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Movie: MindGamers (2015)
Genre: ,
Director: Andrew Goth
Date of Release: 28 Mar 2017
Duration: 97
IMDB Rating: 3.7/10
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About MindGamers (2015)

As technology moves itself inching forward towards the edge of our reality what is it that lies beyond. The movie was appealing to the eyes, I’ll give it that, but that’s about all I’ll give it. I was really impressed by the use of theory in the movie, as well as the many metaphors/allusions to hint at/highlight theories. Do not waste your time watching this. The concept makes zero sense. I think hardcore fans of Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk will appreciate it. It is ourselves or it is a unified universe in which everyone exists at one? There was not one point in this movie that I knew what was going to happen next, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Luckily I was able to get my money back Its funny, saying this movie is a waste of time in a way is a spoiler. I can definitely see the vibe they were going for but they didn’t focus enough on plot development or backstory for anything to actually make sense. The premise is interesting but the execution is beyond poor. The film has great photographic style coupled with a non-linear narrative, which some people will love and some may hate. And, aside from causing so many people to misinterpret quantum physics, it unfortunately forms the basis for mountains of both fiction and non-fiction literature. Don’t let the one positive review fool you, if you want a philosophy lecture or discussion of the brain and consciousness or whatever, watch a lecture, not this bad movie. I’ve never really thought of metaphor/symbolism as a weapon before, but this movie seems hell-bent on bludgeoning the audience to death with it. I understand that I’m snoring and this is uncreative and just dumb. Many, many times things were just too on-the-nose and the actors seemed to struggle under the endless clichés. Mediocre acting by all, as though they didn’t want to be in the movie, and it felt like a waste of big talent. I love a cerebral, complex even difficult movie but this wasn’t that, just bad. And that’s just *one* example of a near infinite supply. They share thoughts. This can be a good thing when done well (as in The Sixth Sense), but can quickly become silly and full of itself (as in Lady in the Water). I laughed out loud several times at points that I’m fairly sure were intended to be serious, but towards the end, laughing seemed a bit like picking on a small child and I just felt sorry for the cast. teetering between a 4 and a 5 for me; it’s pretty, shallow, and confusing… What a mess. Lot’s of eye candy. The rest of the movie was a stinker. It played on the idea of reality as something that one could shift into and out of as a counter (or complement) to determinism. Its one of those experiences where at the credits end, you look around wonder what went wrong. There was no clear plot or timeline to trace throughout the movie and I felt like I was watching someones fever dream. Everything was a rip off, marketing gimmick to sell this movie which even Sam O Neil couldn’t have carried on his shoulders, the producers knew that this movie would be a huge huge disaster and the only way to make money would be create an unrealistic hype to justify selling the tickets 20 bucks a pop. The trailer was really cool, made this seem like a sci-fi action movie with a really intriguing concept. The movie was entirely way too long for such a simple premise, and I yawned through more than half the film. The “plot” is an incomprehensible mess with terrible acting. And the ending was even more so. Not sure why this movie is getting such negative reviews. (SPOILERS AHEAD) The movie pokes at you in every scene, apparently terrified you’ll miss this clever thing they’ve done on the back wall, or that reference to the devil with all the finesse of a forty-foot troll, and now oh my god there are hip-hop demons. This plot had the potential to be amazing… If one is angry, etc.. It’s a logical film that requires very careful attention. Or that technology is evil.

