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Movie: 15 Minutes of War (2019)
Genre: ,
Director: Fred Grivois
Date of Release: 02 Aug 2019
Duration: 98
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
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About 15 Minutes of War (2019)

February 1976. Somalian rebels hijack a school bus carrying 21 French children and their teacher in Djibouti City. When the terrorists drive it to a no-man’s-land on the border between Somalia and French territory, the French Government sends out a newly formed elite squad to rescue the hostages. Within a few hours, the highly trained team arrives to the crisis area, where the Somalian National Army has taken position behind the barbed wire on the border. The French unit is left with very few options to rescue the hostages. As the volatile situation unravels, the French men quickly come up with a daring plan: carry out a simultaneous 5 men sniper attack to get the children and the teacher out safely. A true story.

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Don't get me wrong, the movie is gripping, but seems the director/writer did not want to get into the muddy motivation of the bad guys.

Acting is excellent and the sense of cinematic tension and drama, that's developed is a credit to all involved including writers, directors and producers. I will admit this is an incident and country I didn't know existed. Love the female actor, a very talented one, not just pretty. Truly recommend it. Its ridicilous when an invading colonizing force such as the french army is promoted as angelic heroes. its a real nice movie. I hope everyone detected the sarcazam. This is as much a human story as it is a tale of war.. I pity those kids who had to play the hostage under the harsh desert sun in a metal bus. I enjoyed this movie. It's a kind of French “Raid On Entebbe”, but even better for having been based on a hitherto unknown real event. Probably won't be enough artificial sweetener CGI to entertain most people, but I certainly couldn't stop watching ( and reading – subtitles ). I rate it highly. Cinematography and direction are uninspired as well but what really sinks the movie is the writing, the introduction of the characters is really clunky and formulaic, the pacing has long boring lull for exposition, and again the dialogue are never natural, believable or realistic. The director Grivois had already made another film about marksmen. At its heart, is the early genesis of one of the challenging specialisms associated with modern elite fighting units. From one point of view its fascinating to see the kind of precisely synchronised military action, depicted in this film. Although some of the acting was a bit off, still quite good movie with nice suspense building up and then then offloading in the last 10-15 mins. We see the horror of children as hostages, but never shown the horrors of Djibouti children under occupation – which is the motive behind the saga.

This story is engaging from beginning to end.

This is a loosely scripted lousy film, not just insulted the GIGN but also the audiences. Bravo to all involved. But already not bad. Its kind of ok , i enjoyed the story and the whole African atmosphere. The real events were much more captivating and interesting than those depicted in the movie , very bad script a lot of cliches which do not match with the time that took place the event (plus too many headshots like in a videogame) , however I give 4/10 for the historical truth of the creation of the GIGN and their good deployment on the field at that time, but otherwise the creators of this movie missed a good chance to make a very great movie Good action sequences in this though tepid French war drama inspired from actual events. It was decently done with some light aspects of humor. I gotta say, this would have been the perfect vehicle of Chuck N. And considering that Chuck never made a bad movie in his life, he woulda lifted this movie from one star up to 7 (or more). But they Chuck ship had sailed and so all we got is this stinker. 7 for entertainment value, 1 for political premise

15 Minutes of War reminds me of a couple of other war films with similar titles, namely 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, and 12 Strong. No sex or nudity. If they would have gotten JCVD, it woulda been 5 stars at least. The bus ends up stranded near the Somali border as a group of special ops are called in to take out the terrorists. The 5 members the GIGN in this film were like a bunch of amateurs. Its also harrowing, hoping that the children held by armed captors can be freed. Dramatic movie based on fact. So sad. Love it and everything inside. Reading the reviews I was expecting much worse… Solid & realistic action film describing a real event. Probably less explosions and pyrotechnics than in an American film of this genre but it did not take away anything in terms of suspense and drama. 10/10. Go home all you hippies. There was only one guy who was quite and looked more serious to carry out the mission, and he was the only one kept cleaning his weapons anytime available. All the roles she'd played were great and quite believable. Welcome to 2019! The movie is inspired by the 1976 terrorist abduction of a busload of school children by Somali rebels in the French colony of Djibouti. These morons just made me sick. But acting and directing – except in action sequences – are forgettable, if not laughable. The hostage takers always cut short to state their experience with colonial “powers”. Except red head fat guy not credible. Then throw in Chris Tucker opposite JCVD and that would have gained at least 3 more stars. The seventies feel and a certain level of amateurism of policing is quite well depicted.

A rather unique film I consider a must watch.

If the facts of this high risk mission are indeed riveting, this film misses the mark completely with insipid dialogues and inept actors.

Like these films and some others, such as Olympus Has Fallen, or Munich, the film is undeniably entertaining, but simultaneously politically reprehensible for lionizing colonialist/imperialists and caricaturing their victims.

the acting was bad, and i felt as if all the actors were totally miscasted, i just feel they dont fit in, the teacher and the kids included. The so-called General was an arrogant jerk. The overall topic is OK, only some directing flaws mess up the whole. Sad and a few comic moments befall decent sat night movie A waste of a good story. Those French militaries look too much like superheroes for some one like me.

Except for Perez and Balasko, the cast are unknowns (at least to me), but the acting — especially Alban Lenoir (Gérval), Olga Kurylenko (the teacher) and David Murgia (Lorca) — is excellent. If you are expecting a Marvel Movie then this isn't for you. In short, they totally effed up this movie.

The film was made interesting by making the special ops more akin to the Expendables with their own swagger music. The most part of this film was wasted in small talks, jokes, insults among them.

See this movie — it's poignant, thrilling and inspiring. This is not a based on true events movie that has action scenes until the end but it keeps you interested from the beginning with all the drama hapening. Non-stop blah, blah and blah. Look out on the way they can shoot one hundred hostiles as targets in a side show without even be hit themselves- excet in the foot for one of them. This is a very “Munich” or ” Argo” like movie with a long, slow buildup, and tells a story from another time along the lines of “siege of jadotville”, all of which I was spellbound by. And a true story, too. The acting, production and story is great What a good surprise this movie was — I didn't think they made 'em like this anymore. A consideration that's sensitively presented in this film. The team leader wore glasses covered in dust. More kills would be better. It felt like watching a bad film from the 80's with Chuck Norris.

Guide; F-word. The film is more based on previous commando films (and better ones) than on real events! The other is a story of salvation, trying to save the lives of children under seemingly impossible conditions.

The action sequences are the only part of the film that rises to an average level but as the title says it's only a 15 minutes war. The five member team carried one aluminum water bottle without any food when they sneaked out into the wildness, and these morons drank up their limited water supply without any idea how to only sip their water periodically instead of gulping down. L'Intervention is a simple but remarkable film. You are here to watch 15 Minutes of War which is absolutely free here! You can watch 15 Minutes of War in HD absolutely free no buffering superfast server. You can watch the film 15 Minutes of War online on this site no restriction on any device IPhone Androyed Tab and so on from any location. You need just a free account to watch 15 Minutes of War in HD on your favorite device. If you have watched 15 Minutes of War, you can read or write the film review on 15 Minutes of War on IMDB. And let us know whether you liked the film or not at the comment section below..

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