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Movie: Appleseed (2004)
Genre: ,
Director: Shinji Aramaki, Steven Foster
Date of Release: 17 Apr 2004
Duration: 101
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10
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About Appleseed (2004)

In a utopian society created at the end of the third world war, a female warrior who has been plucked from the badlands begins to see cracks in this new facade. And what does this community have planned for the rest of humankind?

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Based on a manga though, the movie tries to cram too much information and background into too short a time, something Akira also suffered from. She's captured by a militaristic organization known as “E-SWAT”, who take her to Olympus, which she didn't know existed. To continue with the complaining I also found 90% of the music absolutely horrible… The anime industry is in a boom period right now, and the direction it is going to wavering between good, solid, accurate subtitles that leave the original actors who actually care about performance, and bad Disneyfied recordings with sub par actors who ham it up like old 70's cartoons. The range of emotions expressed through the CG is impressive; and motion capture has worked beautifully into the film, making it a seamless viewing experience. Voice actors frequently have to rattle off very long stretches of explanatory dialogue–this continues throughout the length of the film. If your new to Anime then you can forgive the clichés, if your a big fan then you'll be awe-struck by the impressive production values.

Human beings (grudgingly) coexist with the Bioroids, human androids, who are slowly becoming the majority, already with one serving as the city's prime minister. And the music is kinda uninspiring. Their heads can't grow big when they yell, a single drop of sweat can't appear on the temple of their foreheads when they are embarrassed and a flashing colored background can't run behind them when they transform or become excited.

All in all the most impressive anime movie I have seen so far, that is if it could be seen as an anime? It seemed interesting enough, albeit a little overdone filled with established sci-fi cliché's, but something that could sustain my interest for a little while if properly done. I wonder if it would look better with pure 3d characters ala Squares Advent Children.

Still, even though the story was growing more problematic by the minute, I found myself being slightly wrapped up in the climax. Astonishing film.

If you don't buy the story, then at least “Appleseed” will draw you in by using its lush, beautiful animation and graphics, which are surely the next stage in the evolution of Anime'. The plot is convincing, if not wholly original, and fans of Philip K. Dick may spot some of the scattered references to “Blade Runner.” I've seen futuristic cityscapes in black-and-white episodes of the original “Astro Boy” that impress me far more than anything in APPLESEED. It's the quality of the detail, not the quantity.

Appleseed is none too different then the usual cliché. You will notice right away that it's beautiful. This movie astonished me in two ways. Appleseed makes a nice statement about the belligerence of mankind as well as just offering us pretty pictures and amazing action. Though when it does, the plot twists and turns and action scenes are truly exhilarating.

It's sort of a misnomer to call this an anime; like the first talking picture, Appleseed is something new entirely.

But the creators of this new Appleseed movie still kept many of the story elements and character mannerisms that are convention to other anime. And I also liked much of the art style and how it called back to all the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk anime and manga of the late 80s/Early 90s. The environments and characters really seemed like living, breathing versions of the ones in Akira and Ghost in the Shell. The entire audience actually burst into laughter. It feels like many of the scenes are presented in the wrong order, which necessitates lots of backtracking where the characters basically have to explain what's going on – i.e. lots of boring talk which could have been avoided if the director had just found a way to let the story speak for itself. Your humble reviewer used to review films professionally (back when dinosaurs walked the earth) and also worked in Hollywood for a short term. The friend asked, what is your favorite?

That said, if you like last generation visual animation, good sound and a lot of action this is *the* movie for you. Pile on top of that a terrible script, and you're left with a shell of the original movie. This film has the production values and attention to detail present in films like The Matrix. The director was actually present at the screening I attended and he raised this question as well. An English soundtrack would have made all the difference here.

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Have you watched Appleseed yet ? A brand new Action film of 2020! You can watch Appleseed in HD right here completely free create a free account and watch your favorite Action films anytime anywhere from any device free! Watch Appleseed from IPhone, Android, Tab and smart TV in HD quality. No buffering maximum quality insured across Europ and North America! Seeing as Appleseed was not made and does not look like any traditional anime at all why should it be considered as one? With the cell-shaded CGI you are experiencing anime style characters existing in an environment much more like the real world then 2D hand-drawn anime. I needn't have worried about how the film looked; it looks fantastic and the action is very dynamic. What the? This cg/cell style anime is the most incredible i've seen. As a whole product, it's graphical presentation rivals that of great 2D animation features. But they just didn't work in this form of animation. Characters have varying depth, and some felt like they needed a bit of fleshing out. The chase scene at the beginning is incredibly beautiful with it's shattering statues and slow motion fighting. Deunan Knute is still caught up in the fighting until she is plucked from the wasteland and taken to the city of Olympus. I would like something original like maybe our hero is a nobody and has no special significance to the story and had worthless or just regular parents and nothing more. I should also briefly comment on the music. Exposition was handled extremely sloppily in my opinion, with vast amounts of information being reeled off in a couple of scenes that threw off the pacing of the whole movie and were just plain boring to watch. Maybe we are looking at a new genre in animated movies. What killed it for me, however, is that the further you go into the film, the more melodramatic it becomes. Here's hoping that in another 10-15 years it will get a decent treatment, or that the movie will inspire an excellent TV adaptation like Ghost in the Shell did. The first anime I saw that finally used motion capture instead of animation. Some things are blurred or shaded or unseen or out of focus. I'll give this a 7/10. I can't say how much in fact the plot has earned these points, but if you like visual effects and fast-paced fighting scenes you're probably going to like this. For fans of traditional anime I suppose this animation method is a bit like cheating (they've recorded real actors' movements, translated these to 3D models and then “cartoon shaded” the models) but when it yields results as good as when the landmates (?) attack the bioroids' headquarter it's hard not to see the advantages. At the same time the Bioroids, beings who are supposedly without emotion, appear far more human than the main protagonists. As the plot turned more and more into a standard action movie, i felt my attention slipping, until in the end i was so bored that I was almost glad that it was over.

