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Movie: Code 8 (2019)
Director: Jeff Chan
Date of Release: 13 Dec 2019
Duration: 98
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10
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About Code 8 (2019)

In Lincoln City, some inhabitants have extraordinary abilities. Most live below the poverty line, under the close surveillance of a heavily militarized police force. Connor, a construction worker with powers, involves with a criminal gang to help his ailing mother. (Based on the short film “Code 8,” 2016.)

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Really…. My vote is five. The sci-fi and the abilities are only to disguise. For low budget production, it's excellent sci-fi movie. Overall, this movie is good for casual audiences and people that just wanna sit down and turn off their brain for an hour after a long day. These powered individuals live in poverty.

“Code 8” is like a humbler, more focused indie “X-men”, a solid directional effort in the sci-fi genre that's not by any means flawless, but delivers most of what it promises. This is where the Neill Blomkamp vibe becomes apparent. Performances by all are commendable.

The USP here is the “good person” has a super power in a world where such things are frowned upon. Again I want to restate that it's not a bad movie, at points, you can feel as if the characters could be real people and connect with them. Did the producers think IMDb members wouldn't notice? I like the story. The desperation created by the circumstances around him drive him to risk his life and safety to make money, and so the many endeavours ensue. But everyone else – on point! The world which is created onscreen is one that can be expanded upon. It was on the border of a big budget Hollywood production imo.

Thirdly, this film. The most valued possession of “Code 8” is probably the special FX, cinematography and production design. Special effects are very well done and don't let down. It focuses more on society's treatment of mutants and is almost a character study. Definitely it's worth of your time. My only complaint was that Greg Bryk was a little too much and unconvincing in some scenes. However these moments are cliche and very few. For starters, the (also familiar) characters are delivered by a cast of great actors, including the Amell cousins, Greg Byrk as the villain, Sunk Kang – whom I hadn't seen for a long time, and a likely overlooked performance by Kyla Kane. Set in a world where some humans have extraordinary gifts. Robbie and Stephan both veterans of the CW's DC universe spent years raising money in order to produce and make the film. The movie itself was reasonable for action, story etc, but the start “event story” was rushed too fast, making it it hard to follow the premise of the movie/story. Watchable once and maybe again a year or two from now. Nice effects. I recommend “Code 8” to all the sci-fi lovers out there.

The movie is good, Recommended.

Some nice ideas and some good special effects, it's not a huge budget film, but somehow they make it work. For a low budget super powered mutant movie this is not too bad. It centres around a few well known trump – basically good person with dying mother looking for a way to help pay the medical bills, hooks up with criminal gang.

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Are you watching Code 8? Or you are finding some site where you can watch Code 8 full movie free? You have it you can watch Code 8 in HD without buffering from any location on any IPhone/ Android / Tab / PC! Just one free account and you are ready to watch Code 8 in HD absolutely free! Watch Code 8 and enjoy Action. The characters have little to no development or depth. My complaint with this movie is with the characters. The score (which is usually atrocious in most B-grade films) was perfect. My rating: 7/10. It's Dec 2019 and I can safely count on both hands films that I've thoroughly enjoyed this year and Code 8 is one of the them. The plot was generic but still enjoyable. It's not as flashy as X-Men with CGI or fight scenes so it's more drama than action. The writing gives a new spin on powers, while this isn't the MCU quality people flock to it takes risks and warrants a second watch I've read a few reviews before I wrote this. Don't expect Marvel, and don't expect Breaking Bad, but do expect a few interesting moments.

Title (Brazil): “Code 8: Renegades” (“Code 8: Renegades”) “Code 8” is quite the indie success, it was heavily crowd-funded (2.1 million in kickstarter) and it seems to me no backer was let down.

Also, how good did those robotic landings look and the robots themselves. It's incredible how you can make such a successful and convincing futuristic sci-fi film with a few drones and a sik robot outfit with such a low budget.

Decent acting, Robbie Amell will of course have his fans, 6/10. It's pretty good movie. The robotic police officers in the movie reminded me of the robot designs in 'Elysium' or perhaps 'Chappie'. But it is painfully obvious that it is just a man in a suit rather than a CGI creation. For a movie of this budget it looks admirably awesome, the style is on-point and contained, no overkills, no on-the-noise cheap frames or visual solutions, might as well be a big-screen flick. Some all-too-convenient plot devices abound along with the now-familiar premise of powered people being discriminated against.

“Code 8” is a watchable film in a future environment but absolutely predictable.

I wonder if those that have given this 1 and 10 star reviews have actually seen this, those I've read with such extreme scores do not relate to this movie. every body acts great.. I have read somewhere that Robbie and Co-star Stephen Amell are actually developing a continuation for the small screen. Worth watching for a decent mashup of Sci-Fi and Heist genres.

