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Movie: Guns Akimbo (2019)
Genre: ,
Director: Jason Lei Howden
Date of Release: 28 Feb 2020
Duration: 98
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
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About Guns Akimbo (2019)

An ordinary guy suddenly finds himself forced to fight a gladiator-like battle for a dark website that streams the violence for viewers. Miles must fight heavily armed Nix and also save his kidnapped ex-girlfriend.

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“Yawn”. And it's good in those terms. My rating: 7/10. Really. This time its the evils of the internet, which seems to be populated by hordes of trolls, perverts and pyscho killers. Although that's what you sign up for, and the movie makes you well aware of that. Absolute waste of screen time. It moves fast and doesn't take itself too serious.

It's just a waste of time.

The main character of the movie is an unfortunate reclusive video game developer who never parts with a cup of coffee and tends to spend his weekends at home wearing a dirty robe. Love the soundtrack and how wild it is.

Please, don't watch this.

“Guns Akimbo” introduces us to a world much like ours plus “Schism”, which we, thankfully, don't have as of yet. To prove that he is a real actor and not a creature of one character, Radcliffe has continued to risk it all in a wide variety of his artistic experiments. 1 Star for getting people together and creating a film.

Final Rating – 4/10 This is film is in line with Deadpool, Kingsman, Kick-Ass. Point being, “Guns Akimbo” essence and point is mostly just high entertainment value. Dialogue is one-liners and not funny. They are all trying but is is just one big mess This is not Upgrade. It is only the participants who can never feel safe. The one thing all those movies had, at least, was a story. Full on popcorn movie. Viewers pay money to watch this event, its sadistic organizers are pleased by its chaos. It's not even “sso bad it's good” bad. and oh my gosh. You just sit and keep an eye on Radcliffe, who had transformed for this role and does not even look like himself.

I love films like Crank and Upgrade which have this crazy premise and you just have to sit back and enjoy without taking anything to seriously, however they are written so damn well they define the genre which thrives on the unexpected and how you never know whats coming next,

With this film the main character makes such mind numbingly stupid decisions at the start of the film and those decisions later obviously make rather predictable consequences its just hard to find him worth giving a damn about,

characters talk forever or stand stupidly until they get shot regardless of having numbers or the upper hand. Like old school SMOSH or Film Riot. Plenty of gore, absolutely crazy and funny. His hero, Miles, is a typical nonstarter, but at the same time he has the kind of luck most people can only dream of in real life. Sad to see the undeserving low ratings, this film has great qualities – especially considering it's from a new filmmaker, and it was really fun and funny! However, one day, everything changes when Miles is pulled out and forced to become a member of a dangerous game called “SKIZM”. The purpose of the event seems simple, but that is a dangerous misconception. Daniel Radcliffe continues to show his range as an actor by taking on roles that most A-listers wouldn't go near. Past all that, it's just an okay movie. Quite a glorious adventure with very weird characters that I appreciate. Rest assured that violence gets provided in satisfactory amounts. Something that is very refreshing to see. Think Gamer meets Suicide Squad and you end up with mindless fun entertainment with stunning visuals, and I do mean stunning. What follows is nearly 90 minutes of action – chases, gunfights, racing, explosions and so on and so forth. There's no background information to really get you into the world or really any character development.

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This year’s awesome Action the film Guns Akimbo! You surely gonna watch Guns Akimbo to enjoy Action of this year. You can watch Guns Akimbo and watch in HD quality, superb! No buffering only HD stream! Try out watching Guns Akimbo here satisfaction of HD quality guaranteed! You will say just wow after watching this stupendous Action Guns Akimbo! The movie is really interesting and holds viewers in complete suspense. This is meant to be pure entertainment and it delivers balls to the wall action mixed with over the top humour. I guess it's fun for a mindless entertainment type mood. Shame it got hate especially for ridiculous reasons like to much violence no that's a good thing! People complaining about plot and and style clearly don't understand that there are different genres of movies. It's a sign of her acting chops when she didn't push back on her trash role. I can't believe how stupid this film is. This is the WORST film I have seen in a long time. It looks like a Russian blockbuster. This is WOKE on steroids. But boy was I wrong! This was the best movie Ive seen in quite some time. The story is a little too absurd and not based in reality whatsoever, but that's the point. I'm happy I rented this for $6.99, it's stylish and unique!

This film does not have a clue what it wants to be.. be it comedy, action, drama, quasi-comic adaptation. No likeable characters, epileptic action sequences, dumb writing, dumber directing and preachy liberal jibes throughout. Miss it. If you loved the classic, Crank, give this a go. It doesn't particularly deliver on anything; there are some mid-budget shootouts and chase scenes which are fun as can be expected but nothing that you haven't seen already. It's undeniably entertaining visually and is supported by creative and dynamic camerawork, vivid and explosive color grading and crafty editing that's reaching over the line of overkill at times. This project just should have spent more time in the furnace and been decorated with more colourful toppings. Samara Weaving is brilliant and it's a joy to see her as the character Nix. The screenwriter and director are trying to catch this epileptic and take their drugs. If you need some fast-paced, no-brakes, easy-on-the-brain fun, this goes out as recommendation especially for You.

