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Movie: The Outrage (2010)
Genre: , ,
Director: Takeshi Kitano
Date of Release: 12 Jun 2010
Duration: 109
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10
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The only element that saves the movie from its classification in the exploitation genre is the intelligent use of black humor, to the extent that the movie is at times transformed into a comic farce, and even unintentional slapstick, especially when the character of African diplomat is in the focus. New Kitano movie is one-adrenaline entertainment and nothing more, unfortunately. The extraordinary success of 1997’s Hana Bi confirmed Kitano’s place as a leading figure of international cinema , here offered remarkable visions of violence and beauty . I say no, not when we get tough guys, sharp suits, black humour, extreme violence (you might never want to visit the dentist again), a convoluted plot that is hard to follow but has something to do with rivalry, inheriting the reins of power and inflicting extreme violence on the other team. In this power struggle, they begin to plot against one another and result in sheer violence and torture. The production values are exemplary: this is beautifully-shot stuff in which even the gore and bloodshed is handled in an attractive way. Sanno-Kai is a powerful yakuza organization with a hierarchical structure of several mutually subordinate clans. The overarching plot of the film works with the conflicts that could possibly exist in any relationships – malice and greed. They speak a few lines, there’s a brutal murder here and there, but everything seems so distant that you can’t bring yourself to care about who lives and who dies. On a random note, do look forward to the unanticipated twist towards the end! The story opens with a striking wide shot of a large group of gangsters dressed in black as their leaders meet , these guys have sworn allegiance to their bosses, but it means little once the bullets start flying . Story: gangs kill each other with some wining and some losing, yes, that simple. Unfortunately, the plot is weak. Yes the direction, the plot, the filming and acting is good but unfortunately by the 2/3 mark of the movie you can already guess whats going to happen and the ending. There is no need to reprimand the director portraying an unlawful decorum of police here. The violence on display doesn’t flinch, which sort of provides you that cautionary hint that crime doesn’t pay, and that doesn’t just mean the mutilation of the pinky is enough in ritual apologies. In the technical aspect, Takeshi displays much competence in his camera- work. The violence becomes repetitive as do the betrayals which bored me, and the editing seemed haphazard, never developing a coherent flow. I really don’t like American remakes of foreign films and think it’s just a waste of money to have re-shot The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in English, for example, when the original could have simply been given wider distribution. It’s suppose to come out anytime in 2012. I am a huge huge fan of the movie ” Brother ” and another epic Japanese yakuza movie called ” Agitator “. On the minus side, the plot really is simplistic and predictable. One of the things I really enjoyed about the film was Takeshi’s camera-work, which remains sharp and eye-pleasing as ever. The motion picture was professionally directed by Takeshi Kitano in his peculiar style , being his first film shot in 2.35:1 format . Which is an interesting notion as you see orders no matter how absurd they sound being followed to a T, and some of the best scenes involve contemplation of what’s morally ethical (ok, even for a bit) when told to betray another, and this not only involves the hoodlums, but those who are on the side to enforce the law being no better themselves. ) to step outside of its element. He mentioned in a recent television interview that he shoots most of his scenes in only one or two takes, and the film feels fresh. A mob boss orchestrates fights between various yakuza families. For some reason he decided not to pursue his artistic ambition for a while and focus again on Japanese underworld. To talk about some downsides, As the justice being the symbol of the police, a lieutenant forms an alliance with the Yakuza chairman by getting a bribe.

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) ambassador is depicted in the movie. One of the traditional ways of making it up for one’s miscue is to slice one of their fingers. Kitano, who has left the personal, lyrical and poetic quality behind, now emerges as a filmmaker reaching out to the mainstream. The cars in every scene are immaculately polished, every actor is decked out in a neatly arranged designer suit, and every set has all of its props in a neatly prescribed arrangement. I’m always left confused about who is who and why things are happening and what the story is even about. You don’t understand what’s going on until about an hour into the movie, and by then it’s a little too late to care. moviexclusive. The overall production is competent with decent acting but in the end I didn’t care what happened to anyone from the chairman down the the many Yakuza soldiers. It’s almost like a corporation with a CEO in place, with various houses reporting back to him, each having a report card to score, and the weak ones taken out from the organization, in brutal fashion of course. In 2000 Kitano made Brother (2000), his first film shot outside of Japan. “Don’t lie to me!” I was surprised to run into Outrage in a fantasy-horror festival, yet there were several gore scenes that clearly qualified the movie for it. Takeshi Kitano has returned to the genre of yakuza movies after ten years but without any artistic pretensions. However, the acting was okay. The lesson in this movie would be human beings have the effrontery to betray anyone in order to fulfill their own goal, at least in Yakuza world. I know there is some subtle, humorous force at play in Outrage, sort of like Clint Eastwood playing the gangs against each other in A Fistful Of Dollars, but sorry, I don’t know why the cook gets a set of chopsticks jammed into his ear, don’t know why one of the bosses gets his mouth chewed up with a dental instrument, have no idea who it is that is getting his neck tied to a pole and then gets ripped out of a moving car, but more importantly, why all of this is happening. Earlier in his directing career, he was already known for “Violent Cop” and “Sonatine”, which also dealt with the dark world of yakuza. The narrative of Outrage is told through the tangled web of secret treaties, broken promises, betrayed loyalties, conspiratorial intrigue, fierce revenge and blatant treason, and is constantly escalating in brutal skirmishes. The movie revolves around the plot by the Machiavellian chairman of the Yakuza, sorta like the Don of the mafia. Now I would understand if some may think of this as all over the place or quite convoluted. ), and brought him critical acclaim but not much success at the box office. And yes the twists may be also too much for some – but the movie does excel not just in its violence, but also its quiet moments. But where ‘Sonatine’ contained so much more than the realistic outburst of ultra-violence, the only new dish that Outrage brings to the table are some plump racist jokes every time an African (corrupt of course! The versatile Japanese director Takeshi Kitano has built a worldwide reputation in the nineties recording impressive auteur films about the yakuzas. It’s all very ugly but well made… The pacing is deliberately slow, showing that the life of a criminal is not particularly exciting but rather mundane as that of any other type of businessman, mostly involving allegiances of convenience and acts of betrayal. He makes effective use of wide-angle close-ups, and does some great riffs off of Coppola in several scenes. So as you can see, I’m not that big of a fan of Takeshi Kitano. The filmmaker contrasted the violence and action of those films with comedy or tenderness in films like Ano Natsu, Ichiban Shizukana Umi (1991) (US title: “A Scene at the Sea”), Minnâ-Yatteruka!

