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Movie: Infernal Affairs (2002)
Genre: , ,
Director: Andrew Lau, Alan Mak
Date of Release: 12 Dec 2002
Duration: 101
IMDB Rating: 8.0/10
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About Infernal Affairs (2002)

That’s not to say that Scorcese’s film is a failure; it’s an entertaining film with viable themes. Having now watched it, I must say that, despite my limited experience with Asian cinema, I very much enjoyed the film. However, I couldn’t do so until I had seen the 2002 Hong Kong film upon which it was based, ‘Mou gaan dou {Infernal Affairs},’ directed by Wai-keung Lau and Siu Fai Mak. If you understand their motives, you understand how the world works, at least the world you experience in the film. If you are adventurous enough to try even one Hong Kong movie, try this one. It grippingly is the equal of such intense examinations of the anguish of undercover cops as “Donnie Brascoe” or dirty cops such as “Narc” or “Training Day.” While there are four main characters, they are all males. (If you don’t know what hell is, just take a look at the surviving character at the end of the movie and you’ll have a fairly good concept) Just when you think a genre has been done to death, something like this takes you by surprise. It was almost tolerable for me when I watched it. Viewers are allowed into the inner changes of these characters and before long, the viewers begin to care about them, be it the “good guy” (Yan) or the “bad guy” (Ming). The rest of cast successfully relate the complicated and exciting plot to the viewers, and all the supporting performances are almost flawless, perhaps with the exception of the female psychologist who seems sadly one-dimensional. But then you see this. But it works at such a deeper level that one wonders why we even tolerate Scorcese and his friends. I grew up in Hong Kong but has since lived most of my life in Canada. Wow ! I’d say the most amazing thing about INfernal Affairs is that it shows that Hollywood’s greatest accomplishment is not its ability to make truly terrible movies. Yes, it is less loud, less aggressive in terms of personal projection. Best Movie in a Long Time! – and music to the graceful ying-yang undertones (mirror-images are a key theme), the film’s most heroic achievement lies in its leads and in the bold ending. The depth of the movie is amazing and is true to the story line. However the comedy is a large part of Hong Kong cinema, as is the gangster genre. It’s a drama based on two twisted characters with a nearly perfect story. The third in the series is just plain confusing with no story left to tell and jumping between two time lines, presumably to shoe horn in Tony Leung WOW…That is all I can say about this movie. I hope you people will still watch it and the second & third part of “Infernal Affairs” (this story is a trilogy). Let’s hope Scorsese won’t waste the charm of this movie with his remake. I bought this film on DVD by pure chance and I am so pleased that I did. When Sam and police chief SP Wong both have their operations scuppered, each realises the other has a mole and sets out to uncover each. This film will translate, it is not that original, no. I was shocked when Inspector Wong died. the movie is very solid and well balanced. The pacing is just right for a mainstream picture. Plotwise – it is hard to see any holes. Pick it up if you can, it’s fantastic. It is this depth that makes this movie brilliant. And though this came first, the Westernized version is still worth watching even if only for the star powered cast, for a taste of Scorcese’s signature gangster lean, or for Alec Baldwin’s scene stealing banter.

