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Movie: Disappearances (2006)
Genre: ,
Director: Jay Craven
Date of Release: 01 Feb 2006
Duration: 118
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10
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About Disappearances (2006)

Quebec Bill Bohomme is a hardy schemer and dreamer, who, desperate to raise money to preserve his endangered herd through the rapidly approaching winter, resorts to whiskey-smuggling, a traditional family occupation. Quebec Bill takes his son, Wild Bill, on the journey. Also Henry Coville, an inscrutable whiskey smuggler, and Rat Kinneson, Quebec Bill's perpetually disconsolate ex-con hired man. Together, they cross the border into vast reaches of Canadian wilderness for an unforgettable four days "full of terror, full of wonder."

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Do not expect to find your heart in your throat for two hours, followed by a climactic and tidy resolution to the cosmos. The scenes are pretty, Kristofferson did well, and I guess the kid from The Middle was believable enough, but a movie's quality isn't necessarily inversely proportional to how believable or realistic it is. Any time the character's on screen, you can't take your eyes off him. These two Aristotelean precepts, the spiritual dimension of nature and right action, are woven into the fabric of this film, rich in imagery to support them. OK… so… Quebec Bill's brother-in-law Henry has run whiskey before, but he's reluctant to now. The festival programmer, after seeing the lack of audience, started his opening comments with, “Well at least a few of those attending the festival have good taste in film”. They should not have to endure the comments that you stated. Then, parked outside the garage that holds the targeted hooch, the four fall asleep!

While not a comedy, this movie does provide some laughs. The film is an adventure.

Also a delightful surprise is the film's handling of its demonic villain Carcajou, particularly Lothaire Bluteau in the role. For him, the spirits inhabit the physical world at the same moment in time that he does. The smaller parts by William Sanderson and Bill Raymond were also enjoyable. Before I saw this crap I had some respect for Kristophersson. Especially fine was the work of Gary Farmer (Henry) and Charlie McDermott (Wild Bill). Kris Kristofferson (Quebec Bill) was better in the latter part of the film, but (and perhaps this was intentional) was more caricaturish early on. Complete waste of celluloid. The fiddle playing was good and of the time period but Chris's motions while supposedly playing were unbelievable.

Kris Kristofferson as Quebec Bill seems pretty stilted, or else it's his lines; or else his cross of Yankee and Quebecois accents. It explores the difficulty cobbling together funding for an indie, even as the film is being shot. i recommmend this movie highly! This movie should be avoided by all people who are not on LSD, or my crazy cousin that insists we're part Native American. I can't believe they talked someone into actually putting up money to make this thing. This does not bode well for the viewer being able to follow the story! Too much emphasis is placed on graphic representation in today's films, when suggestion can be just as, or in some cases, more effective (as in special effects that don't work! a person's true self”… While I applaud the makers of “Disappearances” for managing to accomplish a lot with very little, in the end they put too much on their plates, so much so that the movie ends up as a disappointment. The things the people sent to bootleg make no sense. Like the countryside where it was produced, it unfolds itself slowly but magnificently. No apologies, Mr. Craven; your mission's accomplished, and everyone who experienced it with an open mind is satisfied. It was a small audience, mostly college students and teachers, the latter apparently being the only ones who “got” the movie. Then two of the smugglers put the whiskey in a boat and float it over the border. And Yoda never provides an answer we can understand. This film is one of those hidden gems that one stumbles upon by a stroke of luck.

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Now you can watch Disappearances in HD absolutely free from eastern Europe and North America absolutely free on High Definition! Click the play button and follow the instruction to watch Disappearances which is newly released. this film really blew me away. To be fair, I saw this movie on network TV, so it may have been edited, and I missed a few minutes in the middle of it. It means whatever the hell you want it to! The allusion to Aristotelean metaphysics pertains to spirituality and the physical world. I admit that the messy results do grab your interest at times while you're watching the whole package… In the novel and script, he was a far less developed, more hulking ogre-like monster, though clearly with a cunning brain. This has “cult classic of the best kind” written all over it, in the sense that it has everything you'd want from a ripping good yarn of a film, would appeal to someone who's favorite film was, say, “Raiders of the Lost Arc” or “Rio Bravo”, but plays by its own rules and those *aren't* the rules that get a film a mega-promotional package. Such metaphoric exploration is what's always truly wonderful about the best fantasy in film and literature, light and dark. i was blown away by the visual effects and the magic realism was complex but very interesting!!

Kris Kristofferson has his finest hour as an actor playing Quebec Bill, a schemer who resorts to whiskey-smuggling with his son, Wild Bill (Charlie McDermott, “The Village”), in order to raise money to preserve his herd as winter approaches. a complete waste of good talent, scenery and celluloid! ?!? Just too weird and nowhere near enigmatic enough. None of it made sense and Kris probably didn't understand it either and he was just going through the motions hoping someone would come up to him and tell him what it was all about! On January 19th,2006,Disappearances was accepted into The Cleveland International Film Festival. i still am thinking about it which is the sign of a great movie!

At least the film's title practices truth in advertising, since people and objects routinely disappear throughout the film, adding to the confusion.