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Whether you like Takeshi Kitano or not, he sure is good in depicting the yakuza. The vision is completely his own. This was the best of Tarantino Scorsese & Leone mixed in the Eastern underworld. While Otomo tries to break free from the subordination of the Murase-gumi, they too try to acquire greater power. Well, they are right, but is that really such a bad thing? I am a big fan of Asian action films, especially Hong Kong shoot ’em uppers and Thai martial arts flicks, but for some reason I can never follow what is happening in some Janpanese films, especially in Takeshi Kitano’s films. Outrage is the start of his second Yakuza trilogy (Outrage 2 has been announced for next year), and plays out on a Shakespearean stage with the epic quality of Dostoyevsky. How’d he get to be the only honorable underboss in an organization full of dishonorable back-stabbers? However if you are new to Beat Takeshi’s gangster/cop movies then this movie is good. All the films were very nihilistic–with lots of violence, betrayal and yakuza assassinations. And portrayed it portrayed them more realistically like in The Sopranos or Donnie Brosco as opposed to the overly polished Godfather films. And, as usual, Kitano is completely emotionless as he kills in the most difficult to watch manner. The characters are filled out only in broad strokes, and most of the standard types are represented: the godfather-like boss, the loyal lieutenant, the conniving underling, the dundering muscle and so on. You’d get plenty of bloody good gore thrown in for good measure without the camera cutting away, which splatters the film with plenty of crimson red. Outrage is a sort of Japanese Godfather with Yakuza members vying to move up the crime hierarchy by beating, mutilating, killing each other in various vicious ways including a new and creative one involving a rope and a moving car. This movie is nothing like Violent cop, Battle Royale, Brother, Zatoichi, etc … Also, I think the story’s twists bore a few too many cultural dependencies and so they didn’t quite hit with the intended force. A truly forgettable story makes Outrage one to skip – go rent Brother instead. And, in turn, once these battles are complete, he then pit the winners against other gang members. He plays off the different families against each other and plays off the sub families (sub clans) and their under-bosses against the main family (clans). It shows how the Don maintain and attained his power and how “loyalty” is merely a facade used for control. Sadly, we’re still left waiting for Kitano’s return to the uniquely poetic, funny and thoughtful yakuza movies that made him beloved all over the world. It was the same for me with Infernal Affairs; I thought The Departed was a much better film and I understood what was going on a lot more. My favourite scene of the movie is in that noodle shop where a random customer will find something floating in his bowl of noodles =). If u wanna see a really cool and awesome yakuza movie, this should be it. This is probably intentionally designed to poke fun and entertain the viewers. The plot revolves around an internal power struggle within an established yakuza family: a fairly standard trope in gangster films in the East and West. Gore: OK this is where the movie actually got me to vote this 5, and there’s enough nude stuff to keep you watching for more. Originally a comedy star on Japanese television, Takeshi Kitano , aka Beat Takeshi , rose to international fame as a director of Yakuza dramas during the 1990s . “Brother”, like other Kitano-directed films such as his debut “Violent Cop” , ¨Boiling Point¨ (1990) and ¨Sonatine¨ (1993), centered around Yakuza (gangster) characters. Also, hallmark of his films is the seemingly abrupt cuts that often do not signal direct causality in the sequences. That is not all. Some are blackly humorous, some are brutally violent, most are characterized by lots of yelling and cursing in the sort of coarse Japanese that’s really difficult for non-native speakers to get.

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