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Movie: The Stranger (2010)
Director: Robert Lieberman
Date of Release: 01 Jun 2010
Duration: 91
IMDB Rating: 4.7/10
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About The Stranger (2010)

Pro wrestling legend Steve Austin stars as a man with no name, no memory and absolutely nothing left to lose. But when he finds himself hunted by both the FBI and the Russian mob, this amnesiac decides to fight back. Pursuit cannot stop him. Torture will not break him. And with every beating, bullet and betrayal, he’ll remember another piece of the horror that took away his career, his family and his identity. Now the puzzle is nearly complete, and one man is about to take back his past…by ending a whole lot of futures. Erica Cerra (“Eureka”) and Adam Beach (Flags of Our Fathers) star in this explosive action-thriller about collateral damage, stone cold vengeance, and a double-crossed killing machine known only as The Stranger

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It had a fairly average story. not this The Stranger which is about an ex special forces agent called The Stranger(played by Steve Austin) who has lost everything in life including his wife and daughter and loads more has been severely tormented by these tragedies, has lost his memory and can't remember anything.

1.9/10 Steve Austin plays a man who cannot remember a thing, apart from how to fight and grunt a little dialogue and remember some numbers. I enjoy art-house and foreign dramas as much as I enjoy cheap shoot-em-ups and stoogey comedies. Austin was pretty decent here in the acting department,but for me,Adam Beach stole the show.

The movie (mildly) amuses, and is instantly forgettable. I hate to slam a film, but this one was just such a drag to watch I think it would be unjust to praise it even a little. first of when you watch this movie you will be bored after the first ten minuets, then you will have a headache as the camera man was obviously the directors 10 year old son and had a.d.d and the characters including steve austins character are just forgettable. Most action movies nowadays are always pretty much the same old stuff you've seen 1000 times before. I nearly turned the film off there and then. sadly, the best part of this film was Steve Austin's acting. From the little we saw of the young lady I sense an emerging talent. He worked well with Erica Carr. I think the only reason I sat through it was because im a big fan of his work and you just cannot compare this to movies such as The Condemned or Damaged. But while it's not that hard to piece much of it together ourselves, it's interesting to watch the characters slowly unravel the secrets of Austins identity and discover a few other startling surprises as well. This film being different to a lot of Steve Austin's films didn't bother me, annoy me or affect me in any way because I focused on it a lot and noticed that it had a combination of animosity, drama, tension, emotion and rage. The film also has some very good action scenes with some very good fight scenes.

Let's just sum this one up: semi-poor writing, very poor directing, atrocious cinematography. there's a lot of talking going on and not much else. i'd give this one a miss unless you're a die hard Steve Austin fan. Well just like I said Stone Cold Steve Austin is just too good for this movie.

I'm sorry to sound like a smart-arse, but also this film must hold the record for the number of shots fired at one individual (all from short distance) without any getting anywhere near him. But if you want action and doesn't really care about Austin, then you might be better off picking another movie entirely. too bad the show wasn't worth stealing. THE STRANGER is one of the earlier straight-to-video thrillers that wrestler-turned-actor Steve Austin made during his career.

The story itself isn't too bad – a bit in the style of Momento or the Bourne trilogy: a special agent (Steve Austin) who is robbed of his life, loses his memory and is on the run. It's a nasty little digital-looking production which lacks decent photography and has only a handful of half-hearted fight scenes to recommend it. Steve Austin's acting as The Stranger was excellent and he really stood out in this film. But besides that even Stone Cold Steve Austin could save this crappy film.

Final view on the Film:

A disappointingly written story,saved by a entertaining performance from Austin. Austin is a pretty good actor as long as he plays that kind of character. hmm.

Making sense so far? The film also has some very good acting by Steve Austin, Erica Cerra, Adam Beach and Ron Lea. the film is not worth your time or money.

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Unknowingly to the man,one of the FBI agents searching for him (who has met him a few months earlier)has some vital information,that can help him to remember his past. all this was was some guy decide to to make a movie of a guy who hits people thats practically it. His interaction with Erica Cerra's character Grace Bishop was great because it showed that the only person he could trust was her. Because of the complicated character Steve portrayed, I found myself losing the plot about 10 minutes in because his illness had not been explained. and you can barely follow the action. For a film like this, it would have been better to go in the more simple and over the top direction with better sequences. Everything Stone Cold has done aside from this was way better but im betting The Expendables will make up for this failure of a movie. i had to fight tot keep my eyes open for this one. they let him take a shower and somehow the largeness of austin he gets out of a small window.

