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Movie: Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015)
Genre: ,
Director: Sam Liu
Date of Release: 28 Jul 2015
Duration: 76
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10
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About Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015)

In an alternate universe, very different versions of DC’s Trinity fight against the government after they are framed for an embassy bombing.

The result is the best DC animated film since New Frontier. Sure, in Flashpoint Thomas Wayne took on the mantle of Batman and killed a lot of people, but this was shown to us properly with a real plot device and we knew that this was not the Batman we are used to. Probably her past on Apocalypse was the best sub-story l ever encountered in DC stories. But this movie answered most of my questions. With Gods and Monsters its harder to establish because we meet this guy from the start and are given no backstory based around him. The darker and grittier tone allowed the film to fully develop this newer Justice League to their full potential and just made the film more intriguing in general. I don’t think I can recommend this highly enough for anybody who has found the recent output of DC animated films to be sorely lacking. Framed for a crime, they have to clear their names before President Waller has them taken down. There is much potential and hopefully we’ll see more of it, maybe even in a form of a series just like in the old days. The twist of the story is a bit expected, and quite similar to the standard Justice lord story arc, but that was good, so fits here as well. I love the Dc movies i haven’t missed one in years but lately for every great movie they make they make three or four horrible ones. It’s deserves a shot. The morals of these characters are not black-and-white, which makes it harder to root for them. If you haven’t seen the free-to-watch shorts, know that the almost all characters have little to none in common with their original, classic counterparts and only share the same handles and loosely the same function within the league. The sound effects felt solid, each laser shots or punches and sword fights, (blade hitting blade) and supermans sound as he fly, was done really well and perfect. In an alternate universe, the Justice League is a brutal force that maintains order on Earth. We see three of the founding members of the Justice League in this Elseworld story where the Justice League is more brutal and morally gray which makes the government feel threatened. I was hesitant about what Gods and Monsters would bring to the table. 8/10 Bethany Cox I love the DC animated films. So someone is using killer robots to murder scientists who would normally be enjoying careers as super heroes or villains in the regular DC Universe. It has it’s faults like a few characters being degraded to throwaways (Darkseid, Harley Quinn in the shorts… Superman – the Son of Zod Batman – Kirk Langston – Vampire created by science Wonder Woman – Bekka, exile from the New Gods These are the heroes who are the government sponsored Justice League. They are horrible its like you wait the whole movie for the other shoe to drop. Superman who is Zods son, had a similar upbringing to that of Clark. So we have a very different take on the Big Three of DC. Superman is the son of General Zod raised by migrant farmers, Batman is a vampiric form of Dr. Kirk Langstrom (AKA the Man Bat) and Wonder Woman is resident of New Genesis who fled to Earth after her family wiped out Apokolips. Most of the DCAU films based on the New 52 continuity have had well done yet rather mundane action sequences. The fight scenes had everything, sword fights, stealth and close combat. Don’t miss this threat as it does not happen nowadays often. The fallacy of many parallel earth stories are that they do a tacked-on comparison with the originals.

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The world both loves and fears them as their war on terrorism lacks compassion and sensitivity. You’ll thank me and it will help wash out the bad taste of Bad Blood from your mouth. Instead Superman is the son of Zod, Batman is Kirk Langstrom (better known as the Man-Bat in the main DC universe) and Wonder Woman is one of the New Gods (such as High Father and Darkseid. The music and sound FX brought the whole film to life. I liked the story, and I began to like the characters By the halfway point, especially superman. ). And if you can spend the time to read the 3 (each) mini comic releases for each of these characters you will have a much satisfying experience of this story. Zod is trying to take over the world and this alternate Justice League stop him? Today it’s going to be hard to tell the difference” Justice League: Gods and Monsters is a much welcomed return to the quality standard DC Animated established that was a bit lacking in the last few entries since Justice League War, Son of Batman and others. Flashpoint paradox was the only DC animated l enjoyed in recent years, and especially JL War and Throne of Atlantis were particularly bland and boring. Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are also in this episode. It’s also very gripping, makes the most of its concept without being too simple or confusing and gives the characters interesting stories, especially Wonder Woman. If you can let go of some of your preconceptions about the characters then you will find this an enjoyable excursion. Directed by, Sam Liu, the dark and violent atmosphere suited the overall theme of the movie. To say that I’ve become disenfranchised by the DC Animated films would be a bit of an understatement. We see the back-stories of the three as we learn how and why they are as they are. The film is both epic and entertaining. A good twist on the old formula After watching DCs newest animated film I have to say i am impressed. Love animation and have really enjoyed to loved many superhero films, animated and live-action. This is not so much for the mild swearing, it’s because it is frequently quite graphically violent. The characterization is top-notch, especially with Lex Luthor, Will Magnus and Batman (voiced by the amazing Michael C. Hall, famous for Dexter, who really steals the show). On that note, the voice acting in this one is brilliant, with the exception of Lex Luthor, who seemed a little off to me. Like any good Elseworlds story, this is an “all bets are off” take where any prior knowledge of the main DC universe can add some weight when characters like Victor Fries or Dr. Sivanna get name dropped, but nobody is exactly the same as their standard representation. Gods and Monsters is another great entry in DC’s animated film catalog that can stand alongside some of the greats like Under the Red Hood or Flashpoint Paradox. While it’s not quite on par with the best episodes of the Diniverse/Timmverse, it’s definitely up there with the good ones. All that been said, I would say the movie only gets better after it. The action is a bit lacking, but the focus is more on storytelling and characters anyways, so its a good trade off. Don’t think twice about watching, because this is as close as can get to a must-watch for fans of the League even though it’s an alternate version of it. You’ll see familiar faces or just familiar outfits, notice what changed on the first sight and wonder what what else is new about that character and where they’ll go with him. When they first released the different character looks and change of identity, I too was hesitant being a huge DC Comics fan.

