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Movie: Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019)
Genre: ,
Director: John Herzfeld
Date of Release: 27 Jun 2019
Duration: 97
IMDB Rating: 4.4/10
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About Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019)

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This 2019 movie wasn't really worth the time or money invested into it. How does such a great movie spawn two horrific sequels?? Entertaining and well done action/fight scenes with some surprising moments. It can be considered as a polished high end version of the better quality Steven Seagal style video movies. I attended an early screening and the audience cheered, moaned, and gasped. The chinese players brought the kung fu display. He cares more about his career than a Cage or Travolta or Bruce Willis at this point and doesnt want to do this for the pay cheque. I knew at this age and scenario, Sly will not be doin a great deal here. 👍👍 I really enjoyed this movie. Then with the big fear of this also beeing bad i was surprised to see that it was an ok action movie.. As he brings out the very best in Stallones ability to translate inner rage onto the screen. 1. Sly is in it about 80%. 2. Some good action 3. Rated R If this film was released in the 80s it would have been ok. I often wonder why someone would trash a movie because they're unable to understand the plot. The 2nd film was even better than this one. This wasnt that bad. Do something else. But mainly this movie was showcasing action. I would rather stare at wall for 1h30min rather than watch this again. Overall, a vast improvement on number 2, nowhere near as good as the original, but we get fights, we get blood and we get Stallone kicking but here and there. Worth a watch and support with your purchase. It's easy to see why he's established Balboa Pictures in his twilight years and doesnt want to get caught doing these sequels and Backtrace style films for a quick payday. The whole thing is just a mess. This movie has got all the grit, action and suspense you'd expect from it. if you DIDN'T like the second one,”Escape Plan 3″ is FAR superior,and worth a watch…… Whilst the second one used Stallone and Batista for a poster and credit only to suck you in, it was a vehicle for Asian market with Asian stars. the production is at a higher level than in number 2 And yes.. Big improvement compared to the 2nd one that sucked. 7 MAX I liked this movie quite a lot. It was a basic formula. I don't need to give away any spoilers, watch it for yourself and decide. Some personal angles were brought into play. What a bludger of a film. Movie is cringe. If you thought Sly was done with hardcore action and transitioning to the “peace loving grandpa” retired stage of his career – boy are you wrong! 33 year old danish male. The acting and cast were all decent. just some people punching and gunning each other.. There is no adrenaline kicks throughout the movie, and it quickly settled into a boring trot and never got out of that mundane gutter. But I will tell you this under no circumstances watch the second one, it's awful !!! 50 cents showed up in a blink and miss scene. My first review. The score was annoying and out of place. The martial arts fight scenes were choreographed really well, but it felt like director John Herzfeld had shaky hands recording with his iPhone4. It's a shame this one couldn't even compare to the first film. Novice writer and creator of Escape Plan, Miles Chapman, had a great story and concept with the 1st film, flopped on the original premise in the 2nd film, and seems like he ran out of ideas and got lazy for this 3rd film. I am writing this review right after I watched this movie. Not one of his best movies, not even by a longshot. Incredibly bland and boring and certainly one of his worst movies that he has been in. A welcomed alternative to many of today's over choreographed fight scene ballets IMO.

I'd love to see these 2 team up again for a sequel and or another project. Then add major plot and scene issues. A must see for those who enjoy action, MMA, and humor. Sly wasn't required to do much physical action except at the end. 🎥

I completely enjoyed this movie and remain a fan of both the Director and Stallone 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 PS The rest of the ensemble also brings their A GAME. With Batista and crew chewing up the action themselves like woodchippers! Basically an all-around cheap C-grade production, that even the original great lead cast couldn't save. No Sly, what happened? Sometimes they are pleasant enough.

The movie was so bad, that I had to turn it off arter 45 minutes. I was bored out of my mind. It's a very generous 5/10 from me – mainly for Stallone, Bautista, and the 5 mins we saw 50 Cent. The movie is actually REALLY SHORT! Other than that…. I was bored so I decided to watch this movie and I regret it. in MY opinion.

“Escape Plan: The Extractors” not only lacked a proper storyline, it also lacked character motivation and the ability to engage the audience. Hell, they even added the girlfriend-killed type of false emotional moment and then the hero gets his revenge after and hour and half of torturing the viewers brains and eyes in a lame attempt to play on the emotional side and yet it just failed soooo bad. Enjoyable watch for me. Herzfelds direction is smart and concise. MMA fans will love. I am a huge fan of Sly but there was no reason for him to make these 2 sequels. Probably best for a long flight when you need some kind of entertainment and really care nothing about quality. What happened to Stallone escaping OUT of prisons? Ignore any negative reviews, this is a 7/10 for sure, and I'm a tough movie critic, very enjoyable. Bautista rocks us with wit and badassdom.

