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Movie: Hollow Point (2019)
Genre: ,
Director: Daniel Zirilli
Date of Release: 13 Jun 2019
Duration: 89
IMDB Rating: 4.3/10
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About Hollow Point (2019)

When his wife and daughter are senselessly murdered, a grieving man finds himself caught up in a war between a group of charismatic vigilantes and the crime that infests their city.

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Could have lots thrill and actions but failed. Wow this film blows, hammy acting, terrible story line and terrible production and directing, not sure who let this pooch of a film get released but they should be jailed, I struggled to think of worse movie than this…. I don't even know where to begin…… Unfortunately I was only able to survive watching only 30min of this absolute crap acting FROM the very beginning. the editing which looks as if it was done by a blind bat. Not worth your time at all. If i could give it zero, I would..

He is clearly fit and has fighting skills – but to get beat up on his first day in prison then not again for 10 months while he 'learns how to fight by reading books and bulking up' is beyond ridiculous. Aliens crashing down on surfboards would be more believable than this. Acting is pretty decent too. in jail he goes and mamy the story tell the rest by itself,so have a look. I cannot believe the bad reviews on this film, it's brilliant. But only 7 minutes into it you are already nauseated by the sheer incompetence of everyone involved in this train wreck: a lady vigilante in high heals prancing her back up the stairs as if she was walking down the catwalk at a fashion event, instead of stealthily sneaking up on drug dealers. All they could afford was Luke's cut and the rest is pure rubbish. the ridiculous fight scene that ensues. Regret watching this film. the husband sitting back goes grim of revenge, and tries in a very spontanious attempt to kill the culprits blinded by the rage, but he fails and gets arrested as the gang of gangsters had already called the police. A decent Action/Drama film with a slow pace. You would think that because of the semi weak plot, this movie wouldn't be that good, however, the main storyline is just a small part of this movie, the other elements being action and some interesting relationships

If you haven't seen this movie, rent it tonight.

Bad guys who allow good guys to smash their hands with wrenches? Lower down in the cast we get Michael Pare, JuJu Chan and Bill Duke, but they can't lift the spirits of a very mundane little would-be thriller. I can't find any explanation why someone would be willing to waste their time watching this crap, much less pay for this. All the critics saying bad acting, script, predictable etc. Fight scenes are perfect with Ju Ju who is amazing with her Martial Arts skills. If someone asks you to watch this tell them you would rather kill your self It will survive in the land of b-movies. an hour and a half of my life wasted watching this movie. Sad, puppy dog face does not cut it. Eh, no, quite the opposite actually. I just wasn't prepared for this level of braindead stupidity and incompetence. It makes me long for the days of Steven Seagal's straight-to-DVD work, which is saying something. there are some good shootouts too as the title hollow point says. The cast is the only interesting thing about this which is why it's a shame that an unknown quantity in the form of Sri Lankan actor Dilan Jay plays the lead and is very dull in the role. Don't even bother to rent it, go for a walk in the park Completely predictable with a rich clichéd center. When you notice that the main titles look like something done in PowerPoint, you know this isn't gonna be Oscar material.

its a b-movie, and the acting showing signs of very inexperienced acting, and some of the sewing of the editor could have been better done, but there are some relly good fistfights,without any limbs lost or beheadings done,and just a tiny little bit of reallike looking blood to spice up the hot dog. HOLLOW POINT is another zero-budget B-movie made on the cheap and on the quick, with no attention paid to decent direction or proper plotting. Acting is sub-par from the likes of Jay Mohr, Michael Paré and the lead character Dilan Jay. Could have cringed my eyes out my head through the whole movie and was relieved when it was over. Do not waste your time.

I could go on but I have lost the will to live. I was expecting more as I have seen other movies with Luke Goss in them that I enjoyed, but not this piece of rubbish. Watch this film and you will realize that this not a bad film at all. If you have got time for a laugh and don't mind wasting some of your life give it a watch. Relief from Gus. so the grumpy old man thinks that if you wanna see a tough semi pro movie at your night off,then have a look at this. Another Netflix film that I took a punt on. Poor movie. Proper kick ass where justice is done without the help Of law enforcement Story about crime, drug, criminals, abusing girls,murders, corrupt police, blind law all in LA and three maskmen to stop them.

The acting is terrible and cheesy, poor plot and very predictable . Turned it off after 20 mins. its a gang conflict over territories that goes totally wrong and collateral damage appears as a youn girl and her mothers gets shot. Very poor acting from almost everyone; Luke Goss was OK.


Luke Goss is ok and it's as if he is trying to be the new Jason Statham but failing miserably in my opinion. I know great budget movies are hard to find, but this is terrible. They should turn this into a series. Acting is cringe-worthy, storyline is unoriginal and predictable. Very predictable basic revenge story where nothing new happens. The new actor who is a Sri Lankan does his part admirably. Luke Goss is a decent actor and the reat of the cast are alright. Not enough emotion and REVENGE for the genre.


One star for Ju Ju who is a hottie and has some martial arts skills. the outrageously idiotic college girl who can't even speak english presenting the worst delivery of a mind-numbingly stupid fallacy you can ever imagine. usa. Once time watchable if you have no choice. Rare thrill and two or three average action or fight sequences. Waste of time the acting is terrible the storyline is boring and predictable Luke Goss has a bad American accent and the fight scenes are crap. 😉 Great action sequences for low budget movie. Overall a good film. He looks like a white Mo Farah and his American accent is awful, sounds more like an Englishman that has been around Americans and has picked up a glint of the accent. Stale dialogue and horrible pacing really bring this movie down. Acting was rubbish, plot was weak. Just a hideous mess of a film. The cover is a cheat, promising a Luke Goss movie when in fact he plays in support. Luke Goss one of the most underrated actors does his part brilliantly as usual. The misses loves revenge films and despite the slow pace the film was enjoyable enough. The only predictable thing about it being predictable is that it's a revenge movie, duh! the stupidity of the woman character who just sits at the wheel of her car watching a guy shoot another guy, then shoot herself (no, the car didn't broke). Anything would be more believable than this stupid scene. its a revenge/vigilantish flick that happens in and around the metropolitan area of los angeles,ca. When you do a whole revenge film where a wife and daughter are murdered the least you expect is something worth getting emotionally invested in. I knew it would be bad, given the fact that there is “Luke Goss” on it. Watch it. Sadly Dilan Jay has not learned how to cry convincingly.

the filmography and especially the ''night''filming are brilliantly done, and the score are pretty original and quite invigorating. . . Vigilante/revenge movie with no real investment in the characters. Whole movie felt cheesy and unfulfilling, not to mention unrealistic. You are here to watch Hollow Point which is absolutely free here! You can watch Hollow Point in HD absolutely free no buffering superfast server. You can watch the film Hollow Point online on this site no restriction on any device IPhone Androyed Tab and so on from any location. You need just a free account to watch Hollow Point in HD on your favorite device. If you have watched Hollow Point, you can read or write the film review on Hollow Point on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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