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Ever since Justice League: War, they’ve just been a mess. The ending in particular felt rushed and didn’t seem developed enough. This storyline is well worth further exploitation. The origin stories blend nicely with the rest of the story and add certain emotion when necessary. But I have to give them credit to trying change things a bit and telling a different story, I like the take of “Superman raised by immigrants”, and I don’t mind the Batman been a vampire, even though it’s far from been that smart of a decision. “Gods and Monsters” follows in its footsteps as an example of a well executed parallel universe movie. Believes it is for the good of the people and Earth. The supporting characters have a much different role to play. This animated movie is it’s own story outside of the official cannon DCU continuity but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching as it’s an interesting look at a world that could of been and is just one of the many alternate realities in the DCU where we see a different Justice League with different rules lives and powers that make for some excellent stories and some awesome fights and that’s what we all came for at the end of the day. The ultimate gauge of how well this type of shows succeeds is whether or not we want to return to this reality to see what happens next after the final credits roll. The voice acting is top notch and was a nice and refreshing change from the usual Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly. When characters are actually mortal. The movie is about anti-heroes, you aren’t supposed to 100% agree with that they do, even though they are called “Superman”, “Wonder Woman” and “Batman”. Lastly, as usual, there is a threat that affects the entire world except this time the threat is framing the Justice League and causing it to be feared even more by the government than they already are. Maybe i have missed something from another Justice League film but why does ‘Gods and Monsters’ take place in an alternative universe for a start? Our Superman is the son of Zod and not the Clark Kent we know, our Batman is actually Man-Bat Kirk Langstrom who is a blood sucking Vampire and our Wonder Woman is the violent Bekka. In this universe Batman is (Dr. Kirk Langstrom) who becomes Batman instead of Manbat after a failed lab experiment leaves him with a hunger for blood but was found by Superman in the gutter feeding on rats and gave him a purpose as Batman in the Justice League. It feels weird seeing them crush some goons with a huge and heavy door and seeing blood coming out underneath it. Frankly, the design for Batman looks lame and the animation style I saw in the trailer wasn’t doing it for me so after someone gave me this as a gift, I benched it without a second thought. With great voice acting, excellent animation and a compelling story, it is a must watch for any Justice League fan. The film re-introduces Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman in stories that are indeed alien to us. He is the strongest being on Earth, he KNOWS at any point he can take over the Earth if he wants to. These type shows have been executed with varying degrees of success. The twist ending mostly works, and it is nice to see alternate takes on the characters. Of the DC animated films, there are some good ones out there as well as some disappointments and ones that fall in between. ) I won’t lie, the movie sort of lost me a bit in the beginning, I mean, it starts with the animation of an “artificial insemination”? Batman Under the red hood, Assault on Arkham and Justice League Flashpoint are near masterpieces and they have a rewatchability value. It gets away with a lot of things because this isn’t the classic take on the Justice League. The movie is also very brutal in a way because a lot of innocent scientists get murdered by Will Magnus’s droids to frame the JL. What doesn’t make sense is like why was Will Magnus evil and why did he make a robotic version of Tina (Kirk’s love interest who he kills by smashing her head through a table). Overall it was an awesome movie and good voice cast. ) Their backstories are explored just enough to give a good picture of these versions without ever bogging down the narrative itself.

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