This is a work of love, a commitment to total quality. The plot turns out to be something like a war between the rebel faction and the official government, in a race against time to see who'll survive and how. Hopefully next time, we get a good and original story. If I ever get another dog, I intend to name the animal either Deunan — which sounds so wonderfully Scottish, it could be the next Mel Gibson movie — or Briareos, which is one of the few names I can recall that sounds longer than it actually is. The animation is to die for, especially the eyes. What takes getting used to is the cell shading of the characters. Deunan, the movie's heroine, is rescued by agents of Olympus and inducted into their elite law enforcement unit, ESWAT, alongside her former lover, Briareos, who is now a full blown cyborg with barely anything human left in his metal and plastic body. If you're going to watch it in the movie- please bring along a pair of earmuffs. But it's still a wonderful first stepped toward new possibilities in both Japanese and world animation. Appleseed(2004)

Review: This is the new wave. Talking to an old friend (they are all old at this point) I mentioned that the biggest surprise and pleasure to me at my stage of life was discovering Japanese animation, and I had lately been watching a number of features and series, many in the original Japanese with subs, in fact.

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The first of which came when the character Hitomi, an emotionally engineered “Bioriod,” wonders what it would be like if she was able to love, leading a soft piano chord to swell onto the soundtrack. The soul of anime is slowly slipping away. He dies, then miraculously is alive again because the amour that he is has shut down before he dies. At first I couldn't put my finger on it but eventually I realised that there was no motion blur.

The Last Word: It's worth looking at, but that's it. Immediately, you think of the films of Hayao Miyazaki, “Ghost in the Shell” (1995), and Katsuhiro Otomo's “Akira” (1988).

“Appleseed,” the latest addition to the list of groundbreaking Anime' films in the last 10 years, is yet another skillful advance in the world of Japanese animation. Horrible. Sure. So anyone there was there because they love these types of movies. First of all, this piece is brilliantly animated.

7/10 Well, not funny ha-ha but at least interesting. There are all kinds of hip “camera movements”. some sort of crap techno nu-metal equivalent.

But the distracting and embarrassing clichés in Appleseed seem to come from this new art style. Appleseed is not only perhaps the ultimate expression of Shirow's vision, it is very possibly the first step toward completely realistic digital film-making, where we won't need flesh and blood actors anymore at all.

All these problems coupled together created a pretty bad experience, and the audience I was with agreed, laughing throughout at the film. The twist of this movie is that we are tricked into rooting for 1984ish Brave New World. But it is indeed as review. All of the mechanized characters are realized flawlessly, from the super-cool all-white battlesuits the police wear to the sinister robots that attack the SWAT headquarters.

2) The backgrounds and other aspects of the design are way too detailed.

For example, our hero is the ultimate fighter, has special parents, is significant to our story, and cliché villainy. This movie looks absolutely stunning, no doubt about it. The result was fast-moving action was extremely jarring and disorienting to watch.

Animation: 10/10 Story: 6/10 I should note first that I'm not the biggest anime fan. Therefore, when major revelations about the characters are made, or huge plots wrap up, the feeling behind it is one of confusion and pointlessness. Even a limited amount of motion blue here would have helped greatly. Some bold lines here, a block of black there, a wash of color here, all tastefully and delicately applied to suggest a more detailed setting.

I rate this an 8/10 because i did enjoy it thoroughly. Wow. It's a bit like a complex video game world, except that the artistry is cranked up to 11. If you're at all a fan of that look, or you like immersing yourself in filmic fantasy worlds, Appleseed is worth a view for the visuals alone.

This film has a plot that's not greatly different from past adventures: a rebel female soldier, Deunan Knute, is captured at the beginning of the movie after a fierce battle in the ruins of a large city.

The movie reminded me of the Korean anime “Wonderful Days”, which also had great visuals but the story just didn't fit seamless. The animation is outstanding.

The horribly cliché-ridden “emotional” scenes don't really help either. If you have watched Appleseed, you can read or write the film review on Appleseed on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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