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Movie: Bait (2000)
Genre: , ,
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Date of Release: 15 Sep 2000
Duration: 119
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10
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Disgusting. Of course the idea is pretty much out there… Finally, I enjoyed how “Bait” never let up from the beginning to the end. Burn it. To make his character a supporting ‘hero’ effectively makes the following arguments to the audience (the validity of which I comment on in parentheses): For the sake of 42 million dollars of stolen gold, government agents may ignore the Constitution of the United States and 1. Torture; 2. Deny medical care to suspected criminals; 3. Threaten informants with summary execution; 4. Fail to advise the accused of their rights and deny access to their attorneys (Is there any lawyer there representing the Jamie Foxx character anywhere anytime in this film? Even Jamie Kennedy is in this movie. And when the action heats up, the tripod for the camera must have been lost, for the scenes wobble more than those in The Blair Witch Project, and I find myself nauseated, and once again I want to hurl. just kill me now, or do the right thing and promise me that somehow I’ll never have to watch a movie that is this bad, ever again. So when it turned out to be a full-on big time movie with lots of action, great characters (including a host of well done supporting roles), true love, a government conspiracy and some genuine laugh-out-loud moments, I WAS PLEASANTLY SURPRISED! Somewhat funny and well-paced action thriller that has Jamie Foxx as a hapless, fast-talking hoodlum who is chosen by an overly demanding U.S. Treasury Agent (David Morse) to be released on the streets of New York to find a picky computer thief/hacker (Doug Hutchinson), who stole forty-two million dollars from the treasury and left two guards shot dead. ) 5. Assault a convict in order to engage in experimentation during consequent surgery; 6. Engage in close survey of innocent citizens without warrant; including implanted communications and tracking devices, wire-tapping, and audio-voyeurism during suspect’s sexual activities; 7. Commit to a policy of killing innocent citizens in order to kill a suspected criminal; 8. Commit to the intention to kill a suspected criminal without arrest, trial, conviction, or judgment; 9. Commandeer the municipal police of NYC without respect to the rights of the state or municipality. Plus the bomb scene with the treasury agent tied to a chair while the detonator rests on the door was pretty nifty. “Bait” is a film that will appeal to everyone young and old and for those who like dramatic scenes as well as comedic scenes. The first thing was the villainous character played by Doug Hutchison. Morse is okay as the agent who comes up with the ingenious plan to get whoever did it at all cost. 4. You try to be a good movie, but you failed, you FAILED, YOU FAILED! I would rather walk barefoot across the Sahara with a pack full of beef jerky and no water, no sunscreen, and only Meryl Streep for company. I gave it a 5 and I was way too generous. – well, since is frame of reference and sum of cinematic knowledge & of life apparently stretches all the way back to DIE HARD – that’s what we get – warmed over DIE HARD. But instead of a smirking Bruce Willis (at least original in the beginning) with sarcastic comments to uncut the tension and make it more real – in this case, substitute “hip-hop/street” in the guise of Jamie Foxx – Jamie certainly tries hard but maybe Spike Lee was right in his comments about Africian Americans and their “minstrel” movie roles. Story: Alvin Sanders(Jamie Foxx) is former convict that is used by a no-nonsense Treasury agent Edgar(David Morse) as a pawn to catch a killer named Bristol(Doug Hutchinson). Alvin’s every moves are tracked by a bug implanted in his jaw after an accident. Foxx teams up with comedian Epps in this movie to give it a comedic spin. And the second thing you notice is that right after Pastorelli dies in the film, the film falls flat on its face, and goes from watchable, to joke worthy. I’ll admit that I was entertained. 1. You try to be funny, but are corny and unenjoyable; every joke is predictable and expected, and when it comes, does not inspire laughter. No doubt he is great as a music video director – flashing images on the screen as the song tells the story – but you cannot build a movie on just flashing images – since he cannot tell a story and have no ideas how people talk to each other – his movies and this one, BAIT is completely devoid of anything remotely resembling a movie. Doesn’t work, does it? It was also exciting the way the FBI was able to keep track of Jamie’s character. Well, it has possibilities, the Treasury Department decides to use a relatively innocent decoy as a dupe in drawing out a hacker – adventures and attempts at humor ensues. If you just enjoy sitting back and laughing, with a little bit of adrenaline rush, rent this movie. In fact, he’s the only thing that really holds together Bait, which at best, seems like a direct-to-video that only made it to the screen due to Foxx. All in all Bait is not a bad movie by a long shot. Finally, I enjoyed how “Bait” never let up from the beginning to the end. Directing is well done. Everything he does After Collateral, he is watchable, tolerable, even endearing, but in this, Booty Call, and Breaking all the rules, he’s too smug, too annoying, and eventually someone you couldn’t care less about. It’s worth seeing it you haven’t seen it. This and The Replacement Killers are the movies that had people labeling the director Antoine Fuqua as the black Michael Bay. But that isn’t what crushes the movie – what crushes it is it makes no sense at all and insults our intelligence at every level. Once gets over on the cops in one standout scene, you will. He’s then used as bait to bring down gold heister Hutchinson. Alvin is a fast-talker that is a lot smarter than he lets on.

