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Movie: A Perfect Plan (2020)
Genre: , ,
Director: Jesse D. Ikeman
Date of Release: 01 May 2020
Duration: 78
IMDB Rating: 4.1/10
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About A Perfect Plan (2020)

The casting is poor, none of those guys look even a little bit like what they are portrayed to be. Skip this. I knew this was going to be a dud from the moment I saw the opening credits, but I still trudged on and on until the end, but with this purpose in mind: so that YOU can spare yourself the waste of time and avoid this crap. It does not match its title. This part has not much thrill as it should have. It isn’t worth to watch it. Another part is actual heist, and it is so simple not a bit thrill or tension and finally a little twist and gunning and movie ends. There are far more entertaining ways to waste time. Actors and actresses are very average and none is impressive. Therefore once time watchable if you have no choice else can be skipped. Even if you have free time, don’t waste your time on this movie 🙂 Nothing perfect in the ‘Perfect Plan’.. Just another below avg heist movie This movie is a joke. Everything else sucks, from the childish opening titles (probably done by some producer’s teenage nephew) to the childish plot, to the subpar cast, and onward to the lame dialog and to the ridiculous fight scene at the end. And how do one wake up and find one’s self locked up in a basement and the first thing on one’s mind isn’t to find a way out? They wasted their production money Don’t waste your time This movie(!) wasted my time. The acting is a child’s play, you can’t be a badass saying “it’s show time” and you don’t even look like you are ready for show time. Thus movie goers very dull on the other hand it should have been much better and had lot of scope for thrill, tension and suspense. It’s impossible to just start assuming “they” want you to do this or that, “THEY” who?. So… 2 guys and 2 galls wake up in somebody else’s basement and it turns out each one of them is a thief, a specialist in his/her own field of thieving and they were all brought together a larger criminal mastermind, so they can plan and pull off the greatest crime in the century (or whatever). All technical aspects of the movie such as lighting, locations, camera work, etc, are really at pro level. Although name is perfect plan movie is not perfect. Four different thieves asked to perform a diamond heist rehearsal in limited time period.

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