By skipping out on watching “Escape Plan: The Extractors” you will not be missing anything vital to the franchise. They should have stopped after the first movie. I mean yes the kung-fu parts are good but that's it.. Oh wait, exploding fire bullets? First Stallone gets about 40 minutes of screen time, whilst he barely got 10 minutes in the second one, there's still great fights for Max Zhang to shine, but Stallone gets more to do here, 50 cent is in it for 2 minutes (always a bonus) and Bautista is the Terry Crews of Expendables, big guy with the big gun, gets a few minutes to shine. Where was the tech and gadgetry for the “extraction”? The plot was actually good with some surprises.

It was actually Devon Sawa whom carried the movie here with his performance, as he was the one that had the most screen time, the most energy and the most on-screen presence, whereas the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Dave Bautista and Jin Zhang were just autopiloting their way through this movie at the hands of director John Herzfeld. The climatic fight scene at the end feels totally unscripted and visceral. Being a huge fan of both Stallone and Herzfelds past work. Hope this movie comes out on Netflix I don't understand why a movie that grosses 25 million in the US gets a green light for 2 sequels. Bye. The east meets west mix of cultures is endearing. I was overjoyed to see they've finally collaborated on an action film that delivers on all fronts. Anything is better than watching this Sly is actually a BIG part of this one,and he goes FULL RAMBO MODE! I actually liked this one. Again, lazy writing. The plot and movement of this movie is made to play against the viewer instead of telling a story that follows any true character process and development. Some shooting. Turn your mind off and watch for fun. The main villain was built up a lot from the screen play but the climax seemed underwhelming. But some hand to hand comabats were nice. It will never be a classic worth watching again and its nothing like the first one, but is ok. Just wanted to say i am so glad i ABSOLUTELY take NO notice of reviews on here UNTIL i watch a film. Better action no action for escape plan, good in action, there's no escape plan, wait for the forth sequel for the best. I thought that there can't be worse movie than Escape Plan 2. I was wrong. With a more competent direct on John Herzfeld on the third, there's a noted improvement.

Watch this if you like action but don't care at all about a story. As such, my rating for it is a mere three out of ten stars. Whereas the 2013 movie “Escape Plan” was actually good, the 2018 sequel “Escape Plan 2: Hades” and now the 2019 “Escape Plan: The Extractors” have been abysmal, to put it bluntly. But it was entertaining and a good way to kill a bit of time. It's another good work from Sylvester Stallone bring the first movie into caption in this new sequelae. A mighty chinese business tycoon's daughter was taken and has to be extracted – that's the job. The plot and the actions scenes are well organised. The entire movie just felt like a copy/paste job quickly put together for the sake of cashing in on the franchise before it is too late. How did this script actually make it to become a movie? Looking forward to release to watch and rewind! I would almost not watch it when I saw the ratings but I'm glad I didn't consider the ratings. Yet, I managed to endure the ordeal, as this is a Sylvester Stallone movie after all. The ONLY thing is the advertised 97 minute run time. The Extractors lacks all type of intelligence. Quite good. Just what were writers Miles Chapman and John Herzfeld thinking here? And that's so. After watching Escape Plan 2 you have the lowest expectasions for this one. nothing else is. The directing was lousy with terrible camera work and editing. Sly gives a true beat down and displays his diversity chops.

The storyline in “Escape Plan: The Extractors” was just pointless, and it even seemed that none of the cast actually bought into the plot, script and storyline here either. Pshhh give me a break. Cheesy. I did not actually watch the 2nd one cause it looked awful but I liked the look of this. HIghights include the career resurgence of Martial Arts Action Star Daniel Bernhardt gets a great end fight with Max Zhang and Stallone gets brutal with Devon Sawa 90s heartthrob from the Final Destination movies. it's just as cheesy as it sounds.. I already forgot what I watched. and in the end, the so-called “hero” gets his poetic justice type of revenge..

The movie is monotonous, and that is actually putting it mildly. The main part is shot in a prison in Latvia. No stylish brainy hi-tech plans or grandiose screen bursting moves. Overall, starts bad and gets better and ends well. No good plot whatsoever here.. When the first one made 25 million in the US, but a further $75 million in China, it makes sense that it got Chinese backing for sequels and the producers took the money and ran. Don't make a decision based on the reviews here. I approached without any great expectations. Ok it's better then Escape plan 2 and Backtrace by a long shot! Low budget chinese feeling. Bravo 👏 to this production team. And the American stars were doing the bone cracking wwf style things. I don't think TWO MINUTES of movie bumper intros,and 10 minutes plus of end credits should factor into the run time. I am done with watching B movies (or C like this one). Don't waste time. Are you watching Escape Plan: The Extractors? Or you are finding some site where you can watch Escape Plan: The Extractors full movie free? You have it you can watch Escape Plan: The Extractors in HD without buffering from any location on any IPhone/ Android / Tab / PC! Just one free account and you are ready to watch Escape Plan: The Extractors in HD absolutely free! Watch Escape Plan: The Extractors and enjoy Action.If you have watched Escape Plan: The Extractors, you can read or write the film review on Escape Plan: The Extractors on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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