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Movie: Kung Fu Jungle (2014)
Genre: , ,
Director: Teddy Chan
Date of Release: 24 Apr 2015
Duration: 100
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10
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About Kung Fu Jungle (2014)

A martial arts instructor working at a police academy gets imprisoned after killing a man by accident. But when a vicious killer starts targeting martial arts masters, the instructor offers to help the police in return for his freedom.

The audio which was in 5.1 DSA MA (however you spell it), was fine. although this storyline is way better than dragon blade MOVIE The movie is story heavy which is a great thing. I’m really looking forward to getting the DVD so I can rewind those epic battles! Obviously the cops let him out to track down the killer. For fighting i believe dragon blade did better for a newer movie. However, I was more than genuinely and pleasantly surprised at the outcome of “Kung Fu Killer”. His ingenuity doesn’t quite end there; by placing such themes within the context of a modern day setting, Chan has truly accomplished a rare feat of making a contemporary martial arts movie; in fact, we’d even go as far as to say that ‘Kung Fu Jungle’ is the very embodiment of such a movie. i would happily watch this again multiple times. Lastly, Fung and Ha managed to get away from the police force, and Ha managed to stop Fung from killing the next exponent, and mentioned that Fung must kill him before he can moves on killing more exponents. That single fight just feels wrong — the only soft spot in the film — but it quickly sets up the final fight scene and — as above — all is quickly forgiven. I can’t help but feel disappointed since Donnie has so much potential to really make great movies with great fight scenes without sacrificing the story, but lately martial arts movies from Thailand or action movies from Korea and Japan are doing way much better. Therefore, he insist to find the head investigator Luk (Charlie Yeung) and he mentioned that he could help the police for investigation to solve the case. The sound effects were nice however audio dialogue was poor. just opinion.. The first hour — perfect. Anyway but still this is really a good one from Donnie yen. completely terrible! It’s a Yen action movie, the whole clichéd list is there. Yen’s acting is in equally fine form as an honourable man wracked by his past demons and trying to stop a monster for more personal reasons than he is willing to admit to anyone. As it turns out, Yen’s portents come true one by one, and he gets a temporary release from prison to aid in the manhunt. But, I think it’s the point he makes in Kung Fu Jungle that he also wants to point out in his career: he no longer vies to be number one, he’s just contented doing martial arts with the other masters in the industry. Another thrilling cop movie starring by Donnie Yen, Michelle Bai, Wang Bao Qiang, and Charlie yeung. Baoqiang Wang is actually really good as the antagonist, managing to appear imposing and intimidating despite his small height. The story is nice and I really enjoyed the epic one on one battles. The story is about an imprisoned martial arts instructor whom is given a deal to work with the Hong Kong police in order to find and stop a particularly brutal serial killer who is targeting the best of the best of martial artists. But mind you, all other scenes were great in HD. AUDIO poor! Nothing grandiose here or nothing innovative in terms of character building. The prison fight scene is excellent and very well-staged, and the many fights between Wang and his victims were all really slick. The serial killer was done orderly. Chan isn’t a storyteller without purpose, and none of that seems lost in Lau Ho Leung and Mak Tin Shu’s tight scripting from Chan’s own story.

