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Movie: Proxima (2019)
Genre: ,
Director: Alice Winocour
Date of Release: 27 Nov 2019
Duration: 107
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
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For example, Sarah is told that tampons count towards her personal weight limit, whilst she has to be moulded for a smaller chair than Mike and Anton. Music,story, acting, etc everything about it is unpretentious and therefore effective. And although the narrative does sag in a couple of places, and Winocour frustratingly abandons realism in a crucial scene towards the end, Proxima is brilliantly acted throughout. You don’t think, there is music, but in very rare moments that only emphasize the general melancholy. Reliance team. Since the picture is European, I was afraid to fall asleep from everything that was happening, but again, the actors saved. I was highly surprised to see Eva Green in this. However, as Winocour presents it, it’s more complicated than that; think of Sarah’s helplessness – she’d be stuck in space knowing that Stella is dead, but having to complete her assignment anyway. Do you have such a fetish? However, make no mistake, this is a celebration of the feminine rather than a woke attack on the masculine – men aren’t the of the joke or the target of anger, they’re simply not very important to the story. I would like more music! A new picture with the participation of my favorite actress Eva Green. Well done! The only woman in the program, she lives with Stella (a stunning Zélie Boulant), her seven-year-old daughter. Well done! Just real looking people working super hard to achieve a great feat. But the lack of self-assessment of her limits puts at risk the mission, the work of her colleagues and the millions invested into it. Perhaps the biggest issue I had is that Winocour abandons her rigid adherence to realism for a sequence towards the end of the film which not only strains credibility but is tonally different from everything around it. However, the itself makes no bones about the fact that it’s the story of a mother and daughter, not a piece of science fiction, and one can only engage with it on its own terms. Proxima is Winocour’s third film after Augustine (2012) and the criminally underrated Maryland (2015), both of which deal with intense, highly skilled men who are torn between their professional and private lives, in a similar manner to so many Michael Mann protagonists (and antagonists). With Proxima, however, Winocour moves into uncharted territory – although the protagonist here faces a similar struggle, for the first time, that protagonist is female. I didn’t know much about this movie when I went to see it so I had no expectations. That she took this huge risk to be kicked out from the project for breaking the quarantine – so all her work and her daughter’s pains would be for nothing, and she would also disappoint the French nation and all women for wasting such opportunity. I know that a lot of people, women especially, go through the same struggles and doubts, when they try to connect with their children, when they try to do their best and when they feel that they’re missing on something important. This is a movie about the relationship between a divorced mother, Sarah, and her young daughter, Stella; now, Sarah happens to be an astronaut selected for an all important mission on the ISS, so more specifically the plot could be described as: “what happens to a mother-daughter relationship when the mother is about to leave the earth for a 1-year long mission in the space”. We are presented a story of real people and some of them happen to be astronauts. Proxima is a small story of a mother and her daughter set against a vast background – the macro is simply the context for the micro. One way Winocour examines the theme of private vs. Frankly, the trailer is better piece of storytelling. We need more storytelling like this. Drama. I enjoyed the trailer far more than the movie. The woman hesitates and cannot handle how to deal with her job tasks nor with her daughter.

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And it was actually great, Eva Green’s acting I think deserved an Oscar, and the little girl acts very natural, and you feel for her. Proxima is neither. Why do you have scenes of vomiting and other muck in every picture? Written by Alice Winocour and Jean-Stéphane Bron, and directed by Winocour, Proxima is the story of a mother and daughter trying to cope with impending separation. An ordinary person with his problems and concerns. But, nevertheless, in order to bring a pinch of objectivity, I’ll tell you not only about the minuses, but also about the advantages of this picture, so that you can determine for yourself whether it is worth your attention and your time, or not. But then I understood that at this point when she showed her daughter the rocket she proved how important she is to her but also, how important it is to her that her daughter understands the magnitude of what her mother was going to do and that she should be proud of her. Heightened by the danger involved in the anticipated space travel however this is very much an earth film about a mother rather than a space film. Boring film, because waiting more energetic movie. Another element of the film’s feminine (if not necessarily feminist) quality relates to practical biological differences. Aesthetically, the film adopts a realist approach which is almost documentarian in places. The story is beautifully told, with simplicity. Their relationship is just a must see and feel. Unexpectedly, Sarah is chosen as a replacement for a crew member on the Proxima mission – a year-long three-person final exploratory mission to Mars before colonisation begins. The main character, played by Eva Green, is preparing for a one year mission on Mars. The fact that the mother is an astronaut and that the separation will result from a year-long mission to Mars is very much secondary. Matt played this character well. It’s a slow-paced storytelling which made it more realistic. By suggesting that a mother might choose her job over her daughter, even if only for a year, Winocour highlights that whilst it’s socially acceptable for men to leave children behind (Mike speaks proudly of his young sons), it’s something of a social taboo that women could do so. 2. Mike Shannon performed by Matt Dillon – American astronaut, crew member, which includes Sarah. And so Sarah finds her attachment to Stella in conflict with her commitment to the longevity of the mission. I am always interested in any appearance of Russia or Russians (well, either the USSR or Soviet people) in foreign cinema. Could you really show these scenes with respect to the viewer? So cons: 1. Nasty scenes – Dear European directors! I have to say I went in optimistic and left disappointed. I personally could not do anything about it, so I had to wait for the premiere in digital form, which I got to just now. A space movie about a woman that takes place entirely on Earth, Proxima is another strong piece of work from a very talented director. The picture is more like a documentary than a science fiction story. Let’s just say that if you have a similar mood – this picture definitely suits you, you will definitely get some pleasure. At the same time, Sarah is attempting to transition Stella into getting used to living with her father, Thomas (Lars Eidinger), a German astrophysicist from whom Sarah is amicably separated. And her daughter understood (beautiful acting from Zelie). And so when the rocket launches, her daughter is not crying, she’s counting 9..8..7.., she’s taking part in her mother’s journey and there’s no fear in her eyes. Glasgow Film Festival 2020 Opening gala. The heroine of Eve is strong, but sometimes shows weakness, shows emotions, she is a living person, and not a robot that performs mechanical commands.