Casting and performances were excellent and convincing, especially the fellow Canadian Amell brothers. Amell is down on his luck and has a sick mother so, to pay for her extortionately expensive treatment, he seeks work casually – and soon falls in with the wrong company where he uses his powers (he can generate and focus electricity) to further their petty, but increasingly ambitious criminal activities. Still it's a realistic take on what would happen in a world with mutant powers. i know this movie was sort of crowdfunded and had a modest budget, suprisingly enough you barely notice its low budget, they really got the maximum out of it. Sadly the execution of this premise is slightly lacking. Robbie Amell is undoubtedly a good-looking man, but that really does not forgive the fact that as an actor, he is really dead behind the eyes. The dialogue and pace of the film – there are some decent action scenes – keep it moving quite well, and the visual effects do their job – but the acting is just bland and the story an amalgam of B-grade X-men themes. It's a little bit like if the director and the producers said « ok teenagers have the X-Men saga, let's do something around the same idea but for adults ». The are no jaw dropping special effects, mutants (called “person with abilities” in the movie) dont do funky stuff.. Still the aerial shots of the drones deploying the robots was rather cool. As I previously mentioned, the story is built of arcs and themes which are routine enough, but “Code 8” has a lot to compensate with. Directing his cast seemed effortless. Every single cliche under the sun is here, there's not a huge amount of originality, but enjoy it for what it is. At it's worst, the movie will throw ideas in the air and never come back to them. And mentioning Arrow does absolutely nothing in promoting this film smh. Special effects are awesome. It's an honest and well deserving 8/10 from me, and hoping for Code 8 Part 2! Im not an arrow fan but still i enjoyed this movie, great main actor and in general i like the acting from the main cast.

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You like to watch Action films watch Code 8 brand new movies of this year which is just released and you can get to watch this awesome Action movie Code 8. Watch Code 8 no buffering and no ads just film and fun! Now you can watch Code 8 more than 200 countries across the globe in HD. So watch Code 8 and let us know how we can improve! i give this movie a rating of 8 because i watched so many recent scifi-movies that had much bigger budget and big names attached to it that wherent even half as entertaining as this one. it's the kind of sci-fi movie that will very likely go unnoticed and it's a shame, it deserves much much more. Well i do admit its direct to video quality with mostly actors in series, the effects where quit good but the movie falls short at some point becomes way to dramatic that kind of killed it for me….

So the plot of the movie is fresh and genuine, connected at most of the time and easily followable ,, I wouldn't say it is like the best thing there is on the big screen, but as I said it is enjoyable… Both movies are solid.

As aforementioned this film is heavily influenced by the X Men movies but it does have its own unique premise.

An ok way to pass the time but very forgettable movie. and the VFX were simple but precise and good. Cue a couple of set pieces, some earnest acting and everyone doing the best they can with what they've been given. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Amell's , the movie is not bad but the ending is Really really BAD! It's like the writers had no more ideas. First I gotta say , After almost 8 years, It is kinda hard looking at Stephen Amell as anything but Arrow 😀 😀 I don't know ,, even his role here you can see The Arrow's personality is all over him. It is a passable movie with good looking, made for TV, leads and reasonable effects.

If you're looking for a darker approach with a little moral ambiguity you might enjoy this more than you expected to. I think a few reviewers might have been disappointed that this wasn't the kind of vibe you'd normally associate with the Super Hero genre.

Secondly, nothing annoys me more than the above, than the wannabe critics giving this film 1 and 2/10's. Give your heads a shake, and click on my username to see my 1000+ ratings and 700+ reviews, and read my bio on how to properly review a film, and/or read below to learn. The plot uses the usual clichés of the crime genre. Tension, suspense and more importantly, absent when needed. It's a very good movie. However this story would have been better told as a TV series rather than a 1hr 38min movie. Code 8

It is obvious that this Indie Sci-Fi from Director Jeff Chan takes inspiration from the X Men franchise but it also has a Neill Blomkamp vibe. For a low budget movie it s good, I d say worth watching Firstly, nothing annoys me more than fake 9 and 10/10 reviews.

This is well made, scripted and acted with a dark, dystopian near-alternate future as its background. I will start out by saying that the movie is not great, but I can also say that it doesn't deserve as much flack as it's getting. Code 8 is a mix of Blade Runner (for the music style and the image texture and color) and X-Men for the scenario. The concept here is quite interesting – ordinary people have superpowers and are all still pretty much persecuted by the authorities. It had a chance to be very good and instead was just decent, but I'll watch a decent Sci-Fi flick any time. Their gifts are more of a burden and anyone caught using their special abilities must answer to the law. Sound design's up there as well. While presenting a story consisting of rather familiar arcs and themes, it's still packed tightly and driven forward by decent characters, good acting & well done special FX. It reminded me of the very recent indie feature “Freaks” – both of these movies deal with the x-men-esque story about humans with abilities & their trials and tribulations in the common world. This is where budget constraints are visible.

'Code 8' is certainly worth checking out. Acting was pretty much convincing. An episodic TV show would have allowed the created universe and characters to flourish. Pacing was perfect, and the 98 min runtime was just right. That said, my guess is that was intended to be a pilot for a TV series and they changed their mind at the last minute, hence the crappy ending. Unless this is a pilot for a possible series. If you have watched Code 8, you can read or write the film review on Code 8 on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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