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Then the final fight scene and ending 20-30mins really is very good. Wang Bao-Qiang was great in his role, definitely one to watch! If Wang ever seemed an odd choice for Yen’s opponent given his filmography, the Shaolin-trained Mainland actor finally redeems himself here. if you have a multi region bluray, I say get the Asia version because that must have extras. Nothing about the acting or the characters has any depth to it. Some small amounts of wire work, but plenty of action showcasing the physical abilities of the actors, The final fight scene is one of the best I’ve seen in many years and had me transfixed from start to finish. Why the hell am I even seeing cgi in a movie with Donnie Yen. Donnie Yens films have some absolutely brilliant and extremely powerful fight scenes, are absolutely brilliant, and should not be looked down upon Not too long ago I watched the Donnie Yen film Flashpoint and I loved watching it and thought it was an absolutely brilliant film and I also think that this film Kung Fu Killer is an absolutely brilliant film. Don’t expect the more “realistic” fight scenes we’ve seen lately out of stuff like “the Raid”, Bourne flicks, or Jason Statham. At this point of time, Ha have spoken out 8 names from his mouth and mentioned that one out of the eight people will die, but she just walked away and thinks that it doesn’t help much with the given information. This film has got by FAR the BEST fight scenes of any other Chinese Martial Art film I have ever seen in many many many many many years. In order to catch the guards or even inspector luk attention, Ha purposely went into a brutal brawl in the prison to 17 prisoners. Undoubtedly one of my favourites of recent months, even years! And coincidentally, one out of the 8 names which Ha mentioned died afterwards. The movies usually starts off with a very promising plot with well thought of characters and story background, but then in his effort to create a deeper story he tends to lose the plot with outrageous circumstances, twists, or drama in the middle. The final fight scene with Donnie Yen against the extremely dangerous, malicious and insane maniac Fung Yu Sau was fast, absolutely brilliant and awesome. Someone will be kicked into a rack of shelving, the shot then cuts to the actors fighting in the center of the room no where near the shelving. And, well, it can’t even dream of competing with the level of this movie. Possible the best example in the movie of how contemporary the village has become. The final fight is as good as the alleyway in Killzone, and a clear lack of the all-too-present drama silliness found in many of these HK action flicks. KungFu style and moves used here are very surprisingly jaw dropping stunts. Donnie Yen plays an imprisoned martial artist who’s released on the condition that he helps the police apprehend a serial killer hunting kung-fu masters. There were also some cool chase scenes that were tightly shot and well-edited. The film asks the question of martial arts being outdated for killing. One of my favorite scenes is when the kung fu killer goes up against the master swords man, who is an action hero faking his blade skills on camera. Even though this movie takes place in present day, it’s in many ways a homage to classic kung fu movies of the past. Followed by a few martial arts exponents were killed by Fung Yu Sae (Wang Bao Qiang). Fung was a serial killer and he wanted to be the first in the world by killing every top martial art masters. If not, your mileage may vary, and this movie may be a 6 or 7 out of 10 for you. Just enjoyed the World Premiere of Kung Fu Jungle, it really is a return to form for Donnie. You will love this!

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I love the river village, you get to see the waters ripple so clearly and sharply. If you enjoy Hong Kong cinema, then “Kung Fu Killer” is a definite must watch movie, especially in the latter years. The story is ok, and basically just a standard serial killer thriller plot with a kung fu twist, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Chan’s aim here is also homage, and eagle-eyed fans of the genre will have a field day spotting – among others – Mang Hoi, Tony Leung Siu-Hung, Tsui Siu-Ming, Yuen Cheung Yan and Sharon Yeung in cameos. I have just watched the second chapter of the Tiger/Dragon saga, wire- fu, which by chance also sees Yen as one of the main characters. The plot develops like something you’d expect from a kung-fu film taking place centuries ago. Also enjoyed the q&a at the end with Donnie, his on screen partner, Michelle Bai (who is lovely) and the director, Teddy Chen. Unsurprisingly, the film builds to an ultimate challenge between Yen and Wang, the former’s motivations and the latter’s intentions more personal and intertwined than what you are likely to have thought at the start. 65/100 I will be purchasing this. Thank you, 谢谢. For any newbies who may have stumbled on this film, here is a tip from a reviewer that used to watch these films in theatres in Chinatown (in Mandarin) back in the 60s … because that was the only place to find them at that time. Fung was very smart and fast in escaping which prevent the case to be closed. Pure kung fu mayhem. The fight scenes are way cool. It was so well directed by Teddy Chan, the formal director of ‘The Accidental Spy’ (2001) starring Jackie Chan, and ‘Bodyguards and Assassins’ starring Donnie Yen and other famous Hong Kong celebrities. But wow, this guy was also quite amazing, and definitely a name to keep an eye on. Def watch for Donnie yen n martial arts fans Kung Fu Killer aka Kung Fu Jungle is an absolutely brilliant Martial Arts Thriller. I mean sure Donnie used CGI in this film, BUT he did it fantastically, not like some of the other works people put out there where you can notice the cgi without having to really look at it. His knowledge and skill in martial arts takes center stage, with some incredible fights, many of which showcase different styles of martial arts. And this was shown at the starting part of the movie. greedy bastards! Nobody gets hit and flies 20 feet across a room. I couldn’t find one. If u want realism go rent “the gunman” and be bored to death with a more basic plot, realism, and seasoned actors. Donnie Yen’s modern day releases are always a treasure and KUNG FU KILLER is no exception. No nothing! I was quite surprised with how good the movie was, and am pleased to say that Donnie Yen is definitely back in top form. Yes, many of these stars have paved the ground on which Yen’s stature as a martial arts actor stands on, and their appearances – no matter how brief – has clearly energised Yen. I don’t know whether the other reviews were written by people involved in making the film or 5 year old’s who buy in to this type of utter nonsense. That’s about all I can summarize. It felt like Matrix Bluray encoding:/ EXTRAS terrible!!! The film is awesome and also is loaded with very tense and great action and has absolutely brilliant fight scenes.

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