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Movie: She Never Died (2019)
Genre: , ,
Director: Audrey Cummings
Date of Release: 14 Apr 2020
Duration: 89
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10
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About She Never Died (2019)

Olunike Adeliyi feels organic and confident, putting up a top tier performance as the fallen angel. Rating 4 out of 10 The sequel to he is not dead. I’m glad I saw it, but won’t be watching it again. Goes to show that ImDB hosts the better reviewers. , just like in the prequel, but she mostly growls, mutters throw-away lines, and has nothing of the arresting personality of the actor Henry Rollins as Cain. Plus, it pretty much checks all the boxes for the tell-tales of an extreme low-budget effort — musky lighting, very few actors, scenes that go on way too long, really bad music that just fills space, etc. Another stupid thing is she can just kill those 2 villains at the car park who tries to kidnap her very easily when she sees them since that was her intention of killing that guy with lots of rings right from the beginning but she didn’t.. She purposely ask that guy to hit her with a baseball bat instead so that is to make guys look really bad and evil for doing that i guess that’s their main intention and then got caught out of plain stupidity.. The part 1 is really nice with a nice build up in story.. I believe “She Never Died” is an arguably above average indie horror offering, entertaining enough throughout in all the best B movie traditions, also featuring quality performance(s), but… Could have been so much better but unfortunately it was so much worse. Avoid the (not) female zombie. What’s the point of that? The main character was good but all the rest were sub par. A rather vague and simplistic – as compared to better movies including this theme – exploration of female trauma is not a great substitute, because instead it should’ve co-existed with the franchise-defining themes from “He Never Died” that were lost here. And to be frank, theres even better splatter and gore movies around that you should watch instead of this one, as this one just hasn’t enough blood and guts and violence to keep up. A cop is apparently hunting down a killer who chops the fingers off their victims but when he almost literally bumps into the killer he’s been trying to catch he doesn’t catch her but gives her an apartment, huh? A couple years ago “He Never Died” pleasantly surprised me, it was an unexpectedly funny, highly entertaining and conceptually interesting thriller with heavy shades of horror and comedy. no expansion of the mystery presented, no paths to right or left from the main story road, nothing of what I truly hoped to see or feel. Not too long after I noticed a so-called “sister” sequel is in works which certainly got me a little excited, and Jason Krawczyk returning to write was good news as well. So all of this film could be condensed into 15 minutes to give you what you need. “She Never Died” is an entertaining indie horror, carried on the shoulders of good performances, violent action and consistent pacing, but, carrying the name it does, it’s simply underwhelming. Guide: F-word. Suffering yes you read correctly and let me explain why. We know that “She” Lacey (Olunike Adeliyi) is the killer, choosing bad people to prey on. 6.3 Caution: Spoilers As one who is a great fan of the prequel, HE NEVER DIED, I was really looking forward to this one. Unlike the “He” who was rich and ate at the same restaurant every day, “She” is poor and lives in the streets and feeds off of human bone marrow. No sex or nudity. They managed to keep notions of the same kind of humor, but to call it darkly (actually) funny would be a bit of a stretch. HE NEVER DIED was loaded with dark humor in scene after scene–this one barely registered on the dark humor scale. Hah.. Let me put it this way – it lost more than it gained, if compared to its spiritual predecessor. My rating is a generous 5. I watched He never died ( Part 1) and She never died (Part 2) on the same day.. It is entertaining but I wish the acting was a bit better. This part 2 is really stupid right from the start.. Watching this you always ask youreself WHO is she, as you know already from the prequel “He nere died”. Poor acting and lousy script.. “She Never Died” is a much more contained and narrow experience as compared to its “brother” prequel, both regarding the plot, the characters and the production budget. As for HE NEVER DIED, I’ve watched it multiple times and will do so again. One could say “She Never Died” is a vigilante flick. Detective Godfrey (Peter MacNeill ) has 12 missing people in the last two months plus a half dozen killings with the victims having their fingers removed. Written by Jason Krawczyk, the writer behind the cult low-budget indie HE NEVER DIED, this almost-maybe sequel is a swing and a miss. So you sit through this silly story with no real beginning to account for what comes later which is a conviluted excuse for a sequel which no one wants. I also believe that, as a sequel, it’s barely justified and simply lesser than the first movie. Decent dark comedy. I thought she is immortal? REVIEW – SHE NEVER DIED What could have been good turned out to be…… She also has superhuman strength (but she can’t fly). It isn’t long before Godfrey and Lacey make an unusual arrangement. MORE PLEASE! This appears to be the much belated sequel to “He Never Died” which would explain the lack any kind of introduction of “She.” Yes, she’s immortal, heals from every wound, can’t die, etc. I have to say that I was very disappointed, because I kept comparing it to the prequel. Hilarious, heart-felt, and thoroughly entertaining, “She Never Died” propels it’s unexpectedly brilliant franchise into masterpiece status. I find it amusing that this is a 10 on rotten tomatoes. Kiana Madeira had a decent character. A tough and mysterious woman, a fierce baddie, the single biggest strength of this movie, the much-praised feminine side of this film, main protagonist and heroine – Lacey – fights her daily demons and looks to bring down criminals hurting women. Then another female enters who sees our female (not) zombie eat the fingers she has cut off, but rather than run a mile she tries to be friend our not zombie, huh? The end strongly hints at another film, perhaps 2025 with the title “They Never Died.” She got tortured after being caught and blah blah blah… She Never Died is the sequel to the Henry Rollins starer He Never Died, a visceral crime thriller set like a modern day grungy Highlander, She Never Died while not being as well produced as part 1 is still a decent follow up, the lead actress is good in a rather a fierce role, and the violence, blood & practical effects are very grind house and practical which i love, a decent 1 time watch for sure. ( Scenes just for making guys look bad and evil) and all the way to the end its all predictable.. It’s like she go around telling and showing everyone she is immortal.. In the prequel, the protagonist was the original Cain, from the Bible story. And all the rest of this film is – sad to tell the truth – just plain petty boring. My rating: 5/10. Successfully building off the universe set up in the first, while ingeniously expanding upon it as well as teasing the more that will inevitably come, this is the kind of perfect follow-up that fans can only dream of! Initially due to the title I thought this was about a female zombie but after suffering this film I’m still unsure. And so, “She Never Died” stands on its own as an entertaining baddie flick, but the intriguing concepts have mostly left the stage, and as far as sequels go, this one adds little to nothing to the universe, ideas and mythos presented in the first movie. Not recommended.. Lacy has the ability to regenerate so things like stabbing and blowing her brains out is not an option. It’s like they purposely make this movie for extreme feminism agenda.. First it lacks the charm and intensity that Rollins imbued into the original character. The silly plot is the same old stuff like Captain Marvel and those stuffs of man got beat up and punish by super hero female character.. A guy with a baseball bat can defeat and capture an immortal?? In this one she turns out to be the mythical Lilith, in this version a fallen angel. Main female lead here is such a show off… Then there are a couple more characters, a rather primitive plot that’s swimming to its inevitable conclusion, and…

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