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Someone must’ve had really rich really connected parents to get this made. Of course, presenting this turkey apparently wasn’t enough for the filmmakers, they had to throw in some clips of animals seemingly being abused during experiments just for good measure. I feel robbed of 90 minutes. It isn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but it’s rather far down the list. It simply does not work. YouTube does what this movie does on the reg. This movie has no plot line, period. I would highly recommend everyone to watch this. As someone who is doing a Ph.D. through a well-know university and a background in consciousness studies/psychology/quantum theories, this move is amazing. They had to have done this on purpose. The concept seemed interesting to me and it struck me as one of those mind-bending movies that keep you one the edge of your chair until the very end. I decided to continue watching with hopes that It would all come together and make sense in the end. Plot: So, some very smart science students form a collective(Hive Mind) and basically can heal people that are in the hive. The plot doesn’t so much *twist* as flop about like a dying fish. Movie was all over the place, plot was barely there, this SEEMED to have an anti-technology “science has gone too far!” I feel as though everything I saw in the theater was something I could have fully enjoyed in a five minute video on youtube. Personally, I liked the ‘religious’ tone to this movie as studying consciousness to this degree does often lead to, at least, a query of ‘god’. For those who are saying the move is meaningless ‘bait-and-switch’, I would have to recommend really delving into currect scientific literature, not through pop magazines, but through actual peer-reviewed journal articles. This movie just sucked. Plot is somewhat non-linear and mirrors the right brained eschatology of the films climax. It has many things I enjoy: sci-fi, philosophy, sociology, quantum physics, bio-and neuro-engineering, music, and shiny tech. weak plot built out of decent premise. Each member of the chosen group has a unique talent. Why the fine actor Sam Neill is in this abomination is beyond me. What utterly contrived garbage, it spent so much effort making itself look “alternative” yet “trendy” that it forgot to actually include anything remotely like a coherrant story. The film over-reached a fair bit and occasionally broke character to toss a line to the likely bewildered audience to help them get over some of the more significant leaps. Boring and confusing with flashbacks. If you miss a scene then you’ll be completely lost. For example, the ‘angelic’, spiritually enlightened character who literally dresses in white and if she were any paler, she’d be translucent begins wearing white wings at one point, just in case you somehow missed the message. If you’re a passive movie watcher expecting to be spoon fed entertainment you will be disappointed. Birds have wings, you know. Needless to say, I was more than disappointed. Seriously, don’t waste your freaking time. Thanks a lot Fathom, my birthday sucked. Not even ten minutes into the movie I was completely lost and was wondering if I had missed some important plot point from the beginning dialogue. You look around the empty theater that has continued to be empty from the moment you arrived and realized you were the only one in a 45 mile radius to fall for this. It cast science in terms of religion, or religion in terms of science. I know redbox isn’t going to give me back my $1.59, but maybe I can help others to not spend their money on this dud. Mindgamers was a huge let down for me. Avoid it.

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This film was just a convoluted mess of a movie, with an absolutely nonsensical script accompanied by very wooden acting. You’re better off (re-)watching the Matrix for an equivalent sci-fi edginess that touches on similar philosophical topics but is way better (and doesn’t show its age at all). I was bored within the first 5 minutes. You look on the screen after credits, and see some ‘intense dude’ with his ‘futurey’ cover of “grapevine” on repeat for 15 minutes. The technology is amazing, and I loved all of the ideas and possibilities that can/will come from it. However, there is so much jumping around scenes and junk content, it’s hard to stay focused on what’s really going on. There’s a christian/demon/zombie synchronised dance battle (à la Michael Jackson) *to the literal death* and I didn’t make any of that up. Oh! Actual angels, do you get it? However, I can see by the reviewers that have preceded me on this site that I am not alone. Pretentious, very over-acted, though I blame script and direction for that. And whenever you begin to think it’s getting interesting, here comes that fish to slap your face. A lecture would be far more interesting. Rather than pick apart this tangled circus further, I’ll just end with its climax because it sums up the whole thing well: Armageddon happens in this one town, with technologically-enhanced demons doing parkour. The trailer was very misleading. The story is meaningless, acting was worse than B grade movies, the graphics were cheap, there is absolutely nothing praise worthy about this film. Although there are some aspects of the story which may ‘bend’ science, overall, it is pretty accurate and deep. I mean, I’m still laughing. it is pretty, i’ll give it that The double slit experiment has got to be the most misunderstood, abused and misused result ever to come out of physics. i feel like if you enjoyed “the cell” there’s a chance you’ll enjoy this… Everything – and I do mean everything – has been slathered in so much edgy symbolism I’m amazed the actors didn’t drown in it. The biggest let down was that I wasn’t a part of the experiment, although it seemed that I would be when I paid as much as I did. Just like reality, it portrays the possibilities of what the human consciousness and how it affects each one of us is immeasurable. It is weird beyond point. Or maybe they did it on purpose. I didn’t know what was going on most of the movie. After a bit of a rough start, it finally found its stride and proceeded to walk right over a cliff of plot holes and half-formed ideas, landing in some sort of messy diatribe on religion. I’m legitimately angry about losing this small amount of time. This is exactly the type of movie I think I’d make if I were to be on mushrooms, acid, cocaine, and vodka, simultaneously. It did not. Gee, I wonder what else has wings? It wanted to bring a coolness and edge to a critical analysis of religion and existentialism. If one is happy, they’re all happy. Did you catch the SUBTLE references to the blonde seer woman and the birds? Mindgamers asks the question of what is possible or what is impossible at the same time? And they move together. Watch “The Matrix” instead. Paint giant wings on a wall and have the actor brood a lot as he leans against them in the perfect place. Not in any universe, however alternate or infinite. 1st 10 minutes had Sam Neill which gave it promise. Save your money and your time. Still too subtle?

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