The verdict: You have to go and watch this movie; because it is not often that you will feel this much adrenaline!

This is garbage. Just say no to this trash.

I went into watching this with an open mind, wanting to get a bit of laughs and thrills, given the fact that this sort of movie type has been done before, I was hoping for this to be sort of good. There's so much action that compensates for the lack of some other elements & eventually “Guns Akimbo” can turn out mind-numbing for some. Daniel Radcliffe is no longer just the guy who starred in Harry Potter.

It's predictable, god is it predictable. It reminds me a bit of the movie Shoot 'Em Up, which was another tongue-in-cheek gun extravaganza, but fortunately Guns Akimbo is a lot funnier and more stylish, making it a pretty cool watch if you're not looking for anything mind-expanding. The hero, or, in simple terms, a loser (un)intentionally steps on Schism's admin's toes and now has been pitted against the champion Nix with revolvers bolted to his hands.

Guns Akimbo is a cheap-looking, cheesy, pop-culture-quoting, ridiculously over-the-top relentless assault in the senses and that's what makes it so fun (or not, if you're one of the viewers who gave the film 2 stars). Its really a quest these days to find anything worth watching. She's gonna be huge in the next few years.

This is really crazy but a totally enthralling experience. Its one of those high octane thrill ride type of films but it feels like it was made by high schoolers, for high schoolers

The way the film is marketed it made me think of Crank.

It's terrible, that's the bottom line. Felt like an R rated Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network movie.

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Are you watching Guns Akimbo? Or you are finding some site where you can watch Guns Akimbo full movie free? You have it you can watch Guns Akimbo in HD without buffering from any location on any IPhone/ Android / Tab / PC! Just one free account and you are ready to watch Guns Akimbo in HD absolutely free! Watch Guns Akimbo and enjoy Action. It's none of the above. The action and shootout scenes are very well done, with some sharp direction and editing. The score was very fitting and the 95 min runtime and pacing were just right. Movie is awful.

Seriously uninspiring. The comedy in “Guns Akimbo” is indeed of the hit&miss nature, perhaps maybe even more on the miss side. Homicidal lunatics are running the streets and firing at each other. It sucks. Nothing felt like it flowed or felt “real”. 10/10 stars It feels like nobody put in an effort to even try and make it interesting, the lines are generic and the villans tattoos look like children doodles and IT IS NOT EVEN EXPLAINED (including his background too). Very sad to see Radcliffe in this movie, but yeh it gets two stars for being colorful and that's all.. No sense, so many errors, no connection, the story has not a message or doesn't make sense, just sell it for the actors?! come on guys Attempts at comedy are feeble tries at being relatable and the action sequences are awkward and stupid like a 4 year olds with adhd's trying to paint. For that matter, all cast performances were great. Jason Lei Howden has tried to insert social commentary, talk about our generation's thirst for blood and utter necessity to feel better at all times, the awful mess that internet is, but that all finishes its run in like the first 1/3 of the movie. If a female does it, they're a ninja warrior.

Daniel Radcliffe is either a neutered sack or taking himself too seriously as an actor. My one & only complaint was the tattooed guy; he was a bit much. If I could give this steaming piece of trash a 0, I would. His success as the boy who lived has given him the freedom to chose the roles he wants and to actually have fun making movies. The negative reviews for this movie are hilarious.

It tries far, far too hard. Its characterisations are encrusted with unfunny cliches, as is its all too predictable story line. Other than that, I loved it. I definitely want to view Guns Akimbo one more time! It is NOT good. The Co-Director of Crank said regarding a potential third film: “The one thing that I won't do is sort of like a cheap, boring, tame version of the Crank movie,” Taylor proclaimed. the special effects and indoor gunfights never quite feel like anythings real, it just seems off, its a great fun idea but only if done well, unfortunately watching this feet like a chore.

Which is exactly what this is, this film is so poorly writen, It proposes a world somewhat like ours and a protagonist thrown into a situation he is way out of his depth in, but unfortunately he's an idiot. The movie is full on entertainer with action, blood and yes the rocking music🤘. The story is simple and pacy . I was genuinely entertained while watching this and I'm glad I decided to ignore the negativity surrounding it.

Save your time.

This film is trite and boring, showing the same tired scheme of that seems to be on our collective; mental and real-life merry-go-round for who knows how long? Then there is the Chinese, rainbow haired love interest.. A drunken epileptic is running around with a camera. She kills dozens of men like she's John Wick, but as soon as she goes after the main character she becomes a Star Wars storm trooper. 3/10. “Guns Akimbo” or, in other words, Jason Lei Howden's millennial, culturally relevant in 2019 spiritual relative of “Crank”. What a way to get people on-side. If a male does it, they're stupid and incompetent. The action scenes are well done (keeping in mind the budget is minimum). Daniel Radcliffe is likeable lead, Samara is becoming one of the reliable upcoming star. This would pass as an entertaining YouTuber made project movie. If you have watched Guns Akimbo, you can read or write the film review on Guns Akimbo on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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