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Movie: Adventure Boyz (2019)
Genre: ,
Director: Howard J. Ford
Date of Release: 21 Feb 2020
Duration: 93
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10
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About Adventure Boyz (2019)

When two boys on BMX and their Speedway racing Dad, come up against a notorious crime boss (Jon Campling ‘Harry Potter’s infamous ‘Death Eater’) and his criminal gang who have stolen a hoard of Diamonds from England’s Largest Castle, a chain of events is set off that will change their lives forever. .. With bumbling goons now in hot pursuit, the boys secretly bring stolen diamonds back into the family home, but the police are onto them too and the boys unwittingly get their Dad arrested for the crime. A race against time ensues with Dad in jail and Mum on the warpath, it’s down to the boys on their BMX bikes to use all their physical skills to prove who the real thieves are and to get their Dad out of jail in time for his final speedway race! From Multi-Award winning Director Howard J Ford, 'Adventure Boyz' is a Family film with lots of action, plenty of laughs and a positive message for kids that there are more adventures in life if you 'Get off that device, and get out there'!

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Get off your device and go and find your adventure!

Highly recommended viewing for families.

The boys venture out through the beautiful English countryside on their bikes. It is cool how the two boys, Sam and younger brother Jake (Rory Ford, Felix Ford) work together to solve a mystery. I know when I'm more confident, I tend to do better at something, like when I'm singing, dancing and acting. I was the first reviewer of the film for Film and TV Now and it is so pleasing to see so many people warming to the film.

I love one of the bad guys in the story-one of the antagonists.

Hot on their heels are the criminal mastermind gang behind the half-a-million-pound diamond discovery. Well done to the amazing director,cast and crew. Reminiscent of films like The Goonies and Home Alone it's a film that both children and adults will adore. Seven Sisters.

Great to see the local area being used in a film – just proves you don't need a massive budget to make people smile.

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 9 to 14, but even older kids and some adults may like it. The characters were all so great and really made you engage with the film.

Beautifully shot in the countryside of South East England near the directors own home, this is a thoroughly enjoyable family film with an underlying message to the current generation to get outside and have some fun and adventure. Excellent work from a very talented director. The other antagonist is the complete opposite; he is very focused and very serious about his job. I was lucky enough to be invited to a screening of the film in Soho last summer. I also like the mom, because she is very protective of her kids. Tennis. It is well worth taking the kids during the summer holidays. Highly recommend this film if you want 90 mins of pure family fun, adventure and excitement! Thoroughly enjoyed it – congratulations to all involved. Get out experience nature and have an adventure. It was original, fun and full of adventure. My favorite part is when one of the bad guys is admiring flowers. A really good, back to basics feel good film for all the family. When the two brothers are biking, they find a hideout where the diamonds hidden. It is such a beautiful film set in the stunning countryside in Eastbourne.

Like The Goonies, or the Famous Five books, with an element of Home Alone thrown in, it is an old school adventure film about two young boys and their speedway racing father, and comes complete with an evil crime boss, a two incompetent henchmen and a tale of lost treasure to discover. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie and I'd like to hope I will be able to buy a copy for my son who immediately asked “when could I get it?” We thoroughly enjoyed watching it and it was refreshing to see kids actually enjoying being out, exploring and having adventures.

I will recommend this film to kids as it reminded of classic like goonies, and Homealone. It's definitely a must-see film for all the family!

Thoroughly recommend you go and see this as soon as you can, and inspire another generation. Went to see this in Hailsham with my kids and they loved every minute of it.

Reviewed by Cadence G., KIDS FIRST! reporter Whilst this film boasts extraordinary performances from a stellar cast its message is so important to kids. Also my mum used to work at the speedway track so it bought back loads of memories of that too. I like Adventure Boyz because it has a good, interesting story. This grabbed my attention right away. A feel good summer film with moments of slapstick humour, great, often touching, performances ( especially from the two main actors – director Howard Ford's children) and overall an important message for us all – to get off our devices and enjoy real life! Highly recommend as an easy to watch film for children and adults alike.

Little I can add to my previous review, except that it deserves it. while on our way out of the theatre! However, the rest of the plan does not go as expected, as the children run away and, in an attempt to do the right thing, encounter further problems, and escapades – but who outsmarts who?

I watched this with my two boys at the weekend who loved every minute of it and and the next day I found myself being dragged out to the park with them on our bikes. If you're going to watch a film with your children this summer make sure it's this one I went to see this film last night 20th July and thoroughly enjoyed it. Action-hungry Harris loves the adrenaline of getting out there and feeling alive by physically experiencing his sport, while his sons have started to discover new ways of encountering sports.

