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Movie: Batman vs. Robin (2015)
Genre: ,
Director: Jay Oliva
Date of Release: 14 Apr 2015
Duration: 80
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10
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About Batman vs. Robin (2015)

Damian Wayne is having a hard time coping with his father's "no killing" rule. Meanwhile, Gotham is going through hell with threats such as the insane Dollmaker, and the secretive Court of Owls.

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Damian is somehow even MORE insufferable than he was in “Son of Batman,” I swear the voice actor got worse (to the point that I had to check to see if they recast. It's not neglected, while not taking over too much of the story that it neglects the conflict, and has the heart, emotion and tension that 'Son of Batman' did not have so it was easier to invest in it. Excellent animation, story, character development, dialogues, action and also bad-ass moments of batman. These audio commentaries are a good insight into the making of the overall film, and these guys have all done one of these in the past, so they know what to talk about.

On the whole, 'Batman vs Robin' rocks! However, Damian finds himself struggling to cope with his father's “no- killing” policy due to the philosophical form of combat training he received under Ra's al Ghul. However when the “no kill” rule is one of the major rifts between Batman and Robin then it doesn't work to have Batman play fast and loose with it the same time he's chastising Robin for wanting to break it. Damian gets mixed up with a powerful group of vigilantes, like Batman known as Owls. Very fast-paced/suspenseful, but still maintained a good plot. Batman vs robin is too misleading title for the movie . However, while this movie did not follow a comic arc or should even be considered canon, it was an excellent movie. This is one of those rare exceptions that actually develops Batman beyond the persona of the brooding jerk that he's acquired in recent years. The Following is my review of Batman vs Robin. Nightwing returns in a bigger role than the last movie and acts as the voice of reason during the story.

7/10 Loosely based on Scott Snyder's terrible Court of Owls story from the comics. It blends both the factors, most efficiently. I find the court of owls very creepy . ) But on the other hand it also feels like they were trying too hard to be dark and it reeks a bit of realism and trying too hard to make Batman horror. Robin' is a little rushed in places, complicated occasionally and Talon's real motivation is anti-climactically handled. Damian must choose between being the assassin he was trained to be or becoming Batman's son. he's just not great as Bruce. I still remain a critic of Jason O'Mara's nasally Batman. “Batman vs Robin” is a Sequel to the 2014 DC animated movie “Son of Batman” and while i definitely enjoyed watching that one i didn't really think it was good.

(-'s) 1. The title doesn't fit. Not terrible but there's very little distinction between the two in terms of the vocal performance (certainly in contrast to somebody like Kevin Conroy. Oh and for parents who may care: this movie, like most of the recent DC animated movies, is full of violence, coarse language, and as much nudity and sexuality as they can get away with. The fights are insane and are creative. In the end, Batman vs Robin is an excellent addition to the DC animated series as well as is something every Batman fan will appreciate. Batman, meanwhile, is the stern, unyielding figure that he almost always is, never letting Damian out of his sight and keeping him close, more than a little paranoid about Damian's upbringing within the League of Shadows. After seeing Son of Batman, I was looking forward to Batman vs Robin.

This story was written by J.M. DeMatteis based on the comic book from Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder. This film follows “Son of Batman.” Some of the voice acting is very good (Robin, Talon) and some pretty bad (especially Batman. As a result of this philosophical conflict between Damian, and Bruce Wayne, Damian is forced into a lifestyle of isolation. I want to see Stuart Allan (who voices Damien/Robin) in more stuff, as well as Jason O'Mara (who voices Bruce/Batman). The action is also pretty good. The twists in the tale as well as its action-sequences, are so well-structured. Jay Oliva's Direction offers some of the most brilliant animation I've in seen in recent times.

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You are here to watch Batman vs. Robin which is absolutely free here! You can watch Batman vs. Robin in HD absolutely free no buffering superfast server. You can watch the film Batman vs. Robin online on this site no restriction on any device IPhone Androyed Tab and so on from any location. You need just a free account to watch Batman vs. Robin in HD on your favorite device. But here he's a little more like an actual child and it works for the most part especially when Bruce tries to build a relationship with him. It's worth bringing special mention to it because villains have been a major weak point for films in this continuity.

-I didn't really care much for the music, but it seemed above par for an animated Batman film.

The story can be a little complicated once in a while with its many characters whose motives are seem a little rushed or difficult to put together, but Batman, Damian and Talon are well developed and as it all revolves around their individual backstories and the mysterious secret society, The Court of Owls, it makes an interconnectedness which is excuting and engaging. Which runs at 11 minutes.

Damian, too, gets a story arc, but not one that's as subtle. The first film suffered from a weak story and dialogue and overall felt like a neutered adaptation of the comics. The audio commentary is covered by Mike Carlin the creative director, Jay Oliva the director of the film, and James Tucker the supervising producer for the DC animated films and TV shows. Sean Maher โ€“ Dick Grayson / Nightwing, has done an impressive job. Did not jump the shark-not unbelievable like anything Morrison would write. I am not claiming the story is bad, it certainly is not, but after recent DC animated efforts like The Flashpoint Paradox, War, and Throne of Atlantis, this film is easily a step down in terms of story. So think about that, as well as the overly complicated plot only the initiated can follow, before you subject your kids to this. Complete nonsense The story and action are linked in a very powerful way๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ After watching the first one, Son Of Batman and not being disappointed I continued to this one, an all together good movie that I throughly enjoyed, with the cool villains, which I feel like don't get used enough, and to be honest unless your a mega fan of DC your won't really know them. He doesn't know if they're lab creations, some kind of undead, or innocent people infected with something but not knowing that doesn't stop him from blowing one up. It has the same faults that quite a number of the DC animated films have, that it needed to be about 10 minutes longer in order for the many characters and the many things going on in the story to be effective.

