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Movie: Boris and the Bomb (2017)
Director: David Kronmiller
Date of Release: 27 Sep 2019
Duration: 118
IMDB Rating: 4.8/10
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About Boris and the Bomb (2017)

What happens when a washed up KGB agent, who has defected to the United States, gets into the back seat of an Uber with a Nuclear Bomb he has to disarm in 48 hours?

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All this done with a great splash of humor. Sit back relax and enjoy the ride. I won't spoil the plot, you'll have to find that out yourself if you can sit through the entire piece. Keep an open mind and if you're a fan of inventive little independent films this one's a great choice. Can't go wrong with the storyline of an unsuspecting guy getting into an Uber with a bomb! Thoroughly enjoyed! The actors did a good job too! That means at least three fewer fight scenes (got old after a while) with less death or pseudo-drama that killed the feel/tone of the movie, slowing down or just bringing to a screeching halt the timbre of the comedy. There's hope for Hollywood yet! It's a fun, fast-paced movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. Don't take this movie and its characters too seriously. Hey, this is worth a watch. Only time will tell but I place my bets on Boris staying the Bomb for decades to come. Entertaining, will get you chuckling. There's a surprising amount of action for an indie film in this spirited comedy. or offer anything in general worth seeing. I loved watching the “Boris” character! Not sure if it was more Kronmiller or McLean who was more to blame for this one not being better or if they equally at fault. Add to that some great characters playing off each other, including the mafia – why not go big on the threats encountered when you have a nuclear bomb as a character in the film. Overall, Boris and the Bomb is great indie watch! This seemed like a good premise and creative plot….. This is a fun action film, like “Spy” but not with that huge million dollar budget, these filmmakers have done a lot on a little. He makes Boris likable. But this one needed more of the funny. Tons of laughs, I reccomend this film. Check out Boris and the Bomb if you're looking to enjoy yourself. Boris has a bomb, a severe problem, and a dedicated Yuber (not Uber) driver. Acting was good for indie film and the plot fun to watch. I will definitely watch it again. Make your popcorn, sit back on the couch, and escape into the world of Boris and The Bomb! Great choreography! This is a good Airplane/zaniness piss take type comedy, but it could've been great. J. Anthony McCarthy is agile and can kick butt for his size. Budget couldn't stop them from doing what they love and I enjoyed every second of the ride! It's a perfect example of the excellence that can be found if indie films have the talent behind them and this one certainly does. I laughed out loud more than a few times! I thoroughly enjoyed watching this fun treat of a film! Some recognizable faces and some new ones deliver a good watch. I enjoyed the story, action and acting. I got involved with the characters and cheered on Boris throughout his adventure. Boris and the Bomb had all of the action one would expect from a film about a nuclear bomb, plus so much more. Suggest you give it a miss even if you are extremely desperate. Our times are so messed up right now. Boris and the Bomb is a Comedic version of the Television Show Homeland or 24 where the hero is supposedly inept and past his prime. But this is not the slow moving drama that you picture when you think of an “indie film”. Boris and the Bomb is so good you won't believe it unless you watch it! The ingredients are all there: absurd premise, former KGB officer who is CLEARLY not Russian; factions left & right with characters jumping from one to the other, and a good grasp for this brand of absurdist & slapstick humor.

In these times I would recommend you put it on your list. Director David P. Kronmiller did a fantastic job. Clearly the entire cast and crew of this film are really going for it here and are holding nothing back, which I love. Off the wall comedic concept with fun action set pieces. I highly recommend this film. It really does, with a great scene in the Uber. There is no comedy and the acting is extremely poor. Nice effort though. Like action movies?

Enjoy! Boris and the Bomb was indeed a fun comedic action pack film. All of the actors did a great job. There's a great hook, fun action, and laughs packed into this film. I particularly enjoyed the fight scenes. It's a blast, a must see for film lovers. J. Anthony McCarthy is spot on as Boris, and Faran Tahir steals every scene he's in. For a microbudget movie, there's a lot going on. Well done folks!! Great time if you're watching with friends which I how watched it, with beers! It's a light-hearted action-comedy that's full of heart (if that makes sense). The movie paces well, and we don't experience dull moments. This was such a fun film! Fully recommend!! Maybe that's what the director and producers wanted but the mix of comic slapstyle and serious dramatic scenarios along with seemingly amateurish actors and acting doesn't seem like good shtick. What fun.

J. Anthony McCarthy shines as the boisterous, lovable “Boris” in this comedic, apocalyptic tale of triumph!!! The fight scenes were believable and the music and editing were on point. Boris, who has a bomb (lol), takes us on a ride through out the film overcoming various obstacles in his quest to defuse the bomb. The movie entertains us through a fast-moving plot and a landscape dotted with new and outrageous characters. Full of hysterical characters, twists you won't see coming, and wonderful comedic performances, this really impressed me. I needed that. Funny and really great action. Quirky for sure. I had a ball with this movie! Beyond the awesome action sequences, the film dives into the personal lives of its characters twisting the story together in unexpected directions. But it seems Kronmiller wasn't sure whether to go all in on the humor or try to carry out the actual story line to some reasonable conclusion. “Boris and the Bomb” is a fun, “do-it-yourself” style of filmmaking that must be seen to be believed!!! The filmmakers did a great job of giving it a high end production look.

Boris and The Bomb is a fun romp that starts on the streets of Los Angeles. The incredibly charming character of Boris must defuse a bomb and we are on this ride with him the whole way. I sat through the first 55mins but had to turn it off after that. Here's to hoping they don't stop here and their next project gets the money it deserves. It was good. The plot of Boris and the Bomb gets very complex. Kudos to the camera operator! What's not to like? The filmmakers poured their heart and soul into this and it shows. Totally unexpected. I miss big and bold action comedy movies like this and it's even more remarkable that this is an independent production. I'll admit I was a little lost for some of it, but considering the depth of the project, I'm impressed with the overall result. I thought it was well written with a plot that held my interest. But honestly I was not sure what I was going to watch. The Velocipastor rates 10 times better then this garbage. I was attracted to this film because it had good reviews. At the center is a lovable loser just trying to do the right thing, but he gets mixed up in some bizarre intrigue that spans generations. Between the title, the poster, and the trailer, I was hooked on Boris and the Bomb. But hey, in isolation so gave it a try. but was painful to watch. So this rates just a 5, for barely watchable, a generous score and just above a 4, unwatchable. The action/editing is done surprisingly well with higher budget movies still missing this mark. I was also super impressed by the cast this indie film was able to assemble. Good luck. The director kept a good pace with spot on comic timing pacing. The action scenes were particularly enjoyable!! The cast was fun and it was just a blast from beginning to end! This has that as well. The whole film was just so amateurish and made no attempt to hide it….. Humor? This film made me forget and have a good time for a while. Great performances all round. Two thumbs up from me. I love when an action film is infused with comedy and neither elements take away from each other – and that's exactly what this movie got right! Are you watching Boris and the Bomb? Or you are finding some site where you can watch Boris and the Bomb full movie free? You have it you can watch Boris and the Bomb in HD without buffering from any location on any IPhone/ Android / Tab / PC! Just one free account and you are ready to watch Boris and the Bomb in HD absolutely free! Watch Boris and the Bomb and enjoy Action.If you have watched Boris and the Bomb, you can read or write the film review on Boris and the Bomb on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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