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Movie: The Rising Hawk (2020)
Genre: ,
Director: Akhtem Seitablaev, John Wynn
Date of Release: 10 Oct 2019
Duration: 135
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10
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About The Rising Hawk (2020)

Congratulations to the crew for realising this movie, in every aspect is a great project that you made, thanks from the bottom of my heart. I kid you not, five minutes into this turd you see two characters fist-bumping… I was really impressed! I hate movies that have a lot of foreign language in it and they don’t have the sub titles. Leave pretentions aside and you’ll enjoy this from start to finish. The film accurately operates the Carpathian slopes, pristine forests. Was rather off putting seeing the 13th century setting and a woman that I’m sorry to say in some scenes looked like The Joker without makeup. I gave the two stars recognition of the scenery. IN THE 13th F’N CENTURY! I’m assuming the dolt who wrote this garbage just figured that research is for sissies. And the cliches were unbearable. The dialog sounded exactly like hipsters hanging at a Starbucks. All the invaders’ language has no English subtitles which is a discouraging factor. Director and camera people should learn to use the camera for their next flick as it was one of the worst I’ve seen in many years. Who and why did anyone fund this mess? Costumes, scenery, music, cast, operator work. Lucky I didn’t get sucked in for too long! And the actress who played the mother had more plastic surgery done than Wendy Williams which made me at that point whip out my white flag and surrender after only twenty minutes of sitting through this torture. It’s a very generous 3/10 from me. Accents from American to English was rather confusing! I loved this movie, i was actually quite impressed how good it was. Awards and nominations, for the love of me I don’t know why.. Then ofcource near the end of the movie the mongal speaks English. The filming was good in the early stage, what the hell is the main task behind? I really enjoyed this one from start till the end. But hey, it’s not my face so. This Ukrainian made movie in English has patches of spoken language pronunciation problems which is difficult to apprehend. It did have a lot of action and kept a good pace. Especially the fighting versus the Mongols. and even he couldn’t revive this turkey! Too long, too slow, boring story, terrible screenplay with tons of long dragged out and unnecessary scenes. Other than the brothers not getting into a quarrel over the pretty girl, it’s like every other film of its kind. Once the invaders arrive, it becomes more exciting with good fighting scenes. There was an entire scene where all you hear is the horses and their breathing and the dialogue was coming from behind a hill lol. This movie actually has something to say. I haven’t seen a good movie like this one from quite a while, especially considering Hollywood garbage these days. All of the characterization’s thin and dialogue weak, the acting’s fine. this was a very nice adventure movie, yet half the time you didn’t know what the mongals where saying. Great locations and nice cinematography in this one. If you like shallow historical period action movies with American accents then..” My only guess is fans of GOT or LOTR who expect CGI and huge battles… Lot’s of cliches, as another reviewer said. I would check out this film yourself. Did they do the writing too? There are too few movies like The Rising Hawk coming out nowadays. I am a 41 yr old female who just loves her movies. Can Tuga also speak Mongolian? It talks about an interesting era in history that might be special to a lot of people who watched it and were disappointed as the scenery is nice, customs are really nice but the plot and conversations sound like they are in modern United States . After each shot, you want to grab a backpack and run for a couple of weeks to the Carpathians, return to Sinevyr again, go up the ridges and go down the meadows. Acting game too! I think it’s a good start, Thanks to the partners who took a huge role in this project and the wonderful actors who became a push of this movie to the masses! I kept thinking of a 70s or 80s made for TV movie. It’s such a shame that an amazing time period in history is dragged down and into this base low brow Hollywood format as have so many others. I was hesitant to watch this movie because of the negative ratings , but then I gave it a shot, and so I understand the disappointment . If you are looking for a movie that actually has a soul, than you might want to give this one a chance. Would definitely recommend. I’m sure, this is the first of many steps of my homeland, in a big movies world! I paused the film when I went out of the room as didn’t want to miss anything. What is particularly disappointing is that Robert Patrick of Terminator and Scorpion fame is in this … just not filling mine with such crud.. It was wonderful to watch an inspiring movie like this, a tale of courage and perseverance during difficult times, considering all the depressingly negative films coming out in recent years. It’s definitely a 10 from me. At that time I realized, phew, I should *not* be wasting my time with such a poorly done film. This would have been a 1 out of 10 but saved by some pretty good VFX. I watched this for about 30 min and it was getting increasingly stupid until luckily when I tried to fast forward it hung up. Why ppl continue to do this to themselves and not see how bad/unnatural it looks is beyond me. This felt like a 5th grade drama class production. Why is