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There are several things I enjoyed about “Bait.” What format did Antoine Fuqua decide to tell this story? The first thing was the villainous character played by Doug Hutchison. Its never boring, its always funny and I wasn’t checking my watch every minute. Not to mention Jamie never seems to acknowledge the timing of a joke. In Bait Jamie Foxx plays an ex-con being used without his knowledge as lure for a dangerous criminal. But it was still entertaining especially for a Sunday morning. Alvin even eventually proves himself to be much more than a good-humored but passive or one-dimensional character when he shows that he is not nearly as easily manipulated as he may seem. The problem I have with some comedians who decide to try acting is that they favor getting laughs over being in character. George Bush, too. That should count for something. – nope. He’s fun, sexy, has a likeable air around him, and generally gives good comedic delivery. Definetly worth a watch. As Alvin tries to change his life, he becomes an unwitting pawn caught between the murderous Bristol and the uptight, hard-nosed Clenteen…. Also, each cast member brings something special to “Bait,” which makes it much more dramatic and funny film. PS: to the reviewer that claimed this movie is too violent…. Now, some people say this is just your standard genuine popcorn movie- and they’re right. I thought Jamie Foxx was really funny. Like Albert Brooks said in an interview discussing his character in “Taxi Driver,” it’s important to be funny as your character, rather than be funny as a comedian. A prime example of Jamie violating that rule is the nauseatingly awful scene where his mug shots are being taken, and he starts posing for the photographs like a model. Both him and Jamie had some funny moments on screen. I enjoyed Kimberly Elise’s performance, she certainly a beautiful actress and seems to take her craft seriously. – this might constitute a spoiler alert if anybody cares but in one instance, they think he needs money so they dress up an undercover agent as a mailman and hand him a check – I hope they didn’t shutdown the set to spend all day to think of this one. He was better here than he was as Looney Bin Jim in Punisher: War Zone. The second thing I enjoyed was the fact that the script seemed to be so unique in what was being played out on screen. I don’t know how the movie was promoted, but I would actually describe it as a comedy before an action film. Restore the Constitution of the United States, including its sacred Bill of Rights! He was very funny in “Next Friday,” and he lends a good supporting hand in this one too. Morse is okay, but you see his character in every hard nosed agent from 1993 to 2005, and Hutchinson isn’t t a very good villain. (3)The non-stop Jamie Foxx schtick. And I have to say: while LBS is supported by the acting of Bruce Willis, this movie is founded on the acting of each actor. This is not a movie that I would have to see over and over again, then again there are very few movies that good. Another awful sequence is one where Jamie is on the unwittingly on the phone with the villain, and he starts doing a phony Caribbean accent. Weirdo. ALl this in 2000, before the horrid Bush regime?! And I enjoyed it a lot.

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Or that the Treasury Department has a whole special underground computer facility with a hundred agents working on this case but of course, the few that come in contact with Jamie Foxx undercover are the same ones he sees over and over again. 5 out of 10 “Bait” is the type of film that makes you say “Wow!!!! I thought it was highly entertaining; it was fun. In real life, normal people don’t always have witty comebacks and quips. However, fellow “Green Mile” star Doug Hutchison is disgustingly over-the-top as the villain. Even in “Bait,” he shows he can direct a hell of an action sequence. None of these things offer innovation and make the movie pretty stale. She plays her role well. CONCLUSION: No one should own this movie. And why does he have to do those stupid voices at every chance he gets? I also liked how the evil guy was portrayed too. If a joke is funny, it’s funny. To get to this conclusion, I compared that flick to Last Boy Scout, because it’s basically almost the same background. If you enjoy the short “cinematics” between video game play – this is the movie for you. I swear, Jamie mugs so much in this movie that I’m surprised his face didn’t fall off. I’m a big fan of Jamie Foxx. Acting is good. Doesn’t fit. I have to agree with most of the other posts. How long have you been living under a rock? If you don’t buy rent it for a good time. If you want reality watch the news. Was it a comedy? The only flaw of the movie is the some of the attempts at a thriller fall flat. There are several things I enjoyed about “Bait.” 2. You try to be dramatic, but are unbelievable; the woman overacts to a terrible degree, and the “bad guy” looks like Bill Gates, and is about as scary as… The scenario at the horse race track is way over-the-top but I couldn’t look away. Ah, Bait. His character is the second villain since Will Patton’s Gen. If people told me five years ago that Jamie Foxx was one day going to win an Oscar, I would laugh right in their faces. In New York, how many times do you run into someone you know in downtown Cleveland. If it’s not funny, then doing some crazy accent is not going to make it any funnier. Unless you’re a die-hard fan of Foxx, please don’t take the bait. This hell would be lovelier than a single minute more spent watching everyone in Bait overact their way through an idiotically written story with Bill Gates for a bad guy, and let’s not even talk about the massive bomb that goes off in a car that Jamie Foxx’s character has just driven OFF A CLIFF, but somehow manages to escape… ) As for Jamie Foxx, well, just watching him try to deliver a dramatic and heartfelt dialogue is ludicrous, and makes me want to hurl. And since the victim of most of these crimes is a Black man, do we detect just a little racism here? If you accept everything at face value, the director apparently made of list of shots he would like to see in a movie – mostly music video shots like helicopter infra-red shots of Manhatten, a tanker skidding on a wet street, people typing on computers, a taxi hitting a Porsche on a wet street, an alley footchase through (get ready) a wet street or places that make no sense like a racetrack (just to be “original.” Jamie Foxx’s character is the only worthwhile reason to sit through this pedestrian action/comedy effort. David Morse’s character needs to be hauled before a congressional committed, arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to several life-term in prison, running consecutively (meaning, one life after another, just in case he has several), without probation.

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