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Movie: Repeaters (2010)
Director: Carl Bessai
Date of Release: 13 Sep 2010
Duration: 89
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10
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About Repeaters (2010)

A gritty mind-bending thriller about three twenty-somethings who find themselves in an impossible time labyrinth, where each day they awaken to the same terrifying day as the preceding one.

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The acting was amateur at best. Especially our main guy cannot convey any feeling as hard as he may be trying.

And that was this film.

Seriously, the ratings for this movie are way to high.

There was only one actress I knew in this entire film, which was Amanda Crews, asides from that I have never seen any of the other actors/actresses in anything. Interested viewers could do a lot worse, let me assure you. The question is, what would the writer and the director be thinking including such stupid last scene?

I couldn't give this anything less than a 6 Interesting concept, maybe, but the movie itself? Just like that other movie, but without Bill Murray's delightful cynicism. When they are druggies on top of it, they then have an excuse for their being bad…

So it starts becoming interesting, and in a sense, they become god-like beings that can get away with anything, except that the more conscience-laden duo now also have a 'super-villain' on their hands to deal with, while the regular world suffers the consequences. And then there's the ending where the bad guy gets to repeat himself, while the rest move on. I can't altogether blame the actors as the dialogue of the script likely resembled a high school play. It covers pretty much all the nastiest adult themes you can think of, so, if you're looking for a 'feel-good' kind of movie, you better steer clear. Lazy movie-making does not produce great movies. We see Michael, who was bullied before, rise up from his underdog position and transform into a bully himself, as an opposite to both Sonia and Kyle, who amend their ways. The support is fine as well; don't miss Emily “Ginger Snaps” Perkins' cameo appearance; I wonder if that bit of casting was an in-joke. Milligan in particular settled by the end of the film into the central role, a kind of scrapped up gilded hero that made him really look like Hollywood star material. People who do drugs, obviously (so sayeth the movie) make bad decisions and are bad people.

12.01 was excellent. The third, however, seeing the endless hate his father has for him, decides to give up and give in to the dark side of his insecurities, and turns to a nihilistic life of brutal crime, since there are no consequences to his actions anyways. Apart from the very straightforward story, some questions about morality (though not well played), the actors might be the weakest point here. Thought provoking, intelligent. The climax is cool and don't turn your head too soon when you see the first credits role. Groundhog Day + action = Source Code, whereas Groundhog Day and nastiness = Repeaters. As the title says, it's the same thing over and over, which may have worked for “Groundhog Day,” but it didn't work here. Therefore we're treated to what people with very dubious morals would do if their day had absolutely no consequences whatsoever.

This movie does lack real depth, which may cause you to not be as close with the characters, or may cause you to lose interest. Not to mention that she is too often passive than she should have been. Only by addressing this question could this film have been a worthwhile contribution to the wash, rinse, repeat cycle of film making. My congratulations go out to the crew and to the talented young actors for not engaging in melodrama but instead delivering a good, down-to-earth performance with excellent production effects. If you're into movies like The Butterfly Effect, Groundhog day and such, go watch this one and enjoy. I really can't fault it in any way. The filmmakers gave a taste of the natural surroundings of the location to give some of its own say in the plot which is a big win.

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The story distinguishes itself from groundhog day in its pursuit of a thrilling, rather than funny series of events, for the most-part at least. Events simply spiral down into total chaos and disaster.

I cannot understand why this film got any positive reviews at all.????? Engaging performances from all concerned, good pace and character development. You better have full attention to understand it all. Check the trivia section of “Groundhog Day” for the source inspiration(s) of this premise. a good idea adapted well. And their 'thoughtful' introspection about consequences for their actions ends abruptly when one guy says: 'I need it to mean something'. Way to go, Schopenhauer. And then, one of them, goes over the edge, raping and killing innocent people, all because, “it doesn't matter.” This was great.. You continue to show just how bad a human being you are until the day stops repeating and normality returns. I really didn't get the whole bit about escaping the time loop by making amends with people, but I guess that might be looked at as a reference to AA. Repeaters is an okay movie, it just goes on a little too long and doesn't offer any great twist at the end. But with that being said with what depth it tries to create it isn't a reason that this film should be avoided, not by any means.

A couple of months ago, I started watching “Repeaters” on DVD with family and friends at home and we decided to stop.