The writing, in general is pretty decent and the voice actors do a great job portraying these characters especially Jason O'Mara who is probably my second favorite Batman by now, after Kevin Conroy of course. Action in a vacuum can't save a bad product. And while the title is misleading, I still enjoyed myself quite a bit. The story is a mess that only skirts the edges of making sense. I also liked that they had one of each type of Batman villain, a complete psycho and an organization trying to take order through chaos. Based on the New 52, where Bruce Wayne has a son raised by Talia, the Daughter of Ras Al Ghul (his greatest villain in my opinion) who has shall we say, a difference of opinion in how to battle bad guys.

-An entertaining, more mature take on a Batman comic that keeps the audience interested the entire time? This film included a lot of Batman flashbacks and questions vigilante justice as being no better than the criminals, but not too hard. It felt a little slow, but it's also a short movie.

Everything in this movie is way better than Son of Batman, but has its flaws. The first is that the Court of Owls' true motivation for recruiting Damian is rather anticlimactic, and it brings the tug-of-war going on between them and Batman for Damian's trust to an abrupt and disappointing end. This makes the story on a different level, relatable to viewers. The Court of Owls are the big baddies this time and they're creepy and menacing.

Overall, I think the film is worth a watch. With the story of the film falling short, it is good to know that the action and the quality animation keeps our interest over the course of this eighty minute film. It was a huge retcon-heavy piece of crap. The story for this movie is about a secret vigilante organization named the Court of Owls that tries to use Batman's son (and current Robin) Damian to get at Batman. Knowing all the lore and stories, I am especially critical of movies or comics. The same can be said of Batman vs Robin.

-Other than that I don't know what else to judge, mainly because I know little about the comic it is based on.

Voice acting is very well done.

Batman vs. Robin Watch Online Free in HD

Are you watching Batman vs. Robin? Or you are finding some site where you can watch Batman vs. Robin full movie free? You have it you can watch Batman vs. Robin in HD without buffering from any location on any IPhone/ Android / Tab / PC! Just one free account and you are ready to watch Batman vs. Robin in HD absolutely free! Watch Batman vs. Robin and enjoy Action. Robin holds a PG-13 rating for a good amount of language, violence, and suggestive material throughout. The guy who plays Nightwing (Original Robin gone independent) was good. Look, having Batman stretch his “no kill” rule because they victims aren't truly human isn't automatically a bad thing. But I will take entertaining story that stretches credibility over a slog that justifies characters I hate because they're more “real.” Very good. Either way, I didn't like it. Could you imagine if they made a live action version of this movie? The voice acting is also great. Love animation and have really enjoyed to loved many superhero films, animated and live-action. Son of Batman and Assault on Arkham were some of the worst animated movies DC has recently produced in my opinion. Batman vs Robin is a sequel to Son of Batman and is the 4th(5th if u count Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox) animated movie in the DCAFU. Unlike Son of Batman, Robin is front and center. The sequel is also based on parts of the comic book ” Court of Owls” from the “Night of the Owls” Storyline and as someone who read the comic i must say that it combines those two stories pretty good. There's some decent action in the last quarter that helps in a “turn off your brain and enjoy it” sort of way but it's ultimately just one of those things that's worth watching once and then forgetting. Really though most of the credit has to go to Jeremy Sisto, who does fantastic voice work and his casting adds a certain bit of meta-textual weight because he voiced Batman back in New Frontier. The second reason is that early on, Batman thinks Damian killed someone, even though any fool would be able to look the situation over and easily be able to tell that Damian was guiltless. He's also superior to the comic book character on which he's based because they changed his back-story into something that isn't just stupid on it's face. The detailed animation, the atmospheric music score, the voice acting and most of all the many sides of the characters that are shown throughout the movie's runtime. There are some very nice detailed backgrounds, the characters are designed well and the colours are dynamic and atmospheric.

Bruce has trouble with controlling his son Damian in his recklessness when they goes out to fight criminals.

-The story was well told and, although sometimes forced, compelling.

I will also be going over the Blu-Ray special features as well. Good movie for fathers and sons to watch together or for any Batman and Robin fan alike. So the writers realized that it would be better to make him more likable than in the first movie where he was basically an almost unbearable prick.

I only have two complaints about this movie. There is no place for boredom here. I honestly wouldn't pay to see it because of the overall darker tone though. Wiedmann scored previous DC animated films such as Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Son of Batman, and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. This is just more back story on the many Talons over the course of generations and what they all do. I'm not that knowledgeable on The Court of the Owls, but after watching the special features on the Blu-Ray for this film, it sounds like an interesting idea. There was a lot of fighting as expected. As Bruce Wayne tightens the noose around Damian's freedom, Damian is sought out by a member of the Court of Owls. That is why I didn't enjoy it as much. The movie is full of Easter eggs so keep a close eye out. But it should have been more DC animated, when it comes to superhero toons, rules. Robin continues to struggle with his father's lifestyle and no kill rule.

The animation is very good, often great.

Vocal-Performances are also superb. I'm watching them more out of obligation and a desperate hope that they'll get good again than anything else. If you have watched Batman vs. Robin, you can read or write the film review on Batman vs. Robin on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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