An adventurous and highly enjoyable family-friendly film with twists and turns, comedic moments and a really important set of moral messages. The humour is wonderful and there are laughs all the way through. A refreshingly innocent kids summer film set in the beautiful East Sussex landscape, evoking a Home Alone vibe combined with some speedway high jinks and promoting an important message to us all – to get off our phones and enjoy real life! I recommend it to everyone and it is a great feel good family film. A family adventure with traditional heros and villains with a current theme which relays to all us parents. This film is full of action and adventure. It's really up to them to set things straight. Thinking they have the perfect plan, they call the Police, the diamonds are found and the boys' father is arrested. Lovely to see a film Made where we live. It's a really lovely story about a loving father concerned that his kids no longer want to go and play outside and experience “real life” adventure all due to them getting addicted to screens instead. Great film for all the family! Lots of fun and adventure! There is one scary part, the abduction scene, when someone is tied up and has duct tape over his mouth. It is a kids' adventure story full of fun and excitement. So refreshing to see a film encouraging youngsters to get out and have some adventure and great to see speedway being represented and highlighted to a wide, young audience. Great film without gadgets and gloriously old school.

Well done all involved!

A must see! You can tell she loves them very much. I really enjoyed the film I was lucky enough to see the film at a screening In Cannes 2019!

The cast were brilliant Russell Shaw was one actor who really stood out to me along with Angela Dixon, Howard Ford. The message of the film is to trust yourself. That is just the beginning of their big adventure. The writing's great, the characters fun, the music blends in beautifully, the scenery stunning and the cinematography is excellent. I had to give it 10 stars, well deserved.

Disappointed by the digital age and the introduction of sports participation via an app without leaving the house, Harris encourages them to continue to experience the outdoors. Eastbourne produces another summer hit. Local Speedway racer dad Mike Harris and his wife, Lucy, are drifting apart. Saw this great film at Hailsham Pavilion yesterday evening. Excellent movie. They have to fend for themselves because their mom is away and their dad winds up in jail.

Shot in and around my local town of Hailsham, with the backdrop of the South Downs, it wasn't hard to find fantastic locations for the film, including the prestigious Arlington Speedway. Great adventure film, shot locally and has all you want from a family film, action, exciting and lots of outdoors. We popped along as a family of 4 to see this fun loving film.

Spread the word and please do watch the film when you can – again and again if possible. The story-line is great, it's fast paced so it will keep kids gripped from start to finish. We laughed aloud on a few occasions. She reluctantly leaves her two sons, Sam and Jake in his charge while she returns to the US on business. I would highly recommend this film and will be watching it again and again. Dont be a zombie with those bloody rectangles. We loved the plot And pace of the movie, lots of laughs and a few tearful moments. Watching it felt like it was summer holiday time the old school way. The boys get chased by two bad guys pretty much throughout the movie and have quite a few close calls. Airborne. He has a great personality, because he is always getting distracted by things and it's funny when he gets off task.

I don't suppose it had the budget of all the superhero films i have gone with my boys in the last few years but i enjoyed it just as much which i guess tells you something about how good it is. It's ironic because, earlier on in the film, he tells his partner he never wanted to be a criminal, he wanted to be a gardener. I like how the boys' dad is a speedway racer, because that is something I'm not ever around. With epic rolling photography of the beautiful East Sussex landscape and a cast of characters akin to the Goonies and Home Alone – Adventure Boyz has something for all the family. At a time where phones, tablets, Xbox and social media are the first port of call for most children, this film harks back to the days of kids playing in the summer holidays, running around outside with the freedom to explorer and discover with friends. It was great to see so our local area bring used (my children recognised lots of familiar locations). The film had a great moral message that was supported throughout the film. We only booked to see this because it was filmed locally and we weren't too sure what to expect but we absolutely loved it. There is plenty of action with chases and speedway racing, and comedy with slapstick moments that will make you wince and laugh. Loved watching this film, it made me smile, laugh out loud and not once did I get bored. All in all worth going to see. Recognised all the places where we walk the dogs and know one of the cast If you're after a blockbuster movie then look elsewhere, but if you're after a simple, old fashioned, fun family adventure that makes you want to get off your seat and out into the open with some laughs along the way, then this is for you. Very biased as I live in Hailsham, great kids movie, I saw the premier in Hailsham with my son also an avid eagles speedway fan. Sam sometimes has moments when he doubts himself and then, he learns to be more confident and does the right thing. On their travels they uncover clues to a secret stash of stolen jewels, and bring it home.

The story starts off with a news reporter reporting that 50 diamonds has been stolen in the castle. Congratulations to all involved Great film and lovely to see a film made in our area and be able to recognise locations where we walk our dogs. This really is a fun film for all the family with plenty of laughs and excitement along the way.

I think the story line was brilliant and Ford has done a great job he is a film maker we must watch in our generation telling unique and new stories to our screens. This has gems, villains, and adventure! Highly recommended! You like to watch Action films watch Adventure Boyz brand new movies of this year which is just released and you can get to watch this awesome Action movie Adventure Boyz. Watch Adventure Boyz no buffering and no ads just film and fun! Now you can watch Adventure Boyz more than 200 countries across the globe in HD. So watch Adventure Boyz and let us know how we can improve!If you have watched Adventure Boyz, you can read or write the film review on Adventure Boyz on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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