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In my entire life, I’ve never seen a movie that there isn’t a single excessive frame, until I saw this movie. It also has something subtle to say. Those individuals bend the universe. Great stuff, and the DVD even has the alternative ending (which isn’t nearly as good as the main one). One’s an undercover cop inside a Triad, the other is a undercover Triad inside the police force. The story is genius and simple enough. The story goes on in your mind, questions, bits and pieces start to put together, characters start to take shape even after the movie ended. The two lead characters are as connected as they are opposed, something which is explored here to a greater degree here than in the Scorcese remake. Wong is a solid officer while Tsang is good as Sam. The title from the explanation in the intro means “Endless Purgatory Road”. There was no plot twist, and no surprise ending, no Mr. M Night’s heavy handed gimmicks and Hollywood’s camera tricks. I decided to see this after hearing good things about it but I was conscious that often foreign films can be given more leniency than Western films doing the same thing. The main attraction is the mole hunts but it would not be as brilliantly done if not for the fireworks between the major characters. The God Father of America cinema “Martin Scorsese” himself is making a American version of the movie, titled: Departed. This movie is about the two characters and their similarities and moral obstacles. The most important aspect of this film, the notion that the two leads are reflections of one another, that every man has a propensity for good and evil, that dilemmas of justice like morality have no easy solutions is not new, by any means. I can go on and one but I’m afraid to spoil the movie. 9/10 Niz This movie is well-made, stylish and extremely entertaining. A mole in police department working against an undercover cop in drug trafficking mafia. the badguy/goodguy. Indeed, much of the film is told in dialogue, there are no ridiculous action sequences, and the final rooftop confrontation is both incredibly intense and masterful in keeping such a sprawling tale enclosed in such a small, yet fitting finale. Movies like Hardboiled and A Better Tomorrow are predominately action-based, whereas this movie is more dramatic and emotionally-driven. It does not have a grand acting Jack Nicholson who basically plays Daryl Van Horne with the attitude and “Infernal Affairs” characters don’t talk and don’t curse as much as they do in “The Departed” but the Hong Kong’s movie only benefits from it. ‘Infernal Affairs’ combines an irresistible story of intrigue, loyalty and betrayal with some extremely slick editing and camera-work; it’s no surprise that the film has acquired an impressive following in the West. In short, skip Hollywood’s junk and watch this masterpiece which is way better than “the Departed” .. enjoy it. It has forever changed my expectation on crime drama. The trick in this story is that there are two worlds, and people from each caught in the other. On one hand, everything goes as long as people get what they want for 2 hours worth. I won’t reveal too much of it even though like I said, there’s no plot twist. After I enjoyed Martin Scorcese’s “The Departed, I decided to watch the film that inspired the celebrated director to re-make it and move the action from Hong Kong to Boston, MA, USA. I must say that I liked the original movie better: 50 minutes shorter than Scorcese’s magnificent remake, “Infernal Affairs” is tighter, faster, more compelling and tells the same story better. Some things just do not translate. So I went home and watched it immediately. Fast-paced and bold, with a generous score, it never insults the viewer’s intelligence either, and features just the right level of moral ambiguity. Two main characters is all you need to create a great movie you don’t need to write the classic clichés to make the movie work you just have to feel what they feel.

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Their paths come to a head when those who commissioned them inform them that they each man must identify and expose the other, all while avoiding being discovered by their own. Here we get something that at first seems far more westernized and very close to the work of one Michael Mann. The depth of this movie is best served by the understated yet deeply moving performances of the main characters. Didn’t yawn once, if you like action movies and even if you don’t you will love it. With each other’s lives at risk, Lau and Chan must be the first to uncover the other. That’s why you have such colorful characters: thugs and such. My suggestion: if you loved this original, then do not disappoint yourself watching the Hollywood remake. But it also gives them no support, no cosmos in which to exist. Regardless, you get that the real battle is for the characters’ souls as much as their lives and you hold your breath to the last surprising minute. no Nicholson over-acting, no bad Boston accents and the cops don’t all act stupid all the time. ) the film immediately becomes gripping. The US remake will be more clichéd than you can imagine. Internal Affairs have become my favorite film. But we all know awards don’t mean a thing sometimes. The initial motivations for how the men came to be at this crossroads will doubtless be explored in the prequel and sequel that haven’t been released in the U.S. yet. But from the beginning to the end, for full 2 hours, you can cut the tension with a knife. There are certainly countless parallels to be drawn between the characters, but what struck me most were the contrasts between the two: Ming is a cold, devoted and ruthlessly efficient, whilst Yan has been reduced to a tired and neurotic wreck after a decade of living in fear. However, Chan is removed from the training and send to be a long-term undercover in Sam’s gang. What’s sad in watching it is knowing Scorceses’s remake, something that follows this very closely. While it is not certain who’s the cat and who’s the mouse, one thing is certain – the loser will die. And I absolutely hated the triad mole Ming that he got away with being so evil and fraud. the actors, the director are great yes, but all the power this movie has is in the script. Also, the failed attempts of Ming’s wife to finish her novel (“I don’t know whether he’s good or bad”) was a blatantly-obvious attempt to draw parallels with Andy Lau’s character. Both had no choice but to keep walking. Hong Kong movies have changed a lot in the last decade and when Infernal Affairs came out it was a real change. This movie is packed with heart pacing action and suspense, my favorite of all time. There are so many heartfelt moments in the film, but I don’t want to ruined it by telling the scenes for people who are going to watch the film and have not seen it yet. See it. As with ordinary noir, a simple soul finds himself caught up in the dynamics of the world he is in, mostly hapless in terms of what happens. None of them bothered to discover that “The Departed” was a remake of this movie. In IA, the story is tighter, there are no wasted or superfluous scenes seemingly thrown in to give the top-billed some extra face-time, the romantic appendage is simpler and actually logical, unlike the hack-job in The Departed, and the ending is better. As they cross path, they were forced to play the game of cat and mouse by their superiors. This philosophy, to me, really made this movie more thoughtful. Okay, enough allusions: yes “Heat” comes heavily to mind at first.

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