This movie bends your emotions, plays with your mind, and doesn't stop until the end. When you wake up the day after flooding your body with chemicals with no continuing effects, how does that alter your view of the world? We also have three very troubled people trying to figure out why this is happening to them, on this day. I mean why wouldn't some one want to go rob a bank, or possibly commit a even more heinous crime? What it lost in depth, it gained somewhat in some good physical acting between de Klerk and Milligan. At first, and after the confusion, they have wild fun with it and even hold up a liquor store. Seven thirty.” However, the results are far from Groundhog-like. I won't go that far to say it's a drama because the Sci-Fy takes the main part. What stopped the repeat cycle? Of course you do know what the characters have to do to get out of their “rhythm”. )

It's not blowing anything to say this is basically an attempt at a dark version of the same concept from Ground Hog Day. So what do they do? If you think about it, since none of them see any meaning in their lives and its only about whether they get caught or feel bad for their family, the ending means that the bad guy gets to live it up without consequences, and the good guys have to live with their consequences and bad decisions. But from this enjoyable concept nothing clever or insightful ensues, and we end up with a midwestern family values story. I did like the actress with her slopey nose and woolly hat.

Sorry . The acting is of a reasonable standard, but just short of the bar such that we don't believe the characters enough to really feel any of their emotions.

The characters are shallow and badly drawn, downright ridiculous at times – especially the antagonist whose actions are often difficult to swallow.

All in all, some choppy bits, but a good enough film that got the job done.

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I was hoping for an intelligent script, no chance.

Bottom line: Groundhog Day + comedy = Groundhog Day.

It's a great film. I was completely drawn in, only “surfacing” from the film occasionally to enjoy how much I was enjoying the film. This movie remains a good solid flick. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone outside of an animal in a coma. As it states, I'm not going to repeat what you already know. As it goes on, it gets long and boring as the main guy and girl continue to try and sop the other one from his violent acts. Maybe teenage rejects love this movie because they don't know there are far better movies with sort of the same premise. There is some sense of a philosophical message that is underpinning the storyline, but there is nothing original here either, still it adds depth to the proceedings and does the movie no harm. What started the repeat cycle? There was an entertaining enough plot to keep me watching the film, yet it was simultaneously frustrating enough for me to consider whether I should quit whilst ahead. They do some drugs, steal some alcohol, a car. Don't know. My vote is eight. Mike visits his father at the Maximum Security Correctional Facility where he is prisoner and the man does not talk to Mike. Her intimate scenes with Milligan were extremely well done – touching and not contrived. It had a bit of feel from Rambo/First Blood where you get the environment playing a part in the characters with strong sounds from the river and a dirt bike. It's an excellent flick not only for teens but also for Sci-Fi freaks and for people who can dig thrillers. What happened to the protagonists? NOT!!! This is one of those films where I'm sure it sounded good while the producers and directors were discussing the general concept, but once it came time to actually shoot scenes and compile a film, it just didn't quite come together. Just saw this and thought I would give it a review as it entertained me.

Tense scenes will leave you unsatisfied, and sometimes annoyed.

Sadly, where the premise breaks down is that, although the protagonists remember the repeated day, they also do a lot of mind-altering drugs during the repeated day, and the question of how their memories are affected from one day to the next is never addressed. A sequel? And it manages to be inspiring, and cunningly the writers have left the ending open: you can interpret it in some kind of religious/spiritual ooga-booga way, or you can take it that it's just the result of the protagonist's careful planning – he had time to think the whole thing right through, after all. Mid level psychological value but more entertaining than trying to draw on conceptual values over its own path and plot. so uh… The performances are perfect from all characters, the setting it suitably gritty and it's not too long. While admittedly most movies drawn up these days use a bit of the same sleazy concepts, this one I believe nestles down into its own unique little fortified holding and fires upon the viewer with a quality helping of raw. Just stop it. Instead of a TV news reporter, it's a group of three troubled youth who get caught in a time loop, at first going on rampages in order to take advantage of the lack of consequences their situation affords, but then two of them struggle with the moral issues and want to find a way out of the repeating day, as their friend goes nuts and decides to be as evil as he can because it will all be erased when he wakes up to the same morning again.

But if this is actually one of their few jobs they pulled it off perfectly. had it been a rock/punk soundtrack I might not have enjoyed it as much and yet somehow I would have expected that to be the choice.. And they did, the performances are excellent and you really believe the characters. If you have watched Repeaters, you can read or write the film review on Repeaters on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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