If you like steam trains, this movie has one, and an engineer who is quite a character. The parts by Genevieve Bujold and Lothaire Bluteau were more problematic, both seeming lackluster in comparison to the others. Holy Moly, this was a bad movie! Particularly that whole scene in the tavern, and the delivery of the line “Because I couldn't stand myself if I wasn't there to help you out of whatever you're about to get into.” I had often thought throughout my academic career, “what is the deal in classical literature with the panopoly of gods, both Roman and Greek?” VERY GOOD!!! i think Charlie McDermott did a great job as young wild bill Bohnone and Kris Kristofferson did his best acting in years as quebec bill bohnome!

I don't care that everyone on this movie was doing out of love for the project, or some such nonsense… And that's exactly why fans looking for something new will love it, and why word of mouth on it'll spread. And yet he would like some excitement in his life. I don't think I've seen this actor in anything else, though he should be seen more.

It's worth seeing if you like stories about macho men in the woods. I think that Genevev Bujould should get best supporting actress, Charlie McDermott for best supporting actor, and Jay Craven as best director. I just finished watching Disappearances at AFI FEST 2006 with about 30 other people in a mostly vacant 1000 seat auditorium. Years back, I had a chance to read the screenplay to this film before it was produced. Instead, he throws in a lot of mystifying material, mainly with the unexplained visions the teenage boy in the movie has throughout.

In fact, had the entire film stayed true to the theme shown in the beginning of the film – harsh and unforgiving realism – Disappearances might have been remembered as one of Craven's better films. And writer/director Jay Craven also manages to get pretty good performances from his cast of actors.

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This year’s awesome Action the film Disappearances! You surely gonna watch Disappearances to enjoy Action of this year. You can watch Disappearances and watch in HD quality, superb! No buffering only HD stream! Try out watching Disappearances here satisfaction of HD quality guaranteed! You will say just wow after watching this stupendous Action Disappearances! I have great respect for Kris Kristofferson, but what was he thinking?

The group crosses the border into Canada, where whiskey is legal.

I must give kudos to the cinematography and and the actors, including Kris, for trying their darndest to make sense from this goofy, confusing story!

The end gets really choppy. Luis Guzman shows up on Lake Memphramagog (with a fine stand-in performance by Lake Willoughby) as a monk with a boys'n'the hood accent: who knows? My favorite question about this film is, “Well gosh. Two of the gang paddle across the border send a second party across in a car. One more thing – kudos to the cinematographer for the beauty of the production!

But overall expect to see Jay Cravens Disappearances playing at a Block Buster $2 Bin near you. He cares about his son. But the guys have no money. It left me longing for the things in the world that have *disappeared* — SPOILIER WARNING — as symbolized by Bill and Cordelia literally doing so – END SPOILERS — under the weight of “progress,” even though only the ghosts of many such things have been around to know in my own lifetime. Quebec Bill and his son Wild Bill are polar counterparts in scenes where Wild Bill tries to impose moral order or prudence on Quebec Bill when he is only concerned with “right action” or the means to his ends.

We feel an excellent job was done of handling what could have been expensive special effects by implying, without showing, such things as the train wreck.

The poster I am replying to is gleeful and drooling over the keyboard bashing all involved in this movie. All of the actors put effort into the parts that they played. I found Dissapearances a wonderful film, perhaps Craven's best, if you actually do a little work yourself. Had I not read The Future of the Ancient World by Jeremy Nadler, I might occasionally still wonder. Writer-Director Jay Craven, working on a small budget, performs the tricky balancing act of capturing the excitement and suspense of the often over-the-top material, while maintaining a humble, understated, down-to-earth tone. Again, why? Disappearances ventures further, or more believably, into the psychology of its main characters than many American films dare go. I understand that Craven was probably trying to make something different than expected, but ironically a more straightforward telling probably would have been more successful. They have to steal from the family that sells most of the whiskey, and violence becomes necessary. There is not enough realism to hold the viewer's interest. The photography is excellent, maybe the best Craven has had since “Rivers” and the editing is perfect. What about the owl? This “back-woods” period piece follows young (not so) Wild Bill as he and his mystic family dangerously run illegal Canadian whiskey across the border during America's prohibition. Rat, who helps run the farm, also goes along but isn't sure he wants to.

Charlie McDermott is best known as irresponsible and rebellious Axl on “The Middle”, but he is a completely different character here. We both enjoyed it very much! Charlie McDermott shows some real potential as young Wild Bill; but his part's not large enough to carry a scene and he never steals one. Two monks see nothing wrong with helping out and they agree to store what the guys get. I'm amazed by the comments posted about this film.

There are elements of the film that do indeed shine, demonstrating to the uninitiated how Jay Craven manages to attract big names to his films with such limited resources (Kris Kristofferson is the most well-known actor in this particular film). The dialogue is clever and well-written, and there are quite a few moments, mostly in the first half of the film, where you'll be pleasantly surprised by Craven's ability to tell a story and keep a plot moving seamlessly. Quebec Bill endeavors to go back to his whiskey-running past in order to save his farm. If you have watched Disappearances, you can read or write the film review on Disappearances on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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