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This is the psychological portrait of a woman devoted to her dream of flying into space. The knee-jerk reaction, of course, is that she should sign them immediately – what kind of person wouldn’t want to know if their child was ill or even dead? We also witness her personal struggles, it is shown how the whole process is challenging and draining both physically and mentally. In the near future, Sarah Loreau (a superb Eva Green) is a French astronaut based at the European Astronaut Centre (ESC) in Cologne. Apparently real astronauts were interviewed and observed. His character seemed a bit like a cliché boorish-American-guy at first, but that faded away fast enough. Then I finish with the preface, and proceed to the analysis. I will answer you – No! Thank God that when I watched I did not chew anything, otherwise there would be a nuisance. Clearly, Winocour and Bron did huge amounts of research, and it helps the sense of authenticity immensely that it was shot on location at the real ESC, Yuri Gagarin Centre, and Baikonur Cosmodrome; in the case of the Yuri Gagarin Centre, Proxima was the first feature film granted access to shoot in the real prophylactorium, with the crew granted the same accreditation as the on-site scientists. Alongside this narrative we get to see how her relationship with her daughter changes (Zélie Boulant played the role of the daughter beautifully), how she wants to get her daughter involved as much as she can, how her daughter is fearful and feels lost, she’s only 6 years old. It isn’t a question of how flashy the sci fi is, it is a question of how interesting and challenge it is. professional is her use of a recurring motif involving an ESC employee trying to get Sarah to sign papers stating whether or not she wants to be informed should anything happen to Stella. Don’t expect flashy sci-fi here; the action remains firmly grounded on Earth, with most scenes either at the European Space Agency center in Cologne (looks like any adminstrative building), Germany or in the post-Soviet setting of Star City in Baïkonur, Kazakhstan. A good-natured person, from the first appearance in the frame, takes care of Sarah and the rest. We alternate between her gruelling training and her difficulties being a mother at the same time. It’s not a science fiction movie, so if you expect it, you’re wrong. In fact it is so didactic as to be insulting to the audience and seems to assume the audience are dullards that need repetition. We learn how her body will change during the journey, what her life on the journey to Mars would be like. Thank you for the documentary aspect of it. It’s unpretentious, down-to-earth. Liked astronaut Mike performance. its a gripping story of separation with the family. Eva meets her daughter the day before the launch but due to health related precautions they can only see each other through the glass. And I can not help but mention Sarah’s daughter performed by Zeli Bulan, who played very well. Just a drama of mother in need of career and family at the same time. So, the pros: 1. History – the film will discuss the difficult relationships of a young woman who has become an astronaut (I will call her “astronaut” in the Russian manner, for this word is much more pleasant and closer to me than an “astronaut”), who will have a long and dangerous mission and her daughters, with all the ensuing consequences. The daughter mentions that she was promised she would go to see the rocket with her mum, but they didn’t. She says it’s ok, not a big deal but obviously Eva’s character is upset. Eva Green’s performance is amazing, though her role suffers a little from a less-than-realistic twist towards the end. Perhaps you will find more. There were two such moments, and then, they are very noticeable. In terms of problems, certainly, if you go into this expecting sci-fi, you’re going to be bitterly disappointed. Astronauts are supposed to be vary cold-blooded, very rational people, highly trained and prepared- physically and mentally – for their missions. Or that she would risk getting infected and then spreading a disease to her crew (none of it happened). I felt that it was an unnecessary move that only showed that women are overdramatic and unfit for such ventures.

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