this rated a 6? It’s just horrible. My rating is 9.75 They blew it. If Khan had such a small force, how would he rule continental Europe? Medieval Times themed restaurants have more realistic fight scenes. With a bit more attention to detail and a bit better cast, it would’ve rivaled all the Hollywood big production studios. PS. the best actor in this movie was the swordsmith… I think it would have been much better if it was more original, maybe done in the original language with a more solid dialogue . but aside from a few historical inaccuracies (like Vikings) this is a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining romp into 13th Century Europe and I enjoyed it immensely. The known actors did a good job,but the rest were less than stellar. Let’s be honest, this really is an appalling movie. In reality, save yourself the time it takes to watch this and rather spend the time more productively, maybe vacuuming your car or baking a cake! Poppy Drayton’s has a bit of a Mary McDonnell, Jennifer Connelly sort of look. This is a prime example. But still a good effort in recreating the struggles that the protagonist and his clan went through during that era of history. This is a decent movie by any metric. The actors are for the part pretty average (even the well know ones that should probably know better), but this probably had more to do with the poor script and directing (possibly). The main characters mother seems to have had one hell of a facelift with plastic surgery. If you are looking for a shallow special effects movie typical for Hollywood, than this movie is not for you. You can always tell when a project has had to use American funding. The movie portrays a time, when honor meant something to people and they stood for something, as well as love was pure. Recommended. The score was annoying, the directing – especially the fight scenes, were laughable. As pointed out by others the plot and screenplay doesnt match. Firstly, the scenic shots are truly beautiful basing it on they aren’t all CGI. It’s downhill from there unfortunately. If I had an option I would rate it at a 7 and a half for being entertaining and for the acting. Questionable stunts. It’s as if Russian mobsters funded this as a racket. The nature of Ukraine is unsurpassed! The story seems interesting and I kept wondering if it were accurate, historically, but I couldn’t get past how the costumes were so poorly done, like this was incredibly low budget. Every cliche’d movie moment and every stereotypical character is in there being, doing and talking cheesily. The movie is worth watching! fill your boots”… The script is basic, mostly uneventful and rather poorly written. They had a lot of good thing going,but it was ruined by horrible shaky camera work, some obvious directing problem, acting issues, at times bad fight scenes( some were good)script issues and so forth. I don’t understand the low rating, but i guess fashionable Hollywood movies, with impressive special effects, are the ones in demand now. Thank you! The story itself is entertaining and interesting, moving along at a fair pace. Feeling sorry for all non SLAVS that can not enjoy in this movie with me, marvellous directing, smooth cut editing, great cinematography, good acting, historic plot, high quality costumes, gorgeous scenery and all that for a budget of a catering of some Hollywood flick. Sorry for being harsh, but… 😉 The Rising Hawk is formulaic, tiresome, unrewarding and unmemorable. And there’s nothing vulgar or perverted in this film, so it’s suitable for the whole family to see. Is it Khan who took dozens of people to attack the small village? so funny. Maybe today it would be a Hallmark film or something. Some reviewers gave it a 10 seem to be “patriotic” and not truthful and the current 7.1 rating is certainly not real,but I can see it settling to 5-6 over time – to what it really deserves. Even the acting was atrocious – which I’m sure the directors are partly to blame for failing to direct their cast. Here come the bodybuilders, next comes the pretty girl, 13th century all perfect teeth, ofcourse, all engaging in cliche all one at a time dialogues accompanied by almost soap opera like camera work and by a standard moodsetting music soundtrack.. Perhaps for the nature photography, the landscapes are actually rather impressive. And did anyone bother checking the sound? Totally unrealistic and predictable. Who is Brenda Khan? I watched for the ratings and cast but I seem to have overlooked the cries from YouTube commenters. Not sure about all the bad reviews as I feel they are very harsh. The story is very good, and it’s refreshing to see actors who are not part of the famous big screen. What was Tommy Flanagan thinking getting involved with this flop? The story itself could have been interesting, the plot, but the details were so contrived, predictable, Disney-esque. Ugghhh dragged on and on forever with zero reward. Just the wrong choice for this type of movie. Is this the only plus? Fantastic scenery abounds and a decent plot entertains. The one upside is Rocky Myers, who is worth watching, just because he is so flippin’ gorgeous! The climax raises the overall star rating to a decent 6. I was not expecting much from the reviews and the fact that I had never heard of it before and I was pleasantly surprised. The 2+ ridiculously long runtime felt like I wasted half a day watching this. Boring routines waste my time. In conclusion, this would best suit you if you’ve either A: Got nothing else to watch on a Saturday night (like me) or B: Got nothing else to watch on a Saturday night…

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