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Movie: Desert Saints (2002)
Genre: ,
Director: Richard Greenberg
Date of Release: 10 Mar 2002
Duration: 88
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10
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Well, your guess is as good as anyone’s because the ambiguous ending the cunning director has given his story. Aside from the really annoying “flash forward” moments, this movie is pretty good — better than I expected. This is certainly a good movie, great acting, especially from Sutherland himself, though the other characters certainly play there part. Overall a worthy first attempt at full feature film. The film is ultimately too silly for its own good. Strike three, four, five and enough, enough and more than enough. Um, no. The scene doesn’t fit the character-development, the main character had to endure. Next time I’d propose to plan the story from a good ending backwards. Also annoying — Kiefer spouting Latin epigrams. It’s mind boggling that a hitman of Keifer’s status (who purports to be a genius), would bring along someone so abrasive and counter productive to his intentions. Not much thought is given on where to dump them so as not to be discovered. Our lead character, Jack, is a hired… I did not like Melora Walters. You’d think a supposedly super smart hitman would know better, apparently not. Overall, it was an okay adventure. Enough time wasted on this. Bennie was tough and intelligent but adorable and sometimes funny. The character he plays was a big tough, famous assassin and long wanted by the police. The twists that are added certainly keep the suspense alive. Second: the ending reduces the main character to being the object of a weak subplot. There’s nothing that I can think of that could be a bigger waste of time than this movie. melora walters is great and you will fall in love with her like i did. Don’t double cross him though, because he will take care of anyone that dares to do so in a cool and detached manner, as we see him do as the film opens. 3rd movie in my Kiefer Sutherland movie marathon. Melora Walters is miscast. A tired, tiring and tiresome movie, all strikes described happening within ten minutes or so. Then, when he approaches the body, shovel in hand, we find this super professional hit man has done the dirty deed, 100 feet or so, parallelling the major southwest highway he’s driven on to get to the place! “Desert Saints” is a film that surprises because the direction by Richard Greenberg. you’re going to, just give it time. im really not gonna spend alot of time on this just want to see i really loved this movie and had a great ending. Then watch the movie. 41 or . A total disgrace. I wonder if the role was originally offered to Meg Ryan, since she seems to be one of the producers. It appears that Beenie has a friend who has been working with her from within, but will Beenie be able to fool Arthur Banks? The last sequence is intriguing because it’s something unexpected, as we watch how Beenie fools the people that want to talk to her. Arthur Banks (Kiefer Sutherland) is certainly a good character and extremely well played. It’s like Banks is Jack Bauer’s amoral twin — Jack hates to kill but does it because it’s necessary to save his country; Banks hates to kill but does it because it’s necessary to pay for his expensive lifestyle. If you haven’t seen the film, please stop reading here.

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In fact, I’d say none of the characters were really well-developed. The movie ends too quick but the ending is what you want if you like Kiefer. When he meets Beenie, we wonder why is he taking a chance on the hitchhiking girl, or for that matter, what makes the girl go with this stranger, who might be a criminal on the loose. Maybe it was originally meant for another actress. Such a famous assassin, as he was presented, could not be fooled so easily. Arthur Banks is a hired killer. Newcomer Rich Greenberg wrote and directed the film, and he keeps you guessing until the last frame. Viewers will know what that scene was, and I wondered why they threw it it. Arthur Banks: I’m not a tough guy – I’m just careful! But it was Melora Walters who really made the movie work for me. Bennie’s voice was a tad annoying as was her character, but Walters played the part well. And then. Still, the movie is hard to follow because we keep seeing flashbacks or scenes that haven’t happened yet. Banks did not suspect that there was something wrong with his partner, he felt absolutely nothing. It starts very promising, but keeps slowing down. This movie apparently STARTS at one point, and could be said to end at a later time. As it turned out, the entire movie was pretty good. But even then, it would have been a sick, sick joke. ) they attack each other sexually like they are horny teenagers about to schtupp for the first time. It was complete horror watching this. The acting and screenplay are so painful, I was thinking at one point this must be a spoof. Don’t you think if the Feds were given permission to enter Mexico the Mexican Authorities would at least tag along? This movie was a lot of fun to watch, and I hope it gets released on DVD because I would buy it in an instant. And, the last, single gunshot at the end — I have to wonder if there was another gunshot “after” — or, maybe Banks lets one of the targets live? It’s one that you watch, say, hmmm that was pretty good. Then we see the man in the green Nova burying a dead body in the desert, apparently in the American southwest. All on 2 lane roads. As they say if you don’t have a good script you won’t have a good movie. nixflix. Suffice it to say that this was a very interesting story about hit-man Banks, and a girl he picked up (Harper) to help him complete a job. Strike two: 00-1/4 is about to kill a young woman (it’s his usual M.O.) He kills vulnerable women who he trains just for a particular hit. com for a more detailed review of the film) i dunno what movie the other guy was watching, cuz first of all the movie is only an hour and a half and moves smoothly. Interesting premise and there is a twist (2 twists actually) to the ending which brings this up to just beyond a “B” movie. His performance is remarkable, and is matched by Melora Walters, as the latest of his string of doomed accomplices, who is keeping even more secrets than he is! How naive can this woman be? Bennie Harper: Careful of what? There may be some who think the story progresses nicely, revealing new plot points at just the right points. He was not at all convincing in this role. An okay watch for the hard up couch potato but little more. Which one?

