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Movie: P Storm (2019)
Genre: ,
Director: David Lam
Date of Release: 04 Apr 2019
Duration: 96
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10
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About P Storm (2019)

William Luk, goes undercover as a prisoner to investigate correctional officers who are receiving bribes.

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The acting was good though. Thankfully, the plot holes aren't as bad, since this instalment literally takes place in a jail. I'd say L Storm and P storm are both much better than S Storm, and especially, Z Storm, so in this case the later movies are the better ones. It was also fun to see one of the minor bad guys from the first movie, Z Storm, return in this one. In my opinion, Z Storm was boring, S Storm was passable, L Storm was good, and this one was decent. His contribution to society is beyond doubt. He helps a lot of actors in need and in sickness. Strangely enough, this franchise doesn't seem to follow the cliche of the sequels being worse than the originals. The story is so lame that it's like watching a really really fake movie. Having said that I do appreciate what Koo has done to our society and in entertainment circle. Not a bad time killer. L Storm is still my favourite in the franchise so far, but I liked this one as well. Poor Liu Kai-chi returns once again, which is sad considering how good he was in “Project Gutenberg”. Adam Pak returns fresh from his Hong Kong Film Awards nomination for L Storm as a newbie police officer, and he is servicable for the little amount of screen time. While he does turn good at the end, I would have liked it if he had learnt better while in there. And they brought back nearly everyone from L Storm, which might have been a shame. The plot in this one is probably the less elaborate plot out of all the plots in the 4 movies, but the characters and acting in this one is on point (for once), and there's plenty of action. Looks like they didn't have anything to do and just decided to make up a story and make a movie out of it. Now to wait for the fifth movie, G Storm, whenever that comes out. He is the chairman of actors' union.

Come back to the movie, its plot is ok. Not that he has default in his acting, but we need some new faces to refresh our interest. It is tedious to see Koo in every of the HK film. This one is far much better than the first one (Z Storm). I gave Z 5 points, and this one 7 points. Well, I just finished watching all 4 movies in the “Storm” franchise that have come out so far, in one go, in chronological order. Acting of supporting lead is satisfactory.

Raymond Lam is the TVB bad guy of the show, and in a movie chock full of every police cliche ever, manages to surprise with the amount of effort he puts in to make his character despicable and utterly mean from his first scene, a feat no villain in the Storm series certainly achieved. Louis Cheung also returns to provide welcome warmth and comic relief in the cold prison cell, and demonstrates surprising dramatic ability that might be considered wasted in these cliched shows. I wonder just how many of these they intend to make, lol. What do I know, since this movie made over 700 million yuan in China? Gordon Lam's arrested cop returns from Z Storm in a rare bit of continuity, and showcases cliched attempts at revenge. 😛 After the sad mess that was L Storm, P Storm surprisingly arrived in theatres barely a year later. I know there's going to be a G Storm coming next year, and I sincerely hope it won't take us back to L Storm levels of bad. In my opinion that is. Surely you love to watch Action films so you can watch P Storm. Watch P Storm in HD quality, no buffering no ads only movies and have fun watching P Storm. You can even watch P Storm with your friends in HD quality. Watch P Storm on any device responsive and interactive! Try watching P Storm in high definition absolutely.If you have watched P Storm, you can read or write the film review on P Storm on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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