It all leads to silly punch ups and Austin looking menacing at a few people every now and again. I think the work he has done so far, turning his career to acting has been good. Austin is once again a wronged man who has to go up against various corrupt and nefarious criminal types, but you'll be asleep long before the credits roll. Throughout the film, we are given tiny flashbacks as to who this stranger was, and what caused him to lose his memory. The only problem for both of them is that there are some people in the FBI,who,are going to do everything they can to make sure that they don't meet up.. Erica Cerra's acting as psychologist Grace Bishop was excellent because it showed her very good interaction with Steve Austin's character The Stranger and her empathy and compassion towards him. That wasn't really the case for this terrible action movie with some of the worst action in it. Austin effectively pulls off fight scenes, speaking in Russian and Spanish and English and just being an all-around decent lead. I thought Steve himself was pretty good, using different languages and dealing with the complicated character. With Steve Ausin-who is currently the most successful wrestler in history,due to his amazingly charismatic anti- authority street-punk character of the late 90s to early 2000s.Which,not only struck a chord with the wrestling crowd,but also the mainstream media. It doesn't get better. First off, I'm a huge Steve Austin fan. He's going so slow I'm surprised the bike doesn't topple over, and so the director “jazzes” it up with flickering shots of wheels, Austin's face doing its best to act the emotion: “perturbed”, Cerra looking like she's taking a Sunday stroll, and some heavy music to get our adrenaline up. The Stranger is different because it is a more dramatic, tense and emotional film.

Stone Cold actually isn't the problem here. Yeah near the end it sort of picks up slightly, with the connections and everything. and there's millions of dollars on the line. But once you get past the initial silliness, you have a pretty good mystery plot about who the bad guy really is, since the pretty Doctor lady doesn't know and Austin's character forgets everything every few days.

The camera work and directing was pretty poor too. also the action. One of the things that I have found a bit surprising,is that whilst pro- wrestling has had some fantastic documentaries made about the subject (Beyond the Mat and Wrestleing in Shadows being two great examples.

View on the film:

As I was watching the film,the main thing that stayed in my head was that,for a pretty low-budget film,Austin gives a surprising stunner of a performance. austin and the agent keep movin forward. From the gunfights to hand to hand fighting, everything looked just way too cheap and fake.

The film is too busy, and tries to be too clever for it's own good. This was actually an okay movie, and Steve Austin (I guess we can't call him “Stone Cold” anymore) actually does a pretty good job.

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This year’s awesome Action the film The Stranger! You surely gonna watch The Stranger to enjoy Action of this year. You can watch The Stranger and watch in HD quality, superb! No buffering only HD stream! Try out watching The Stranger here satisfaction of HD quality guaranteed! You will say just wow after watching this stupendous Action The Stranger! He gets to speak multiple languages, as well. The earnest psychiatrist who hopes to help him recover his true identity is Grace Bishop, played by Erica Serra.

Worth watching. A female psychologist called Grace Bishop (played by actress Erica Cerra) has worked with him before by trying to help him and wants to help him again but people in the FBI she knows want to kill him but she says she'll be able to handle him. It wouldn't be so bad if he were doing anything other than trundle in a straight line away from them as they fire for minutes on end directly at him. Some action flick of sorts. horrible story, acting, cast, and action. Stone Cold Steve Austin stars as a man who has no memory, and keeps being chased by the police, the FBI, the Russian Mob, and his doctor named Grace Bishop. If you don't like it, stop watching half way. And to be honest I actually kinda liked “The Condemned” and I thought in this one although a low budget film, I was going to see him bad ass and kicking ass in a badass manner. Yeah. Well the film was okay… The other actors, including Adam Beach from L&O:SVU, play their roles well and Erica whatshername is easy on the eyes. It sort of seems like the story wants to take on a bit too much at one time, and it doesn't come together fully throughout the movie. All actors put in a good performance most notably Austin in his third leading role its clear that if he takes the right career path and keeps giving these kind of performance he should soon be a star of the silver screen. None of Steve Austin's films are crap or boring, they all are excellent but as I mentioned this one is different. He plays an FBI agent who goes undercover, but has a traumatic event where he has a dis-associative personality disorder where he invents a new personality every few days after engaging in some act of mayhem and destruction.

Although set in the United States, it's all too clear that it was shot in Canada. overall a good watch just a shame about the director.

If you like action movies and you like Steve Austin, fine, go for this movie. I will admit it the only reason I decided to check this piece of crap of a film was because it had Stone Cold Steve Austin in it. This man is wanted by the FBI and he has got into fights with loads of people and killed them and involved with malicious Mexicans who are trying to kill him but he's killed them in self defense. It's below the quality of most of the other Austin movies I've seen, which tend to be mildly entertaining, average-quality pictures enlivened by decent fight scenes at least. I'm sorry to say, most people would probably have turned off by then. You will ALWAYS make money with Austin on board. this movie starts off with a guy that lost his memory and is chased by the FBI and everyone thinks what he saw he made up.

All the connotations and silly flashbacks indicate that Steve was in up to his neck with the bloke from Windtalkers, and didn't want to break the law. There was a relative good pace to the plot, and lots of action and fighting.

Well, this movie didn't all together suck.

I can't explain the pointless motorcycle camera shots, or the opening scene, or many other filming gimmicks they tried and failed with. So filmmakers working with Steve, here is my advise: SPLASH THE CASH and make a dazzling movie! Yes, I think we got the point Mr Director. I sat through the entire movie, and was waiting for something big to happen. Why? this is not an action film. i found this Steve Austin vehicle to be mostly boring,with a bit of mild action here and there. If you have watched The Stranger, you can read or write the film review on The Stranger on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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