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I was not let down. 45, he takes aim and gets a clean hit at about 2 to 3 hundred feet. He picks up a woman for a cover and accomplice along the way. The acting is very good, especially Sutherland’s. The movie is well-directed and not boring at all. At one point there is talk of a tungsten core bullet that spins faster which enhances accuracy. Arthur is an educated man, who has gone to the other side of the law because he is an impeccable man as far as doing his job well for a lot of money. What a shot! I couldn’t find too many flaws in this movie and it certainly wasn’t dull. Then a month later you’re trying to figure out why you only rented it because you realize it was a really good movie, definitely even worth seeing again. Why haven’t you rented it yet?!!!! It’s not just the fine casting choices that make neo-noir Desert Saints a treat. This film, which he co-wrote with Waley Nichols, came as a total surprise, not having seen it before. the music is good, too. Pelham (not their real names) are checking into a fancy hotel for their honeymoon. This movie was really sweet because of Kiefer. But instead of just shooting her, at let’s say, 5 feet, he allows the poor thing to sprint into the distance and then, un-holstering his Magnum . My biggest problem in watching movies is that I tend to be easily bored, but I was never bored watching this movie. Well worth seeing. Then it stops there. He had greatly impressed me with his brilliant performance in Dark City, and I wanted to see more. For an indie, the cast is first-rate all the way, with the always reliable Jamey Sheridan as a veteran FBI agent, as dedicated to his job as Sutherland is to his; Leslie Stefanson as Sheridan’s second-in-command, and the wild card of the operation; and, in a very sexy cameo, Rachel Ticotin, who smolders as a waitress and occasional bedmate for Sutherland. Me, I’m a Kiefer fan and while I will say I liked this film well enough, I’ll also say it’s not the best film in the world. Definitely an enjoyable way of spending an hour and a half. That doesn’t affect the spin rate. The film works because of Kiefer Sutherland’s take on Arthur Banks. Some of the flashbacks are helpful because they help us understand what is going on in the present. Cut to the credits. The only reason I wanted to watch this movie was Kiefer Sutherland. Arthur Banks is planning to take down a Mexican political figure, but things change for him unexpectedly as he prepares to do his thing. rrrrr. They know he is heading south to Mexico, but what is he going to do there? He’s a very dark man with few moral highs but i certainly chose him as my favourite character, mainly as he is so different and also very charming… It’s clear he has learned his craft well. Don’t expect much action, pyrotechnics, chases, firefights, stunts, sex, nudity, romance from this mediocre drama with an awful ending. Beforehand I thought it might even turn out to be an OK movie, as Keifer Sutherland is definitely not the worst actor out there, but I’m surprised he got work after participating in this, this… I watched this because I am a Kiefer Sutherland Fan. I’d give this movie a 9 out of 10, a must see for Kiefer fans and for everyone else… No – wait. Seems like we’re up to strike four. And unprotected sex, of course. In the opening few minutes you already see him with his shirt open and thats a certain plus, as well as many other shirtless moments which take to a splendour.

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