effects. Half of the Main Cast of 8 as well as most of the extras. It’s a old school popcorn movie with some bad-ass monsters. Finally, much like Graboids themselves, even when the chips were down and multiple release plans fell through, Tremors 5 persevered through it all and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to see another installment down the road. There is a fun, almost ad-libbed vibe that flows from the likable cast and humorous dialogues. Tremors 4 by SS Wilson with Sara Bostford, Billiy Drago, JE Freeman, August Schellemberg. The film lacked the wit and imagination of the previous films. TREMORS, in my opinion, is one of the greatest monster movies ever made. Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK) Rating: 3.7/5 stars Heading into “Tremors 5: Bloodlines”, I had hopes for something mildly entertaining, but little faith in the product itself if we’re bringing complete honesty to the table. Burt jumps at the opportunity, with Travis tagging along for good measure, but upon arriving in South Africa, the two realize the worms have surprisingly, yet unsurprisingly, taken a bold new turn in their biology. If you have enjoyed all of the rest of the movies/series, you will very likely enjoy this one too. Michael Gross as Burt is fun as always. The film could’ve been much, much better had the director known anything about making a cool-looking movie, or had he even cared (which I’m assuming he didn’t). Everything is so unremarkable, like they just pointed the camera from the most static and basic angle and pressed record. It also seems that the man (Daniel Janks) who hired Burt & Travis is NOT on the level. Pearl Thusi plays the main female character and easily steals the picture when she’s on the screen. Fake Australians accents, horrible script writers, and a cast that would make Roger Ebert want to come back to life and commit suicide. The film is so flat and uninteresting, with NO cool angles or engaging shots. Burt Gummer was in good company and of course, now we have to talk about the Graboids and AssBlasters. Updated and fresh. One of the characters is an archer, which apparently is a cool thing to be, (Arrow, Hunger Games, Avengers), and another is in a scene that is an homage to the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park. “Hey, he mentioned Breaking Bad and then said ‘YOLO’! That’s funny because…” The film relies heavily on the peculiar relationship between Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy, including a sympathetic surprise among them. And a TV series wirh Gladys Jimenez, Victor Browne, Marcia Strassman, Michael Gross. This has to be the corniest horror film I think i have ever seen. Acting was not bad if not brilliant which is pretty understandable for a film like this with Michael Gross reprising his role as Gummer for the fifth time and the only actor to appear in all the Tremors films along with Jamie Kennedy performing supporting duties as his son. The design of them changed almost entirely and they are far too complex. This entry is also noteworthy for being gorier than much of what we’d seen previously. Regardless, the original film is easily in my top 5 and I could ramble for eons about its hidden genius. “Tremors 5” is a B-movie made by and for movie lovers, there are numerous in-joke references to popular genre flicks such as “Aliens”, “Die Hard”, “Jurassic Park”, and so on to let you know the writers are unabashedly pillaging from other movies you’ve probably already seen, and are having great fun in doing so while also expecting you to share their gleeful abandon.

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